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The Name Of Francis Is Evil Clown, & The Danger Of Irrelevance.

I have written a new book!

As the Year Of False Mercy is on its way to becoming the greatest embarrassment of this very embarrassing Pontificate, we were informed that the Unholy Father has published a new book, titled “the name of Francis is Evil Clown”, or something of the sort.

Two days, and the thing has already almost disappeared from the news. Which makes sense, because the book has the same tosh Francis repeats day in and day out, and is therefore as interesting as the weather forecast of the past three months, or three years.

The Year Of False Mercy is sinking into a well-deserved irrelevance. The stupid book probably already did it. The Pope is about as interesting or worthy of notice as a drunken old man at the tavern, ranting against the government.

The name of Francis is Evil Clown, and a Pope's punishment for stupidity is irrelevance and ridicule. He made of himself one of the many stupid micro celebrities seeking the limelight for a minute. Being the Pope, he had his quarter of an hour. But now he's getting as old as yesterday's reality show hero.

The only way Francis can now really make a sensation is with a nuclear explosion of heresy. Stupid and vain as the man is, only a compact and strong opposition from his own hierarchy offers security that he will not dare to push the nuclear button. Alas, his gradual sinking into irrelevance makes the event less improbable, and the appalling silence after Videogate might well embolden him to do more and more. This is an addict allowed to be near the giant whisky bottle without supervision. He might well see in a bigger revolution the solution to the problem of his increasingly more evident irrelevance.

This is why I get so angry at our clergy, and this is why their desertion deserve every punishment that Divine Justice will, in due time, throw at them.

Francis is sinking in a sea of stupidity and irrelevance of his own making. This is good news on one side, and is very dangerous on the other.

A stupid, vain ass addicted to popularity and bishops unwilling to criticise him publicly, no matter what. I see all the ingredients for a big disaster.

Let's hope that much more is happening behind the scenes than transpires from interviews. If not, we are in dire straits here.




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