Summa Iniuria? Francis And The Sin Of Stupidation

Pope Francis, aka “Evil Clown”, has given another example of his mediocrity and, alas, sheer lack of education.

The leitmotiv of the man is always the same: if you refuse to embrace heresy you have a “closed heart”, because suddenly an unchangeable God wants to “surprise” you in ways only he can fathom.

I know, this is heretical propaganda. I know, the man is an enemy of Catholicism. I know, one is tempted to wonder what kind of profession his mother exercised.

However, at times the man manages to reveal his ignorance in ways that put a smile on your face. In honour of the man, I will call this the “sin of Stupidation”.

Such a word does not exist, you will say; and if it existed it would have another meaning. But if Francis was never deterred by such obstacles from producing an involuntary comic effect, I will not be deterred from producing a voluntary one.

If you are a devout Catholic you commit the sin of divination, says the old ass. Don't believe me? Read here.

I know, it's not only the sin of “divination”. It's also “idolatry”. If you keep believing what Christians have always believed, you are culpable of idolatry.

Boy, this one is rotten. So rotten in fact, that a delicate problem presents itself to your humble correspondent.

Would it really be a sin to kick this man's ass until he understands the first three things of Catholicism? Would it not be a work of mercy instead? I know, I know: a Pope should not be kicked in the ass. But this man is such an extreme example of papacy going wrong that it is difficult to me to not advocate for an exception to the sacred rule. In some extreme cases one might be able to apply the old Latin saying: Summum ius, summa iniuria.

I will wait patiently, and with more than some hope, for some orthodox theologian convincingly espousing the theory that, in extreme cases like this one, a Pope should be kicked in the ass all the way to Termini station, both for the sake of his own soul and to protect the faithful from his hilarious (for us) but still very dangerous (for too many others) rubbish. Until that moment I will, with great sadness but in obedience, encourage all my readers to refrain from kicking the Pope's ass all the way to Termini station.

He has lived like an ass, let him die like an ass.

The sin of Stupidation is a very grave one.




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    (“solemn nonsense”)

    The one true bride another Pope
    The Catholic faith, it makes him mope
    Another season, another reason
    For makin’ newness

    He says that God, He likes surprises
    So make a mess, then he surmises
    I’m really humble, I’d like to rumble
    And make some newness

    Picture the dome of Rome
    Same-sex couples will dance and sing
    A Synod of froth and foam
    Think what a year can bring

    He will not judge, tradition’s fudge
    True Catholic souls, to outskirts budge
    But he’s so humble, so do not grumble
    You vill like newness!

  2. I am grateful for your faith and zeal in defending it. Pope Francis has worked directly and intentionally to lessen the prestige and influence of the Papacy, by his words and by his actions. Any Catholic who loves the Church will be sensitive to this. How could it be otherwise?
    Yet the difficulty remains, that in attacking Francis it is impossible not to be attacking the Pope, and thus one is helping him to succeed in reducing respect for the papacy in one’s audience.
    Even when Francis is no more than a bad dream or a memory of a bad taste in the mouth, who will be able to approach a future Pope with the same reverence we had in the first half of the 20th century, with complete trust and holy reverence?

    • It is certainly possible to attack the Pope whilst upholding the papacy.

      If the Lord gives us a sound Pope after him, in just a few years he will restore all the prestige of the papacy, and make Francis look the more stupid in comparison.

      We have too many sound Popes to look back to, to be afraid that the man could permanently damage the institution. But the institution will be certainly damaged if we do not insulate this ass from the good Popes in the strongest of terms.



  3. He’s got himself in a real stupidation box here because if the “old ways” are bad, and people aren’t willing to be surprised with new things, then by ferociuosly holding on to the the novus ordo (an old thing by now), Bergoglio is clinging to the past by not being open to the restoration of the Latin mass, a very nice surprise from the Holy Spirit. The man needs to quit engaging in divination.

    he gives me such a headache with his constant straw men and “No!!!s”. can’t he speak without insulting people?

  4. In the name of the Ass Anti-Defamation League (AADL), I hereby officially warn you to stop spreading smear about this noble and adorable furred animal. Asses are hard working, straight and loyal mammals unlike the stupid Argentinian malefactor. Remember that an ass was the mean of transportation selected by Our Lord Jesus to enter Jerusalem.

    “And Jesus found a young ass, and sat upon it, as it is written”

    However, our bastard daughters the mules are fair game!

  5. This morn I literally asked Immaculate Mary to just give us 1 day w,out Jorge or his sycophants saying something evil or insulting. I guess I did not pray hard enough.

  6. I had a very hearty good laugh reading your post, Mundabor. You have a great sense of humor! I think it’s sometimes better to laugh at some (many?) of the asinine things this Pope says than to cry at the untold harm he is doing to the average uninformed (malformed?) Catholic out there. Let’s pray he goes to Termini Station very soon!!!

    God bless!

  7. I want to be able to laugh, but I can not.
    This ominous thick dark cloud is ever growing, billowing and enveloping everything. I know our Lord wins, but so many souls lose… Maybe those of me and my family.
    I am guilty of what this clown forbids. I am guilty of sadness.

  8. Where did you find that picture, M, the likeness is uncanny!

    Yes, his ass needs kicking. Big time. Myself, I’d go with a hearty slap to the face, as it would be more seemly for me as a woman. 😉

  9. I know just what you mean. The man is indeed a stupid ass. Already there are several real theologians pointing out his ignorance. How he can dare to say that obeying the laws of the Church is the new idolatry because one is closing one’s mind to the working of the Holy Spirit is totally beyond belief. It seems as if he is taking the Holy Spirit for a fool!

  10. Ah, wait a minute. This guy has been infiltrated in to the most disciplinal, traditional, truthful, holy catholic and apostolic Church and maneuvered up to become a pope, is stupid.? Come on, I don’t think so. Don’t ever underestimate this machiavellian who has declared war on Jesus Christ and His Church, he has attacked and denied Jesus by oppressing Jesus’ divinity down to mere human who also committed sin like anybody else. He’s gradually rejected and twisted Jesus’ teachings and Church’s doctrines. How much damages he caused already and much more coming.? With full of evil deception he’s never a Catholic, indeed an evil, a “destroyer” with one purpose of abolishing the Roman Catholic Church and dragging her to be a member of One World Order church under control of Satan. Wait and see. In the meantime check on whatever he did so far and ask Holy Spirit guide you, you will find the ugly truth about this pope. God saves us.

    • Yeah, he is stupid. Very thick. If I were Pope and heretic I would go at it in a much subtler, far more efficient way.
      This here is so dumb, and so vain, he can’t shut up even when he knows talking will damage him.
      And I can’t exclude he won’t get a “Sicilian coffee” yet. He has made a lot of enemies even among tepid wannabe orthodox people.

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