Please Pray For Father Finigan

Well, this was a surprise

Father takes it with a very English humour. I do not even know what a “cardiac episode” is, and assume it is what in Italy is commonly called toccatina, a heart-attack light that, well, makes you think. 

However, five days in hospital – hostage of the most monstrous machine a mad proto-commie post-war mind was able to create in the entire Western Europe – is not a light matter. 

My best wishes to the good Father. This does remind us that the day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night, though in this case there are no thieves around. 

Prayers are, I think, in order. 






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  1. Five days in the hospital is a long stay for a “minor” cardiac event. A STEMI or even a NON-STEMI which requires a stent would only require a minimal stay unless there is serious damage. This sounds worrisome to me.

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