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Gotta Love Ted Cruz

SPARTANBURG, SC - APRIL 3:  Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz answers questions from local media following a town hall meeting at the Beacon Drive-in restaurant on April 3, 2015 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  The Beacon Drive-in, traditionally a popular venue for campaigning politicians, was Cruz's 2nd stop of the day in South Carolina.  (Photo by Richard Ellis/Getty Images)

I do not write much about the 2016 election, but I try to follow it as closely as can reasonably expected from a European. As good news keeps piling up (the establishment pussycat Jeb Bush basically nowhere, and the traitor Santorum not even on the radar screen) I live in terror of seeing my favourite candidate, Ted Cruz, start veering toward the centre in order to “broaden his appeal”, which is what candidates do when they want to lose both race and face (Santorum docet).

When I read this (disregard the video, I am talking about the article) I could not avoid a great sense of relief.

Very intelligent guy, Ted Cruz. Not blinded by ambition like Santorum. I truly hope he will stay the course and refuse to water down his message, though you can bet your hat there will be no lack of “advisors” suggesting to him he does just that.

The way I see it, Cruz is not necessarily running for the 2016 race, though I hope he will make it both against Trump and Clinton. Cruz is trying to reshape the soul of the country, as Reagan once did. The strong, unadulterated message will slowly become part of the landscape, and likely prepare the ground for a strong run in 2024, or 2032. The man is young, and extremely gifted. If he does not waste his talent and does not compromise his stance, he is bound to become a permanent fixture of American politics. I leave it to others (and possibly to the electors in November) to decide if he can defeat Clinton, assuming (as we all do) she will get the nomination. But the worst of the worst would be seeing Cruz “pulling a Santorum” and starting to vomit politically correct crap to please the stupid masses who will never vote for him anyway.

Reagan did not change with the country. He made the country to change. Cruz has the talent, the time and, hopefully, the integrity.

Let’s hope he does not waver.

Up to now, it seems to me he has no intention of doing so. 



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