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Praying For The Pope

I have very recently published a post in which I have stated that is very much like Pollyanna to think that if we pray really hard the Pope will, well, discover Catholicism. In opposition to this, I stressed the importance of doing more than praying for miracles, that is: to act without waiting for the miracle to happen first.

It goes without saying that this does not mean that we should not pray for the Pope. We pray for the Pope because it is our duty as Catholics to do so, because we are aware of the importance of the Papacy and because we wish salvation to everyone, even Francis. At the same time, we do not allow the prayer to be an excuse for not acting, at least as much as our little sphere of influence allows.

I say this as it appears to me my words have been misunderstood or misconstrued, and I would not want anyone to be misled. I have reread the post, and it seems to me the meaning is rather clear; therefore, the text will not be amended.




I am reflecting on which one is the most inclusive city. The city that accepts everyone without any “judgment”, and embraces every person “as he or she is”.

Will it be Paris? London? Los Angeles? Stockholm?

I have thought long and hard on this. The biscuit must certainly go to…


Sodom has it all. Complete non-judgmental behaviour, and every perversion under the sun seen not only as accepted in the name of tolerance, but as equal in the name of equality. Surely, Sodom must win every human right competition the UN and the Libtards should throw at it. Sodom must, also, serve as the perfect prototype for a city in which FrancisMercy is in power, “who am I to judge?” Is an unquestioned mantra, and God’s mercy is given without even the asking, whilst those who dare to question FrancisMecy are branded as bigots who “do not have God”.

We live in a world which, whilst in part still professing itself (vaguely) Christian not only forgets, but attacks and betrays our values. Our religious leaders help the decline of Christianity in the West in every possible way.

At the beginning of the new year, allow me to wish a long life in power and a growth in wisdom to the most important of the few Christian Heads of State still around: Vladimir Putin.



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