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Getting Francis Right, And Christ Wrong

Francis little-known Christmas Gift from countless faithful priests.

Francis little-known Christmas Gift from countless faithful priests.



The (recently banned from the Vatican) Sandro Magister has an interesting article focusing on two events:
1) The Year of False Mercy is becoming a flop of FrancisChurch proportions.
2) The Year of False Mercy attracts to the sacraments the wrong people, namely: those as fake as Francis.

On point 1 plenty has been written already, and much more will be written before this disaster goes to an end. As often, Francis reminds one of a South-American dictator, or of a Tin Pot African Country Ruler of old: make everything wrong, and when all goes belly up make more of it, but take care for your own profit in the meantime.

FrancisMercy is bankrupt. FrancisChurch is bankrupt. Francis is like a thief preaching the art of thieving to other thieves. They may approve of him as a thief, but they certainly do not need any encouragement from him to go on in their thieving ways, nor they have any use for a man who can teach them nothing because he is exactly like them already. The talk about Francis’ “approval” make me laugh. Approve of pot smoking and all the world’s potheads will love you. How does this demonstrate that he is a good Pope?

Point 2 is just as alarming, but just as predictable. Whilst (particularly in a Country like Italy) most people still know what is what irrespective of all the rubbish Francis throws at him day in and day out, some (and this is all very Italian), seem to think cutting corners has now become official, and therefore decide to give it a try. Notice how even inveterate thieves still know that those culpable of mortal sin cannot present themselves for communion (I wonder how many sodomites, concubines and adulterers in the Anglo-Saxon Countries have at least this basic decency), but at the same time notice how FrancisCrap™ starts making inroads in the minds of the most stupid, inducing them to believe that they can go to communion without even the need for repentance. Which, mind, every child of 6 knows to be wrong and absurd, but is pretty much exactly what Francis keeps saying day in and day out. 

It’s like a situation in which the teacher keeps saying that 2+2=5 and most people listen in silence and ignore completely, but it is only a matter of time until some among the least smart decide to give it a try to try to go around the fact that they, like the teacher, just can’t count.

Magister is doing a very valuable work in unmasking the stink of FrancisCrap™. He is widely read (alas, only by the more educated strata of the population; the common people do not employ their time with readings about the current situation at the Vatican), and in time it will leave a mark on the public perception of Francis as, well, a fraud.

But it is us, the multitude of small bloggers, who must keep pounding on this unbelievable ass, and destroy his reputation and public image as we uphold the sacred function and importance of the papacy.

Keep pounding.

FrancisCrap™ will pass. The Church will remain.


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