The Spirits You Have Cited

It appears the “apostolic excrementation” of the Evil Clown might be published within the first quarter 2016. I have often stated th following two concepts: a) Francis will certainly not dare to introduce heretical novelties, unless he thinks he can get away with it, and b) the man is such an arrogant ass that he actually could think that he can get away with it.

Please understand this: any and every attempt at subverting doctrine would unavoidably state that the step of the Pope is encouraged, authorised or otherwise sanctioned by an already existing document, providing the Church with either a precedent or a pretended “consensus'. Francis would never be so stupid as to say “and now I give you FrancisNovelty”. Rather, he would claim that he is merely developing on something already existing.

Two documents come to mind for the purpose: Familiaris Consortio and the final Relatio of the Synod. It is, therefore, absolutely vital that the Catholic world reiterates that such a precedent is not contained in any of those or in any other document, and that any heresy that should come from the Evil Clown would have to be answered by Francis and by Francis alone. It is, of paramount importance that prelates from all Continents state that both the above mentioned documents cannot be manipulated to promote heresy, and the latter will not be accepted.

It is extremely dangerous to attribute to the final relatio, or to Familiaris Consortio, a meaning they do not have. May this be motivated by a sincere desire to help the Church, the fact remains that in this way it becomes easier for Francis and his minions to exploit the narrative you are yourselves helping him to fabricate or, rather, are actually fabricating for him.

Goethe said it with an expression well known in Germany: die Geister, die ich rief / werde ich nicht mehr los, or loosely translated “the spirits I have called, I can't get rid of them anymore” (poetic translation: “The spirits I have cited / my commands ignore”).

Pay attention to the spirits you cite.



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  1. Those who use the Evil Clown (probably from the category of the useful idiot rather than co-conspirator) to overhaul Church doctrine are always many steps ahead of us. They are experts at manipulating public perception and socio-engineering. They have planned this over many generations, and it is likely that the Evil Clown is the game-closer for them. They are probably going to surprise us. Nonetheless, thank you for this reminder and warning. I will do whatever I can not to make things easy for them. It is very little, unfortunately.

    • Honestly, I do not believe any of this. The multi-generational conspiracy made by men planning one hundred years ahead is a fantasy. What exists is a bunch of clerical idiots who want to screw the cleaning lady and feel OK with it. As the decades pass, more and more is possible to them, because the religious feeling and thinking is dying. But no Bugnini could plan, in cold blood, a Bergoglio.

  2. Lucifer is much older and much more intelligent than us, human and he has planned everything from the beginning and kept updating for one purpose only – to abolish Jesus Christ’s Church. Evil Clown obviously is a communist, freemasonic, satanic agent who’s carrying the mission that was assigned to him that he has to accomplished it. I’m not surprise a bit why pope Frank behaves like an evil spirit possessed person. The secular world supports and follows him as a “New Age pope – the Lord of the world,” off course to hell. By the way Lenin had said, “There is nothing suddenly happened, everything is planned.” Saint Michael, the Archangel, we pray that, “please come to clear them all out.”

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