Everyday Sacrilege, Everyday Silence.

Let's allow Lutherans to receive!

And it came to pass the Evil Clown might have this too to answer: that a delegation of heretics – and therefore, qua definitione, excluded from communion – has been sacrilegiously allowed to (try to) receive communion within the very walls of the Vatican.

The news are confused for now and I cannot access, as I write this, the original source in Italian. My take is as follows:

The news that the Proddies have been allowed to receive sacrilegiously is either true, or it isn't.

If it isn't, it says an awful lot about the times we live in that the news could spread, and a Lutheran publication state the fact as happened, in the first place. The gravity of the situation would be not less apparent because the fact has, in hypothesis, not taken place.

If it is, this is further evidence that Pope Francis must be removed. There is no way even the most retarded Pollyanna could believe that such an event could – whether the Evil Clown was present or not – be effected without the Pope's not only acquiescence, but positive will.

And do you know why this happens? Because Francis releases scandalous videos and no one of his Cardinals rebukes him; because he talks heresy every day and every single bishop shuts up; because a climate has been created in which heresy – and at this point, very possibly, practiced sacrilege – is seen as a normal, everyday occurrence.

Heretic is who heretic does.

I – and, I am sure, every sound Catholic – do not care a straw for formalistic considerations about when formal heresy has been reached. The man eats, breaths, and preaches heresy every day.

Besides the extremely grave facts in themselves, every new episode of practised heresy and walking over Catholicism makes it a little easier for Francis to, one day, break every taboo and officially declare some heretical doctrine as binding. Can't you see he already accuses Catholics of “sinning” for being Catholic?

May heaven punish as they deserve those bishops and cardinals who choose to stay silent when such things happen. May they receive the just retribution for their betrayal.

Nil inultum remanebit.

They should think of it.







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  1. Apart from a few known individuals the whole of our Hierarchy is corrupt and has been since before Vatican II to which most of these old men contributed. They wont censure PF as they agree with him. We are reaping the whirlwind, but most of them will not be amongst the living for much longer. Christ will restore His Church in His own time, not ours. Those that have participated in its degradation will suffer the consequences, but as they have lost the faith decades ago they are not thinking of their eternal fate.

  2. The aim is a one world religion. It will be announced with promises of peace and justice for all. All those who prefer Jesus to some fake Jesus or Lucifer will be eliminated like a deadly virus.

    Mundabor, were you aware of World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit, Seoul 2014? Their video begins with: “Heavenly culture, world peace, restoration of light.” They have had these conferences for the establishment of the Luciferian religion for decades now.

    Yesterday I visited a website named “CRUX. Covering all things Catholic”. I found an article there on the “I believe in love video” under the title: “Why Pope Francis’ push for unity is going into over-drive”.

    I placed comments under. You should have seen the loving and peaceful responses of Francis’ worshippers. They are the undeniable fruit and proof of his evil.

  3. Dear M,

    I am not a sedevacantist, so please do not think I’m trying to start “one of those” conversations here; but, when you say you “do not care a straw for formalistic considerations about when formal heresy has been reached,” do you mean to infer that this Pontiff might be an anti-Pope?

    • Obviously not.
      An anti-Pope is a man who claims to be Pope in opposition to the right claim of another.
      If Cardinal Kasper would proclaim himself Pope and be followed by a number of Cardinals and Bishops, he could be called an anti-pope.

      This is nothing to do with the situation of a heretical pope, a situation happened on a number of occasions in the past (Honorius, Liberius, Formosus, Marcellinus and John XXII come to mind) and which we are living now.m

  4. Life Site News is reporting that the Lutherans did indeed receive Holy Communion. Worse, the Lutherans themselves indicated they would abstain but “the celebrating priests insisted on giving them communion”.


  5. We can all go in social media & air our views but a cardinal or cardinals need to stand & speak out. There must be cardinals who are outraged at what he does & says, one or more of them need too get the ball rolling on this. You will get his supporters saying this is all gods will ! If proddies want communion in RCC they can they just have to convert first..

    • Exactly.
      Faithful protesting is certainly good and will help to keep him at bay. But the resistance must come from the hierarchy.
      What is happening is beyond shameful, it is utterly satanic.

  6. So true! Have you seen Fr. Zulsdorf’s comment about the Pope approving the washing of the feet of women and offering a pedicure as well?!

  7. Move on, nothing to see here, these merciful “lutherans” are pro-sodomy, not of the “rigid and legalistic” variety. Thus, homogoglio and his entourage of fairies have no problem with them, and would share communion and who knows what else with the nordic fairies.

  8. I think this evil clown will announce to lift excommunication of Luther during the celebration of 500th anniversary of the Reformation. NWO’s church is coming. He will crucify Jesus again and he’ll be high priest (false prophet) of Satan’s church. Pray hard for God’s intervene. The snow storm in east coast is a warning sign from God’s wrath for this Sodom nation.

    • It is unthinkable that he will lift the excommunication, as he would officially make of himself a heretic.
      What we will have is the usual heretical talk about how well intentioned the man was.

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