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Pope Francis The Blasphemer

Apparently, he was very naughty...

He was very naughty at times, says Francis…

Firstly, I suggest you make a camomile tea. 

Then, I suggest you follow this link and instruct yourself about the blasphemy with which the Evil Clown has thought he would best end (or almost end) the year 2015. 

When you have read the entire thing, I would like to add a couple of considerations of mine.

  1. The extremely charitable treatment given to the Pope by the conservative priest and theologian who authored the article does not hide – nor does it make any effort to – the bare fact at work here: blasphemy.
  2. As a proud Italian, I can tell you the word scappatella (a word carrying the meaning of “little escape”, or rather “temporary escape”) has an extremely well-defined meaning. Nine times out of ten it is used to describe the philandering of the husband who, whilst weak in his attraction to other women, is nevertheless totally committed to his marriage. Now, the way the Catholic Italian (and, I am sure, Argentinian) mentality works is that whilst the word expresses the sweet, almost amused attitude of forgiveness of our very sweet Catholic women towards the behaviour that has taken place, the concept and idea that a sin has taken place is always there. Italians aren’t Anglos. They do not declare that a behaviour is not a sin because they – or the ones they love – are culpable of it. They do not proceed to declare God wrong – or “homophobic”, or “oppressive” – because it is uncomfortable for them to look at reality in the eyes. No. They call a sin a sin, and never try to escape the reality of human sinfulness. I note here that the Evil Clown was born in a household of native Italians: there is no way in hell he does not perfectly well know the meaning of the word in his commonly used acception. 
  3. Francis does not make an “off the cuff” comment. His little satanic talk clearly pivots about the concept of Jesus causing an unjust suffering, for which he has to apologise. This is not a slip of the tongue.  
  4. The inescapable conclusion is that, whilst Francis is certainly not accusing Jesus of anything comparable to philandering, the concept of a wrong behaviour that unjustly hurts other people is certainly there, and it is willfully there. There is just no way to escape this conclusion. The man himself leaves you in no doubt about this, as he not only uses the universally known word scappatella, but goes on with the following words (emphases mine):

Instead of returning home with his family, he stayed in Jerusalem, in the Temple, provoking great suffering to Mary and Joseph, who were unable to find him. For this little ‘escapade’ [scappatella in the original Italian], Jesus probably had to ask forgivenessof his parents. The Gospel doesn’t say this, but I believe that we can presume it.”

One does not know where to start. The man casually declares that God provokes what is clearly an unjust suffering; for which injustice, God had to apologise; and hey, that is contrary to everything Christianity ever taught, and would let every half-instructed child cringe; but this arrogant ass thinks he can safely presume the blasphemy, because he is oh so smart. 

I call blasphemy here. Cold-blooded, planned, willed blasphemy. 

Allow me to be a tad less graceful than the theologian linked to. This Francis here is an evil tool of Satan, a traitor and fifth column through and through, and a disgrace of biblical proportions. 

It is time for our bishops and cardinals to face the reality of a heretical, blasphemous Pope and to act to put an end, as much as they can, to this scandal. 

What you can do in the meantime is to sign the petition mentioned here, and do your best to spread it among your circle of friends. 


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