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Summa Iniuria? Francis And The Sin Of Stupidation

Pope Francis, aka “Evil Clown”, has given another example of his mediocrity and, alas, sheer lack of education.

The leitmotiv of the man is always the same: if you refuse to embrace heresy you have a “closed heart”, because suddenly an unchangeable God wants to “surprise” you in ways only he can fathom.

I know, this is heretical propaganda. I know, the man is an enemy of Catholicism. I know, one is tempted to wonder what kind of profession his mother exercised.

However, at times the man manages to reveal his ignorance in ways that put a smile on your face. In honour of the man, I will call this the “sin of Stupidation”.

Such a word does not exist, you will say; and if it existed it would have another meaning. But if Francis was never deterred by such obstacles from producing an involuntary comic effect, I will not be deterred from producing a voluntary one.

If you are a devout Catholic you commit the sin of divination, says the old ass. Don't believe me? Read here.

I know, it's not only the sin of “divination”. It's also “idolatry”. If you keep believing what Christians have always believed, you are culpable of idolatry.

Boy, this one is rotten. So rotten in fact, that a delicate problem presents itself to your humble correspondent.

Would it really be a sin to kick this man's ass until he understands the first three things of Catholicism? Would it not be a work of mercy instead? I know, I know: a Pope should not be kicked in the ass. But this man is such an extreme example of papacy going wrong that it is difficult to me to not advocate for an exception to the sacred rule. In some extreme cases one might be able to apply the old Latin saying: Summum ius, summa iniuria.

I will wait patiently, and with more than some hope, for some orthodox theologian convincingly espousing the theory that, in extreme cases like this one, a Pope should be kicked in the ass all the way to Termini station, both for the sake of his own soul and to protect the faithful from his hilarious (for us) but still very dangerous (for too many others) rubbish. Until that moment I will, with great sadness but in obedience, encourage all my readers to refrain from kicking the Pope's ass all the way to Termini station.

He has lived like an ass, let him die like an ass.

The sin of Stupidation is a very grave one.



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