The Western Civilisation In The Year 2016


Dr Mengele decided it is safer to work for a uterus farm clinic. 

You could not believe this: surrogate mother pregnant with three children (note: children, not clumps of cells) is sued by the father-sperm-donor (o Lord!) for the “termination” (means: killing in the womb) of one of the children.

The story is impressively satanical: you get the semen of the biological mother and father and then rent an uterus for the, ahem, cultivation of the baby. The woman isn’t the biological mother, but again she is; but then again this isn’t her DNA, so perhaps she isn’t. And now the multiple birth – due to the common practice among Mengele Nazi doctors of “playing it safe” – is getting an inconvenience for sperm-papa, but not for uterus-mama, whilst the opinion of egg-mama has not been reported. 

It is all so satanical, so absurd, that words fail. What has the world come to?! 

Note that sperm-papa wants only one of the kitten for himself. A second one can be given away to the neighbours. But the third must be smashed against a tree.

I know, you would consider this cruel if made to kitten. 

In modern Western societies it could be made to babies in the womb. 


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  1. I should be aghast. But in my state (Oregon) of the union (USA) we provide energy by burning ‘waste’ from abortion facilities in British Columbia, Canada, a bit north of us. So I guess smashing or burning babies is not so serious in my part of the ‘civilized’ world. But please, do not show any photos or videos of those babies! We are sensitive here. Still, if there were only three parents, maybe they could all live. And shout from the rooftops to the reproach of their ‘parents’ who thought this was OK. There is enough matter to keep the faithful praying all day, every day, until the consummation of the world. Would that be enough?

  2. andywilliams2016

    You are doing a wonderful job. it is great that we have couragous people like you. Just like your Francis papers, there is a collection of his sayings contrasted with the Magisterium. Perhaps you already know these anonymous priests or are one of them, but just in case, here goes:

  3. Aberrant and Dangerous Reproductive Practices: Texas Woman Acts as Surrogate, Gives Birth to Granddaughter–abc-news-wellness.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory&soc_trk=tw

    His Heresiness surely will speak up against these horror stories and defend life and natural law!

  4. Britain’s Most Prolific Sperm Donor Has Fathered Over 800 Children, So Far

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