Videogate: Heresy And Blasphemy Directly From Francis’ Mouth



This is a very official video coming directly from the Vatican. 


I do not even know where to start. Others will express the same criticism in a much better way; but I do not want to go to sleep without having my own battle cry posted. 

Let us examine the minute-long videofart of the Evil Clown. 

“Most of the planets’ inhabitants declare themselves believers”. 

This is neither here nor there. What our religion demands that we do, is to do our best so that all the inhabitants of the planets declare themselves believers in the only true faith. Being a heathen is no distinction in any way, shape or form. Every village of cannibals is full of “believers”. 

“This should lead to a dialogue among religion”



This should lead to this: 

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you

What does this ass Francis think: that Jesus did not know that most people on earth consider themselves “believers”? Is this a discovery that Francis has just made, or perhaps are we assisting now to a new development in world religion (see above, under “village of cannibals”)?

Jesus very well knew there are an awful lot of heathens around, and he demanded that we try to convert them, not to dialogue with them.

“We should not stop praying for it and collaborating with those who think differently”

Evil Clown clearly did not get the message of Christianity. Instead of praying (and acting) for the conversion of the heathens, he prays for the dialogue. Dialogue is his religion. No time for Christ.

“I believe etc” 

In this orgy of Indifferentism (not spoken by Francis, but clearly endorsed by him) it is clearly implied that some are Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, and this is perfectly OK. The Muslim chap denying Christ and the Holy Ghost (and therefore the entire Trinity) is implied as a variation, a different flavour, of the Catholic “priest” coming immediately before him: Jesus Christ here, God there, hey, isn’t this pretty much the same? This is clearly satanic and the blasphemy is only covered by the thinnest of veils, because the Evil Clown does not speak himself; but the thinking behind it is clearly blasphemous, because if you think that being a Muslim is A-OK you are insulting Our Lord yourself. Francis endorses the thinking. Therefore, he endorses the blasphemy. 

“Many think differently, feel differently; seeking God or meeting God in different ways”

 Here the Evil Clown speaks himself, and what comes out of his mouth is purest crap.  

That many think and feel differently (and note here the trite emotional appeal to how people “feel”) is exactly the problem. One Faith (the only one), one Church (the onely one), and one God (the only one) is exactly what a Pope should teach them, and what he refuses to do, actually publicly marrying the contrary position, that it is bad to do so.

“In this crowd, in this range [?] of religions, [of traditions], there is only one certainty we have for all: we are all children of God”

Er, no. Try this one: 

I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

God that is Truth has given us the Truth. God is the Truth, it is all the Truth, and it is the only Truth. The Only True Faith has all the Truth Francis, the heathens and everyone else will ever need. Christianity is Truth galore, it’s a bonanza of Truth of inestimable value. It is the wonderful gift God gave to us as He gave to us the gift of Himself. What kind of drunken unbeliever is he, who says that the only certainty he (together with the others) has for all is that “we are all children of God”? And he the Pope?

Has this man never been informed that he is supposed to believe everything that the Church believes and profess everything that the Church professes? What kind of Pope is this? This is a Dalai Lama in white, trying to spread some trite and very stupid kindergarten-level commonplace for the benefit of the multitude of idiots from which he wants to be applauded. 

“I believe in love” (several times; extremely sanctimonious faces). 

Well I beg to differ. Do you want to know in what I believe? 

I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth;
and in Jesus Christ, His only Son Our Lord,
Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried.
He descended into Hell; the third day He rose again from the dead;
He ascended into Heaven, and sitteth at the right hand of God, the Father almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead.
 I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting.

How much any and all of those “I believe in lurv” people believe of the above? Can you see the problem here, Francis dear? 

[Final papal crap: dialogue among religions, peace, lurv, and all that jazz].

 Evil Clown ends with a purely secular appeal to peace ‘ n lurv, perfectly in tune with the secular world whose boots he is constantly licking. The religion of this man is not Christianity; it is an emotional mishmash of peace, love, brotherhood etc that does not need Christ in the least, and actually sees in Him an obstacle to the “understanding” among the “people”. Christ is the Prince of Peace. Peace comes from Christ. World peace comes and can only come from the world’s allegiance to Christ. No amount of “dialogue”, and no amount of purely secular activity, will ever achieve peace. 
For the same reason, the obstacle to ecumenism is Christ. We can’t be ecumenical, because we are Christians. If we renounce to our mission we deny Christ and the values we are called to spread.

This man is evil through and through. He should be defrocked first, and then have his sorry ass (when he is not Pope anymore) kicked all the way to the airport that sends him back to some Argentinian slum, as a defrocked priest preaching socialism to the sodomites and the trannies. 
What a shame. What an unspeakable disgrace. What effrontery. What blasphemy. What stupid populism. 

Sign the remnant petition linked to here.  Spread the word of the unspeakable Evil Clown whenever you reasonably can. Fight every day for the religion of our Fathers against the evil attacks of this minion of Satan. 

The clergymen who still believe in God must act now to stop this evil man from having his way. It is obvious that he is continuously testing the boundaries of what he is allowed to do. It is time for Bishops and Cardinals who have some fear of the Lord to demand that this man starts behaving like a Pope or resigns already.





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  1. Hey hierarchy, you want to follow Vatican II and listen to the Vox Populi? The People of God? Well here’s my message: Depose this nightmare now.

  2. I am so mad about this video, which is a total blasphemy against Our Lord. They even use what looks like a cheap, plastic doll as the symbol of Christianity, so as not to offend the muslims or jews with the Crucifix. Francis knows exactly what he is doing because he’s a traitor who hates the Church, its past, and its traditions, and he is intent on dismantling it piece by piece. I’m wondering if these are the End Times and he is the False Prophet foretold in Holy Scriptures. It’s hard to imagine a worse pope.

