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On The Tenth Anniversary Of Rorate Caeli



Rorate Caeli started publication on the Rorate Sunday of ten years ago.  

As I started to follow Catholic blogs – towards the end of 2008 – Rorate was among my first choices, and it always remained. Together with the other pages I discovered around that time (Father Z, The Hermeneutic of Continuity and Messa in Latino), they slowly but certainly formed my Catholic conscience and helped me to discover (with great relief, and with a kind of rediscovered enthusiasm) that the Church was so much more than the effeminate V II fluff I so despised (and, in case you doubt, still despise).

Rorate had comments at the time, and the comments were another endless source of instruction and information. The two together made of the site the authority giant of English-speaking Catholic blogdom. 

The comments were closed at some point – I did not complain; I know how difficult it is, even for a small-ish blog like mine, to keep things in check and even find the time to care for a proper comment section- but the site continued to go from strength to strength. More contributors joined the initial team, and Rorate slowly but certainly became one of those outlets chosen by orthodox influential clergy to have their opinion known, anonymously or otherwise. There can be, in fact, no better endorsement than this one, and no better compliment.

Rorate is now ten years old, and New Catholic’s effort continues to be the dominant force of the (sound) Catholic scene. I cannot avoid a feeling of sadness thinking of how much has changed in these ten years (not all for the worse, though; ten years ago, in the Indult regime, we were still waiting for Summorum Pontificum), and how worse the situation might be in ten years’ time. But it is a great consolation to know that the Lord, in His Goodness, allows us the grace to get in contact with efforts like Rorate, through which many other warriors for Christ can be helped to properly form and train themselves.

Happy birthday, Rorate Caeli, and many happy returns. 

God knows we need people like New Catholic, and all the others who made and make this beautiful site thrive. 







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