No Happy Returns, Unholy Father



The Evil Clown has become 79 and is now, as they say, in his 80th year. 

Some people still seem to hope that the man may (willingly) resign. I allow myself to disagree.

This man has an ego the size of Siberia. The papacy has given him the opportunity of an uninterrupted exercise in self-aggrandizing. He works tirelessly at the edification of his own monument.   

There are, in my eyes, only two scenarios which would make the resignation a realistic outcome: 

  1. A voluntary resignation that manages to increase Francis egomania. He could, one day, decide that the monument to himself will be taller if he resigns and goes to preach Communism among the Trannies of some Argentinian slum. This scenario is highly improbable. 
  2. A forced resignation due to the threat of a heresy trial, or caused by the desire to save face and have a dignified, “look at how unambitious I am”-exit after his papacy has been destroyed by his own curia and Catholics all over the world. This scenario is only slightly less probable. 

In my eyes, we must pray that the Lord gives the Evil Clown his pink slip in the way more usual for a Pope, and that this happens as soon as possible. 

The Unholy Father is now 79. 

Let’s hope, for the sake of the Church we love, that this was his latest birthday.



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  1. PF’s ego is growing along with his ever-expanding waistline; only his brainpower seems to be lagging behind. Although for being 79, he has a surprising amount of energy to keep up the frantic pace of his schedule. His next big leftist political stunt will be on the Mexico/U.S. border. So little time, so many Communist statements to make.

    I think one of God’s graces to us is Francis’ advancing age. Even a worse nightmare than now would be twenty more years of him. That, with the world’s increasing persecution of Christianity would, in my opinion, bring true Catholicism back full circle to the catacombs again.

    I agree that he won’t resign willingly. He’s having the time of his life. They are going to have to pry the Chair of St. Peter from his cold dead hands.

  2. You get the Oscar for best pictures; the mules are my favorite. God grant you many years.

  3. The Catholic “bar” for demonstrating that the Pope is a heretic was set so high by Vatican I that it is virtually impossible to make such an accusation stick successfully. It’s references to the Pope being without blemish or error in terms of articulating doctrine and morals are just empty words as is so vividly apparent under this pontificate. Still less is there any appetite or courage amongst the cardinals or episcopate to pursue such an accusation. The terrifying consequence is that the Church is for all practical purposes utterly defenceless against the modernists who have taken control of it these last 55 years. I can only assume that as Francis is the Pope, he is taking what Our Lord called the broad path with its known destination and that we would be prudent to follow the narrow path of our plain speaking and nuance-free Saviour.

    • No “bar” was “set” by Vatican I. Vatican I merely repeated the understanding that the Church always had of what a heretic Pope is.
      Of course, if we take “heretic” according to the common language rather than in canonical terms, a Pope who spreads heresy does deserve to be called a heretical Pope.
      In any way, yes it is clear this Pope is, ahem, hell-bent on achieving damnation, which at his age is more than worrying.

  4. If he’s still alive he could have nominated for Nobel Peace prize because he’s not bringing any peace to the world, but he’s caused a lot of confusions, nightmares and destruction of souls due to his cuckoo head full of evil liberal, modernistic, communist, heretic, freemasonic, and NWO agendas. For sure he and his minions even alive to next millennium they will never and never see the Church falling down since “For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Roman 8:38-39.” God, have mercy on his soul.

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