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About Wikkimissa

[EDIT: European part of Wikkimissa has been found here. With many thanks to reader, well, ” Tradicionalna Latinska Misa”].


I had noticed before Christmas that the Wikkimissa site was down. I had hoped in a temporary “building site”, but last weekend the site was still unresponsive.

Now worried, I started to go around and look for information, and if my French is worth anything I can assure you there is nothing to be alarmed.

The site hosting the server has taken down the site and deleted all the content, or at least this is what my French allowed me to understand. Apparently, the way the site was organised/built led the server to believe it was a spam site.

Emmanuel, the person who runs Wikkimissa, has assured he has all the material at home and can rebuild the site. However, this will be a time consuming exercise and, the man having a job and all, will require some patience.

Please say a prayer for the good man, and let us hope the site is up and running again by next time I am on holiday in Continental Europe… 😉


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