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Francis Effect Unabated

( I know, I know… video is bad at the end…)


You can twist and turn this as much as you want. You can go all John Belushi on this. You can blame the weather, the ISIS, the canonisations, the locusts, or whatever else. Actually, you can even mention the canonisations in 2014 as distorting element, and forget to say in 2015 an Extraordinary Holy Year was inaugurated.

However you turn this, the faithful are turning their back to Francis like a V II priest to the Tabernacle.

The man is officially yesterday’s news. He will always get headlines because he is the Pope, but he will now drift more and more into that strange half-celebrity limbo where people know who you are but don’t really register you anymore, like last year’s celebrity show winner and last decade’s  pop singer.

The Francis Effect is still strong. It is just not the effect the man had hoped.


2016: What We Can Expect



2016. Alas, the Evil Clown is still there…

The year 2015 has gone to an end, and 2016 is now upon us. 

We all know who the enemy number one of Catholicism will be: the Pope himself. 

I will not produce myself in one of those Pollyanna exercises for stupid bloggers and their even dumber readers, and tell you that if we pray really really hard Francis is going to see the light. Bar a miracle, Francis is not going to see the light; and you can pray for miracles, but your praying is no guarantee at all that they will happen.

As the year begins, we can expect more of what we have seen in 2015: an aggressive dumbing down of our religion, aimed at depriving it of everything sacred in it – particularly attacking the Sacraments whenever possible – and make of it a carbon copy of the purely secular agenda of the Socialists and Social Justice Warriors of this world.

There might, however, be something much worse than that: Francis’ open attack to the sacraments, for example through the famous apostolic exhortation following the Synod which might, or might not, be released in the end. I have always doubted – and still doubt – that the Evil Clown will have the guts to such an attack; but the man isn’t smart, and could resolve himself to act in that way just because, in his stupidity, he thinks he will get away with it.

2016 will be, if you ask me, a ceaseless bombardment of trite banalities and casual heresies and/or blasphemies; unless, that is, it becomes something much worse in case the Evil Clown decides to go nuclear on the Sacraments.

He could die, of course, and I promise you I will buy a very expensive bottle if this happens. 

He could also resign. This is improbable, but not impossible. This will, also, become less and less improbable if Catholic journalists, bloggers, and theologians start rebuking the man very publicly, and ask that he becomes a Catholic or resigns. 

This is, I think, our main task in 2016: to insistently demand that the Pope grows a Catholic pair or jets off to Argentina, where the slum beckons. 

We can’t just wait for the man to die. L’erba cattiva non muore mai, and all that. 

I hope that 2016 will be the year in which the recent appeal of the Remnant will be given more and more space in Catholic blogs, comments, fora the world over.

Here’s wishing a good 2016 to all of my readers, and to the Church which is suffering so much under this Modernist rabble.




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