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Put To Shame By The Orthodox



The Pantocrator in the Cathedral of Monreale, Sicily. If you think churches of such beauty can’t be built anymore, think again…


And it came to pass a church which will rank among the most beautiful in Christianity was consecrated in December 2015. It is a work of stunning beauty. And it is an Orthodox Church, the Church of the protection of the Mother of God in Yasenevo, a district of Moscow. 

Father Z picked up the story.  The original post is here.   The virtual tour will take your breath away (I suggest you, cough, switch off the audio). It is simply astonishing. I have been in Monreale, and I was blown away. This here seems to want to be a credible junior. 

Note the contrast. Russia is still a Country enough corrupt that it needs seven years to buy the land and obtain a building permission for a church, or at least so says the blog post. But Russia is also the country where such a miracle can happen out of the effort of simple faithful: the very many who have donated for the work, and the many volunteers who have worked on it.

I become more and more persuaded that Putin’s Russia (as long as there is one; I truly hope the man survives the predictable mess caused by the low oil prices) is now becoming, schismatics as she is, the real bulwark of Christianity in the West. A great shame but, I think, the sad reality in this morning of the XXI Century, when the Vatican seems more preoccupied with the Islamisation of the West than with the message of Christ.

These Orthodox put us to shame. Wrong as they are, there is much more Christianity flowing in their blood than there is in our old, tired, stupid, effeminate Western Countries.

I hope this wonderful church will be, one day, Catholic.

But I find it wonderful that it is there in the first place.

Long live Putin’s Russia.

With all its faults, and with all the work there is to do, still: long live Putin’s Russia.


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