Pray For The Soul Of Justice Antonin Scalia, And Vote The Right Candidate.


R.I.P. Antonin Scalia


Very bad news this morning as I discovered Justice Scalia is dead. 

Please pray for his soul. 

Besides quoting the abused quip, that it’s always the wrong judge who dies, this puts Christianity in the US in front of a serious problem.

Scalia was a staunch defender of Christian values. He will now have to be replaced, and it is difficult to imagine Obama, even confronted with a hopefully broadly hostile Senate, not trying to get some other bad apple in the mix.

This shows how important it is to contribute to the election of a President which gives guarantees of solid (social) Conservatism. The refusal to support a solidly conservative candidate because he is not everything that a Catholic would wish (I have read shocking comments on this very blog; I am very much afraid I will be confronted with others) will end up in tears and is tantamount to a refusal to accept reality, and a willingness to accept the destruction of Christianity in the United Stated and, probably, in the entire West as a result.

I find the system of “life” appointment of Supreme Court Justices atrocious; but hey, that’s how it is and it will not change in our lifetime. One of the most important long-term powers of a President is the one to steer the election of the Supreme Court Justices. Whilst he still needs the Senate, boy, you don’t want to have that kind of confrontation particularly in a Senate well stocked with RINOs only wondering what they will get from the Dems in exchange for their approval of the presidential candidate. 

I do not know whether Obama will be in a position to put another one of his own before his mandate end. I hope he will fail. In both cases, this sad event once again highlights the importance of the right person at the White House.

Do not help Hillary to win because Cruz isn’t all he would be if he were Catholic, or perfect. There is a difference between refusing to elect a RINO and preventing anyone but the Ideal And Perfect One to be elected. 

We in the West (even those who do not live in the US), need for the Conservatives in the US to do their job. 



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  1. Amen, Brother! I would also suggest Rosaries and Novenas for the Republicans in the US Senate to stand firm against the inevitable Obama attempt to destroy Christian values via this Court vacancy.

  2. His death is devastating. I’m still reeling but I’m also praying.

  3. Cruz, is the Bergolio of this election. For those of us that have had to endure what the GOP has done to this country with their endless betrayls of true Conservatives, we are DONE supporting their candidates. TrusTED is just one more snake oil salesman that shamelessly uses our Lord’s name for cover. Without borders we will not have a country, we will have what Ted’s wife was working on for 5 years: Council on Foreign on Relations aka North American Union. The Silent Majority have had enough of the RINO’s.

    • If you consider even Cruz a RINO, what will you think of Trump, the man who has discovered his conservatism only when he started to smell the White House? The man who would elect his abortionist sister as Supreme Court justice? The man who after Obergefell vs Hodges invites us to cope with reality? What kind of guarantees does he give you in preference to Cruz?

  4. I believe this will mobilize conservatives, particularly on issues that haven’t received enough attention such as anti-Catholic affirmative action and “diversity” quotas.

    • In a way, yes, I think Scalia’s death will help Conservatives to mobilise. This election has undoubtedly become more important now, assuming that no rfeplacement will take place before then.

  5. With the electorate we have in the U.S., it will take a miracle to get a conservative president. If Republican voters are waiting for the perfect candidate, they will wait forever because there aren’t any perfect people. It’s a matter of voting for the candidate whose positions and accomplishments best match one’s own values.

    I watched yet another debate last night. For the first time I was embarrassed at the level of insults and accusations being thrown around. It seems whoever is in the lead is the target; although the liberal moderators intentionally bait them to attack each other. So Trump was getting hit from all sides and he seemed rattled for once. He might not have the stamina to see the race through to the end. Rubio had a good night; there were no 300 lb. bullies around this time. Cruz was calm as always, he never loses his cool. He was a national college debate champion, so the format is very natural to him. Bush was trying really hard to be a tough guy, but I think everyone’s fed-up with do-nothing Republican establishment types.

  6. The Scalia family still abides by the old ways. His biggest legacy will be his family.

    Requiescat in pace.

  7. Cruz has my support, that’s for sure. I trust the man and I believe he’s who our country needs so badly.

  8. It is long past time for the POTUS and/or The Legislative Branch to begin declaring decisions of the SCOTUS to be unconstitutional rather than to fight over which phony will next be assigned a black robe.

    We are supposed to have separate but equal powers but a SCOTUS Justice serving for life has an immense power, compared to which the dolts in the legislature are retromignents.

    Or, one can continue to fight over a justice and leave too much power in their hands.

    • Yep.
      In Countries like Italy there are constitutional mechanisms to prevent the Constitutional Court to assume a political role, de facto legislating by way of decisions. I am pretty sure such instruments are there in every Western Country. It is only about using them.

      If I remember correctly, the US Congress can subtract certain matters from the competence of the Supreme Court, and has done it once after the Civil War. I seem to remember Cruz advocates such a solution to go past the lesbian fraction in the Supreme Court. But again, you can only do this if you have a strongly conservative President supported by a strongly conservative Congress.


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