Francis Effect Unabated

( I know, I know… video is bad at the end…)


You can twist and turn this as much as you want. You can go all John Belushi on this. You can blame the weather, the ISIS, the canonisations, the locusts, or whatever else. Actually, you can even mention the canonisations in 2014 as distorting element, and forget to say in 2015 an Extraordinary Holy Year was inaugurated.

However you turn this, the faithful are turning their back to Francis like a V II priest to the Tabernacle.

The man is officially yesterday’s news. He will always get headlines because he is the Pope, but he will now drift more and more into that strange half-celebrity limbo where people know who you are but don’t really register you anymore, like last year’s celebrity show winner and last decade’s  pop singer.

The Francis Effect is still strong. It is just not the effect the man had hoped.



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