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Refreshingly Embarrassing







Gloria TV has a rather eloquent photo about the attendance at the hoped mega mass for Francis in Mexico City. 

Mexico City is a huge city, with a vast Catholic presence. A Pope doesn’t pop in every Friday afternoon for a lemon sorbet and a chat. A Pope is also – in these disgraceful times of ours – a pop icon, and you would imagine he makes people, at least, curious. 

Nope. Twenty thousand people at the most. If you consider the huge amount of priests and religious (both male and female)  in this vast city who were most certainly there, the numbers are even worse than that.  

It is truly refreshingly embarrassing to see how Francis’ papacy implodes. A man who has thrown Catholicism out of the window for the sake of popularity and adoration of the masses discovers that the masses have less and less time for a tool only able to spit nonsense, heresy or blasphemy out of his Socialist mouth. Mind, I do not think that the masses care much for heresy or blasphemy. I also doubt that they are able to detect nonsense. But if they want to hear the kind of nonsense Francis speaks, they certainly do not need a Pope for it. Every third rate politician, kindergarten teacher, social worker or homosexual activist will say pretty much the same things on demand. No need to undergo the inconvenience of actually moving one’s backside to visit a Pope.

I will go out on a limb here and dare to say that, even in formally still very Catholic Mexico City, even the Dalai Lama would have attracted a greater crowd; at least, that is, if the visit had been trumpeted with the same energy as this, alas, extremely political Papal ingerence in other Countries’ immigration matters. Because, dear friends, when all is said and done this is what it’s all about

As I have said, this is refreshingly embarrassing. Embarrassing, because to watch this Pope reminds me of watching the English version of The Office, with Francis in the role of Brent minus the modicum of good will the poor chap at least had. Refreshing, because it is good to see the Pope demolishing himself even faster than we had wished. 

Francis is yesterday’s hero. The novelty effect is gone, no one is interested in the idiot who has remained. The masses have chewed him and spit him out like a chewing gum. This is what happens when you make of yourself the chewing gum of the masses. 

Thanks, Mexico City, for this strong vote of no confidence (or, at the very least, bored disinterest) in this disgraceful papacy. 





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