    If it is close to the end, all we can do is believe and live our Catholic Faith, trust in the Lord and Our Blessed Mother, and help our brothers and sisters to stay strong no matter what persecution comes our way. Also, as much as we are able in our dealings with others, to spread the Gospel to the pagans (and they are NOT believers) since most of the clergy stopped doing their job.

    I pray that PF is only a temporary aberration, and that normalcy will soon be restored to the One True Church.

  3. Unfortunately I don’t see any senior members of the clergy opposing him. I was appalled when I saw this video early today and it is hard to see how this mess can continue much longer. I also seriously wonder will his successor be any better.

  4. While each person held the symbol of their belief , “the catholic ” did not hold the Crucifix the sign of Redemption. Pope Francis is on a United Nations mission to bring all beliefs under one umbrella ,one world ,one religion ,which will be the religion of Anti Christ .Since when do people have to compromise their Faith in order to engage in dialogue.

  5. In Buenos Aires there is a New Age radio station called “FM Milenium” which broadcasts an interfaith weekly program which is promoted using a personal message recorded by Homogoglio, and with the participation of Mons Victor Fernandez, Homogoglio’s “sidekick.” The message is basically the same: any religion is good for you, what is important is “peace and love,” spiritual development, and all that type of bleeding-heart claptrap.

    Recently the radio celebrated the “Beatles week” and a New Age commentator celebrated the cultural change supposedly triggered by the song “All you need is love.” I wouldn’t be surprised if that song is the basis of His Heresiness’ theology.

    Besides, the radio station is generously supported by ads of the Buenos Aires Catholic University, of which Mon Victor “Robin” Fernandez is Dean.

  6. If what this video and the pope in this video says is true…
    Why be baptized?
    Why bother?
    Just be a nice person.
    Why go to church?
    Why put money in the collection basket?
    Why be baptized?
    Why be Catholic?
    Who cares?

  7. I watched it on You Tube and left this message below:

    This is blasphemy. All of us are not children of God, but are called to become His children by seeking Him on His terms via reason, logic and historical fact i.e. Roman Catholicism based in Tradition.

    “I believe in love”. Well love is rooted in Truth. And the ONLY Truth is Jesus Christ and the Church He founded 2000 years ago. Allah is NOT GOD. Buddha is NOT GOD. There is no “I find God in my own way” but finding God as He objectively is and has presented Himself via Divine Revelation. If you believe in love, you have to believe in Truth first. So if you love someone, you must tell them the truth i.e. that God is not whoever we decide He is but as He is objectively, Jesus Christ.

    This is the rotten fruit of false ecumenism that never loves people enough to speak the truth and convert them. This is not what Our Lord did. It’s not what the Apostles did. It’s not what every saint, martyr, Father and Doctor of the Church did. This is evil…this is keeping people in their ignorance…it is hate, not love. God bless~”

    There are no comments posted on You Tube yet it’s been watched 65K times. They are probably screening. Thank you for the breakdown, Mundy. Yes, this Pope must be converted or forced to resign. God bless~

  8. ” I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting. ”


    “We would sign the Credo with our own blood.” (You/Tube – Pater Franz Schmidberger, 18. Sept. 2012)

    Many a Convent
    Where good sisters pray
    Because of vocations
    The True Mass each day

    Many a school
    Which we pay for in tears
    But a Catholic culture
    Allays all our fears

    Retreats, Seminaries
    For souls to discern
    To hear Jesus call
    “Come, it’s your turn.”

    And then there’s those prelates
    Who stop and deter
    Yet worse our own kind
    Who ignore and defer

    Preserving not
    The Whole Truth inherited
    Believing the liars
    Who assert “they’ve not merited”

    As souls still drown
    In their waterless flood
    I stick with the Credo
    Signed in Priests’ blood!

  9. Save the planet, trash the Faith. Busy busy.

  10. Another day, another Bergolianism; Jorge is in a mad fury to lead souls to hell. He must know, like his father, his time is short. Detestable, yet obviously he needs more prayers than most.

  11. What on earth is this Pope doing? I am absolutely appalled! I have signed that petition on The Remnant by the way.

    • Well done!

      The Pope is doing what he has dreamt of doing all his life: bashing the Church he so much hates and from which he has scrounged all his life, and building a monument to his own vanity.

  12. One is speechless after viewing this video! I hope never again to see such a blatant attempt to manipulate faithful Catholics into believing that this kind of ecumenism is justifiable because everyone believes in Love. I was a child of the Seventies – and by now I have completely outgrown this fairy-tale. That the Bishop of Rome still believes it shows me that he is in his dotage and should step aside – NOW! Actually, I have changed my mind – YESTERDAY!

  13. This has better subtitles.

  14. This evil video is only the thin end of the wedge. The Bishop of Rome (and his advisors) realise that this medium to relay his messages to the faithful is ideal for people who have a very short attention span and limited understanding and discernment of what is
    actually being spun by the enemy of souls throughout the whole Church infrastructure.
    The “Love” message is sickening and the final frame – with all the “believers” hands shown
    holding the various emblems of their “faith belief” is absolutely beyond the pale. And why, one wonders, was not the CHRISTIAN CROSS OF JESUS shown, instead of the baby?
    Maranatha Lord Jesus, please come soon! Kyrie Eleison!

  15. As Francis’ rubbish reaches ever new lows, have you seen this work (linked) Mundabor?

    Its similar to your own “The Francis Papers” but called “Denzinger-Bergoglio” and its the work of priests.

    You can download an excellent PDF for free.

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