Novus Ordo Football Team

And it came to pass yours truly managed to count 17 people in the sactuary at the same time, though there was no choir.

An army of extraordinary whatever, altar Boys 'n Girl, and of course the priest were all there as if the football team needed a photo before the match. I could not avoid thinking that it was done to encourage attendance, as probably the half of those present had some ties of family or friendship with at least one member of Novus Ordo Football Team.

Any concept of sacredness was, of course, gone even before the laymen invasion, as the sanctuary had no chancel. Nor would there be any other signs marking the sacredness of the space, a rather small altar adding to the sense of atrophying Christianity.m

I could not avoid thinking that this was a visual effect of what is happening in the Church right now: Man makes himself big and bold and goes centre-stage, Christianity literally shrinks. The altars shrinks, the stoops shrink, the crucifixes on the altar shrink, the tabernacles shrink, the bell towers shrink or disappear, the pulpits disappear altogether. But in this particular church 17 people of both sexes (OK, only 15 superfluous) crowd the sanctuary, and seem not to see the link between Novus Ordo Football Team and a Christianity that, in their own Country, is shrinking, eroded and almost eaten alive by their own stupidity.

They do not want to get the very clear message. Because they like seeing people in the sanctuary.



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    Man won’t kneel —
    Daily to pray
    But lift his hands
    To applaud and play.

    Man won’t kneel —
    Examine acts dead
    But perform for himself
    For himself bow his head.

    Man won’t kneel —
    Emotes bad behavior
    No matter reviews
    The director’s his savior.

    Man won’t kneel —
    He’s the star, can’t fail…
    So the prop-man struck
    The Communion rail.

  2. They don’t comprehend sacredness. It’s something from a museum. People who visit a beautiful old Church here find recorded chant playing and they can just gawk. Plunk down a few bucks and light a candle, we’ll accommodate you. Were’t we cool back then?

  3. “…seem not to see the link between Novus Ordo…” How could they when this is all they know or care to know?

    In the past, when I actually cared, I asked a couple of the EMHC’s why they do it. They told me they were in service to the parish. It was their “ministry”.


    • I wonder why Anglos are so obsessed with “ministry”. Do they want to ape the Proddies?
      In Catholic Countries, you normally hear ministry in connection with the work of the Church, or of a Priest. For a layman to say that he has or is invested with a “ministry” would sound somewhere between deluded and Protestant. people would rather say that someone has a role, or a duty of evangelisation, or the like, but not a “ministry”.

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