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Videogate: Where’s The Clerical Outrage?

Satanic is who satanic does: Cardinal Ravasi, the David Bowie fan.

Satanic is who satanic does: Cardinal Ravasi, the David Bowie fan.


The heretical (and blasphemous) video from the Evil Clown is some days old, and many have been the voices that have been raised against it. However, as I write this I cannot recall one, not a single one from a bishop or cardinal.

I would be very grateful for every link of bishops or cardinals openly criticising the video. In the meantime, here is an extremely respectful message for bishops and cardinals from yours truly. 


Dear – and less dear – bishops and cardinals. 

Wake up. The heresy is among us, and you are made to eat Satan’s shit every day.


If you do not react now, when will you have the guts to react?

Can’t you see that Francis is spreading heresy in bigger and bigger doses, waiting for the moment when he is able to officially proclaim heresy and have the thing considered just normal, and the obvious consequence of what his entire Pontificate has been? This is what the Germans call Salamitaktik: the great heretical project is being advanced one slice at a time, and as you reflect that no slice in itself is big enough for a big confrontation, the entire salami is going away; the plan is to cut this particular salami in bigger and bigger slices until Francis can announce that the old salami is gone, and the great project has been completed: the salami-free Church is now born.  

Can’t you see that Francis can only be stopped (as happened with the Synod, twice) if there is strong and vocal opposition?

Actually, can’t you see that the man does not learn from veiled threats and keeps pursuing his heretical project? Can’t you see that when veiled threats do not work, it is now time for the open ones?

I know you are successors of the Apostles, but I wonder more and more often of which one.

Being a bishop means to bear the relevant responsibility. This responsibility is the necessary counterpart of the honour paid to you. Ubi honor, ibi onus. Already being a priest should mean one thinks (almost) nothing of martyrdom. But being a bishop means to be destined for it. Of course, every Christian should, if unavoidable, be ready for martyrdom. But let us not water down your responsibilities here. From you it is expected so much more than it is expected from the common priest – for which the bishop is often the first and more immediate enemy -, much less from the common layman.

You are the ones supposed to lead the charge, not the ones talking about illegal immigrants, social justice, poverty, and secular rubbish of the sort – rubbish that every third-rate politician can spit much better than you – whilst the eternal Rome, literally, burns.

I could not find one single bishop or Cardinal openly condemning the infamous video. I can find many a faithful blogger, many commenters, and some journalists. But not one bishop or cardinal. Not one.

We laymen are the one who lose, at times, friendships, and strain family relationship. We choose not to avoid conflict even with those we love most and open wounds in our families, and in our hearts, that might never be healed. We have not chosen to be priests. We have not accepted to become bishops. Still, we pay a price every day.

In the meantime, you simply look the other way as the Pope shows all the theological prowess of a junkie Trannie prostitute in an Argentinian slum.

I trust in the Lord, and am confident that – in His own good time – he will put an end to this. But heavens, as it looks now it does not seem He is using you, at all. 

I cry to the angels in heaven that they may look upon your behaviour, and ask the Lord to count it against you if you die unrepentant, and to punish it in a way commensurate to your treason. 

But what am I saying. I know they do. It is you who don’t. 

As we write the year 2016, one cannot avoid to think there are many more bishops on the side of David Bowie than on the side of Christ; and another number, possibly the biggest one, of tepid careerists firmly intentioned to do nothing, and to hope for the best. As if an heretical pope would, like a pimple, go away all by itself.

This Pope isn’t a pimple. He is a bubo. He must be dealt with. By you. 

When you are in hell, where – bar a huge miracle of mass repentance –  many of you will land, you will change your mind about what was safe and what was dangerous.

You are bishops, not simple priests or laymen. It is demanded of you more than of anyone else that you stand up for Christ. It is your first duty. It is all you are supposed to be. Not only it is the most important part of your job description. It is the counterpart of your very comfortable and privileged existence, at least in every Western Country one may care to mention.  

May the Lord punish your treason as you deserve. 

Keep eating Satan’s shit. Enjoy. It will do you good.

It will prepare you for an eternity of shit to come. 







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