Another One Bites The Dust; Or, The Real Meaning Of Mercy

Not sure this one here got the message....

The death of David Bowie was everywhere today, and the Buggers Broadcasting Communism have not missed the occasion to show some revolting pics.

Bowie's clearly perverted mind was amply publicised. Wikipedia has the quote about his being peeved at not being completely atheist, and his experiments with Buddhism (note to the readers: many Buddhists are atheists). This is the man who used to introduce his former wife joking about the fact that they knew each other because they were “f*****g the same bloke”. Go figure.

But did the man change in the end? Did a death which certainly announced itself many months in advance (what a great chance! What a great grace! What wonderful…. Mercy!) helped him to obtain a Christian death? I very much doubt. The fact that a 69 years old is more worried with publishing a new album three days before his death than with uttering one Christian word about his future destination does not make one (cough) very optimistic.

I always found David Bowie disgusting and repulsive; even in that age in which many seem to consider a duty to side with everything that is wrong and horrible. Still, it would have been a great personal consolation to know that even a walking rubbish bin like Bowie could publicly convert and choose the right side in the end; it would, by the way, have been a great victory for Christianity.

Here we see, my dear readers, the real meaning of Mercy. Mercy was extended to him up to the very last moment. So much so, that If he sincerely repented and believed, it is reasonable to think that Bowie escaped hell. Alas, it does not seem reasonable to think that he repented and believed. Therefore – and bar a miracle that can never be excluded, but would be naive beyond stupidity to assume – it is very reasonable to think that, even as I write this, Bowie is already in the terrifying company of so many people he knew and who preceded him there; of whom – I cannot but think – one in particular must have greeted him with the very bitter words:

“Another one bites the dust”

Mercy was extended to Bowie up to his last breath. If he accepted this wonderful gift and died with a perfect contrition, he saved his sorry ass in the end, and we all rejoice for this. This is the great Mercy of the Lord; it is so big and generous, that it will be extended even to a David Bowie until the very last moment.

But if the “man” (I am feeling generous today) refused to accept the great gift extended to him, and died unrepentant and in enmity with Christ, then there is only one conclusion: the man is suffering eternal torment now, as I write this, and there is nothing he can do for it. Time's up, Davie boy. “Life in Hell” could be a great title for the next album.

He who spits on God's mercy will discover the folly of his action when it's too late.

Say your three “eternal rest” for the man, at least for the sake of his poor guardian angel.

And then shudder at thinking where the man is, very probably, now as I write this.



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  1. If he died believing as you describe then hell would have been a mercy for him as heaven would have been far less tolerable. I don’t think this will be brought up in this Francis’ Year of Mercy and Crackpot Theology.

  2. Barona opines on a curial head tweeting about his death.

    While we should pray that God be mercy to this poor, sick soul, the Church should not be lionising this demonic figure.

  3. Great, great post, as always, Mundabor. But, I think you meant to post a photo of David Bowie, no? Not Elton John. (But, thanks for the reminder to pray for him as well… Francis’ false mercy message certainly isn’t helping him & others like him).

    • No, I meant to post a photo of Elton John. Meaning that he should get the message, and probably won’t.
      BTW, most images of Bowie around are repulsive and not fir for publication in a Catholic blog.

    • Mundabor, you consider THIS clown’s photo fit for publication? I say to you honestly – as soon as I saw it, I wished I hadn’t. Too late now.

    • Yeah, I consider it at the limit of what is fit for publication, but still acceptable.
      This is a blog for adults after all. I do not expect you to have your children (if any) read my blog.

  4. Cardinal Ravasi paid tribute to Bowie, not that that should surprise anyone. Sexual deviancy is okay to Vatican apparatchiks these days.

  5. The Vatican has declared him “santo subito”. Maybe they know something we don’t – however, I doubt it. They are all Modernists. Everyone is saved, even unrepentant pagans. No need for the Vatican and all its churches. Let the Jihad terrorists have them. No problem. They believe in the same God, don’t they? Think of the money we’ll save in their upkeep. No need for the German Church Tax either. But wait, that would mean Cards. Marx, Kasper and other proponents of Modernism throughout the world would have to get a job. How appalling! The Princes of the CC brought down to the level of ordinary men. Maybe they could form a rock band with David Bowie, Elton John & Mick Jagger look-alikes. That should get things moving and keep their bank managers happy. On the other hand, The Priests singing group might go down better, but they would have to wear priestly garb – Roman collars and all that tat, so maybe no. Difficult choices but this is the Year of Mercy; something surely will turn up.

  6. Card. Ravasi says God loved Bowie. True, but isn’t the question this: Did Bowie love God?

  7. And these from Fr. Rosica:

    (I hope the link works. There are two tweets from him.)

  8. Sorry, Mandator. The link above is not the one I wanted to post. Just go to and you will see the Tweet that Fr. Rosica posted about D. Bowie. Sorry if I wasted your time. You do not have to post this to your blog. God be with you.

  9. Another one bites the dust is from Queen, maybe you should have entitled this “Ashes to Ashes” which is a Bowie tune.

    • I know, Sir.
      What I am saying is that Bowie meets Freddie Mercury in hell, and Freddie Mercury greets him with the words of the song he made famous.

  10. Sorry for the misspelling of your avatar, Mundabor. That was the autocorrect (Mandator) at work and I neglected to check it. Maybe it means “Commander”? ☺️

  11. M, It is a good article about the last moment. If Bowie did not change in the last minutes or so, I would not be surprised a bit since his chance of waking up is slim, much slimmer than hitting Lottery jackpot, and most of them at the hour of death were surrounded by devil spirits, ready to chain them up and drag them into a abyss of fire. By the way Bowie was so frighten facing God’s justice and totally forgotten God’s name and how he’s going to call for help. What a stupid man he is, rejected Holy Spirit saving grace for repenting. He just committed unforgivable sin that against Holy Spirit. It meant that he’s just become another damned soul from Hollywood going down there. Materially he’s now a poorest man (can’t bring anything with him) and he’ll find out that “there is no light, but all is thick darkness (St. Teresa of Avila),” not even artificial light of the stage. He will be scared to go through without end “caverns and pits of torture where one form of agony differs from others, horrible despair, hatred of God, vile words, curses and blasphemies (St. Faustina Kowalska).” Bad examples always have to pay dearly “for the vengeance on the flesh of the ungodly is fire and worms (Ecclesiaticus 7:19).” and a fire that can not put out, a worm which can not die…

  12. “Can you send me a link about Cardinal Ravasi and the Bowie girl?”

    I saw it on a facebook page yesterday, posted a comment about it. Today all the comments are GONE. Strange, no? I shall continue the search.

    • Thanks!
      I have found many links to a tweet, the stupid one with the lyrics (if we want to call it that way) from the unfaithful departed. But nothing else.

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