The Smoke Of Satan is Smoking The Vatican


“You still don’t get it, do you?”


I felt so sick after reading this, that for two days I did not feel about writing, lest I should write things I would regret. And I have to write about this, I have to, both because of the gravity of the fact itself and because I have already written about the matter when I did not have all the facts. 

A couple of days later we can say this: 

  1. The fact happened. Lutherans were sacrilegiously given communion within the very walls of the Vatican. It sends a shudder down my spine. Truly, the smoke of Satan is smoking the Vatican. 
  2. The confirmation of the original news comes from a very reliable source, and as I write this no word of denial, and no word of condemnation from anyone inside the Vatican. 
  3. The details of the event are appalling. The proddies present themselves for a blessing, and the priest officiating gives them communion; which, being proddies utterly unaware of their own responsibility in this immense sacrilege, the dumbos (among them a so-called bishopess), also accept.   

The events beggar belief. I ask the following: 

  1. Who is the priest who has committed the sacrilege? Has he been disciplined? (I know, I know…). 
  2. Where the heck is Cardinal Mueller? 
  3. Speaking of this: where is everyone else? 

Heresy and sacrilege happen to the right and to the left of Francis; in front of him and behind him; the floor above him and the floor below him; but hey, there should still be people breathing, who think he is not responsible. 

This, without considering the heresies and utter nonsense the man spits himself, and with the sheer quantity of which yours truly can’t even cope, for sheer lack of time. 

The man must be removed. His papacy must be bombed like it’s Dresden in 1945. Nothing must remain of it but some smoking rubble.

Stop being the sensitive chap, or gal. The Church is being openly and frontally attacked. This is no time for niceness. This is no time for reserve. Never has there been a pope like this one. The situation is unprecedented. Our reaction to it must be unprecedented, too.

May God strike Francis down today. I wish his soul salvation, but I wish this papacy an immediate and very brutal end. This has gone beyond even the parody of Catholicism. We are now at the open war against Catholicism, fought from within the very walls of the Vatican. And in all this, what I see is the outrage of a handful, the indifference of most, and the utter inactivity and acquiescence of those who should know better, and I am talking here of our so-called shepherds. 

Even simple priests, who are at higher risk of retaliation from their own bishop, dare to criticise very openly, and with more than justified bitterness, what the man is doing day in and day out. But our bishops, and cardinals, think it wise to do pretty much freaking nothing. 

Pope Blessed Pius IX is told to have blessed a delegation of visiting Proddies, not unlike this one, with the following words: 

“Ab illo benedicaris, in cujus honore cremaberis. Amen.”

“be thou blessed by Him in Whose honour thou shalt be burned. Amen”

How the times have changed! The holy man is now in Heaven and in the presence of the Lord. I doubt, therefore, he will be rolling in his grave. But I, who am still struggling here below, am certainly about to vomit in my bathroom.

The rumoured, but so fitting, blessing of the late, saintly Pope is, by the way, extremely fitting also for all those Bishops and Cardinals who are shutting up day in and day out, as this lewd old man insults Holy Mother Church and confuses the faithful every single day.

For two days I was too sickened to write about this. Now I have it past me. It should not be said I have not raised my voice.

Buy boy, just to think of that man poisons my blood.




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  1. Such anger and frustration only harms you, dear friend. When I feel such thoughts I put them in a bundle and give it to someone big enough to handle it…imagine throwing all those black thoughts onto the rocks below. God will take them and free you from their burden. This man, this Argentinian blow hard is not worth our scorn. He is as nothing. I’m picturing the Church doors slamming shut in his face. Every time I feel darkness creeping in I ask God to take such thoughts from me. I’m not giving my peace of mind to a shallow mean spirited huckster. By keeping the faith as you have is the best way to defeat him. Pray that satan be bound and his works undone and cast away. God bless you!

    • Too easy an answer. Fluffy thinking will bring us nowhere. Besides, you aren’t an island, and what Francis does affects millions. If this does not anger you, I wonder how much you care for your fellow Catholics.
      We must get angry, and we must vent our anger.
      God did not put us on earth to passively make “mental bundles”, but to act.

  2. Where are the Cardinal Burkes and Schneiders’? They seem to have disappeared. The abomination of desolation is upon us. May Our Lord have mercy on us all. God bless~

  3. Have courage to look and see.
    When I had to refuse proud unbelievers whom I saw receiving Holy Communion, to be the godmother of their newborn girl, only to see an atheist performing the duty a month later, when I saw JPII kissing the Quran, when I read Bergoglio’s assurances given to Scalfari that it was sufficient for salvation to do as one thought was right, every one of those instances I expected the world to end.
    Then I understood.
    Masons have unleashed something so diabolical that a discerning person finds it hard to breathe sometimes. Gradually (by God’s grace) we learn to live with it and to expect worse. Believe this – until good is officially proclaimed evil, and evil – good, this project of Satan will not be completed. We are getting there really fast. For a reason unknown to us God is allowing it.

  4. Those who give the Blessed Sacrament to non believers , are obviously non believers themselves.The smoke of Satan has become an inferno.

  5. I read on Rorate Caeli that Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach SJ submitted a critical assessment of Fr. Jorge Bergoglio to the then Pope John Paul II when Cardinal Qarracino submitted his name a being suitable for elevation to the Episcopate. Rorate Caeli is now asking where this Kolvenbach Report is. It would make interesting reading I think.

  6. Greetings:

    You write:

    “The man must be removed. His papacy must be bombed like it’s Dresden in 1945. Nothing must remain of it but some smoking rubble.”

    I wholeheartedly concur.

    I think there are others who agree with us, and they appear to be clerics. I stumbled upon this website called The Denzinger-Bergoglio and they have what appears to be a running list of heresies commited by Francis. If I understand correctly what they are doing, it would appear as if they are drafting an indictment against Bergoglio, for an upcoming Council that will judge him.

    Here is the link. MIght be worth your time to take a gander since it appears to be legit.


  7. Excellent Mr. M.! For anyone who truly believes, this is Disgusting, Wicked, Evil. I fear these poor souls are lost eternally.

  8. I’m quite sure Francis was asked and approved. If he had been willing to risk the opprobrium he’d have done it himself. So it was sacrilege by proxy imo. More weight is added by the news that he is going to be fully involved in celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. I wonder whether he will be giving out Holy Communion to all and sundry, then? And I wonder at what point the craven body of cardinals and bishops will say: “Enough”.

  9. From communion for non-Catholics and those probably living in sin to persecution of the traditional liturgy of the West to bouncing a beach ball off the tabernacle at St. Mary Major’s there is one thing that stands out about this pope, ie., he does not believe in the Real Presence. No one who so believed could so act. In fact he despises that key doctrine of the faith without which all the rest is nonsense and delights in displaying his contempt for it. May this invasion of modernist error even into the heart of the Church soon be defeated so that the true most wonderful and most Eucharistic faith might spread its truths and its sanity throughout all the world.

  10. Could Bergogolio be the antipope? Could he be the one St Francis of Assisi referenced when he said in the end times, a pope would arise who would be uncanonically elected who would seek to destroy the Church? If so, interesting that he chose the name Francis.

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