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No Happy Returns, Unholy Father



The Evil Clown has become 79 and is now, as they say, in his 80th year. 

Some people still seem to hope that the man may (willingly) resign. I allow myself to disagree.

This man has an ego the size of Siberia. The papacy has given him the opportunity of an uninterrupted exercise in self-aggrandizing. He works tirelessly at the edification of his own monument.   

There are, in my eyes, only two scenarios which would make the resignation a realistic outcome: 

  1. A voluntary resignation that manages to increase Francis egomania. He could, one day, decide that the monument to himself will be taller if he resigns and goes to preach Communism among the Trannies of some Argentinian slum. This scenario is highly improbable. 
  2. A forced resignation due to the threat of a heresy trial, or caused by the desire to save face and have a dignified, “look at how unambitious I am”-exit after his papacy has been destroyed by his own curia and Catholics all over the world. This scenario is only slightly less probable. 

In my eyes, we must pray that the Lord gives the Evil Clown his pink slip in the way more usual for a Pope, and that this happens as soon as possible. 

The Unholy Father is now 79. 

Let’s hope, for the sake of the Church we love, that this was his latest birthday.


When Pope Were Catholic, And Holy Years About Holiness

Courtesy of Father Z


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