The Angry Pope: Who Is He To Judge?





Let me say first that where I come from, we love emotional people. Padre Pio was very emotional, and would not hesitate to slap adults in the face, for the right reasons.

I do not know any Italian who does not consider an open show of emotions endearing. Foreigners love it when they see an emotional Southerner. It reminds them of all the fire and passion they do not have.

I should, therefore, not cast any stone on Pope Stupid.

Why, then, do I do it?

Because once again, this man appears to be a first-class hypocrite.

Why starting to discuss with the man in that manner, when he knows he has a camera just inches from him? And why this astonishing judgmentalism of calling a man “selfish”? How does he know? Does he know his heart? Has he measured the man’s conscience?

Who. Is.He.To.Judge?

The gentle, un-judgmental Pope should have amiably rebuked the man with a friendly tut-tut and a smile, and shrugged the episode from his holy self with a suave gesture of loving forgiveness. He should have shown to the entire planet that he is a kind, old, clearly overweight uncle unable to do anything so out of line as… being angry at a faithful Catholic for a small excess of zeal.

Shall I remind you that poor Padre Pio risked to be literally torn apart by the adoring masses who absolutely wanted to touch him, and put in danger by all the idiots who approached him with knives and scissors to manage to take a way a piece of his habit? If Francis gets so angry for one episode, what should the old (and truly saintly) man have done, nuke the mob?

The truth of the matter is this: Francis is a first-class hypocrite extremely able to criticise everything and everyone as he proposes himself as the idol of non-judgmentalism.

Live by populist crap, die by populist crap.

He will have his reward.


P.S. Can’t imagine Benedict behaving in this way. 



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  1. The real nature of the beast! He can’t tolerate being pulled by one man but want all Europe to tolerate rape, crime and barbarism from million muslim inmigrants.. what a disgrace this man is!

  2. Here we have a screaming example of the selfish aspect of human nature.
    The overweight Jorge Bergoglio has a noble idea. He wants a global community of justice, peaceful cooperation, and fair sharing. He wants it so much, all tragic lessons from history mean nothing to him. All past terrors and genocides of humanity loving totalitarians, populist demagogues, speak to him not.
    In Bergoglio world the 2 thousand year old wisdom of the Church and the Word of Jesus Christ Himself pale in comparison to the new and improved Babel, to heaven on earth, where the global human commune lives out its glorious destiny in unity and peace.
    Bergoglio wants what he wants when he wants it. No evidence (be it the not-too-surprising expressions of lacking virtue by a medium-size mob of zealous worshippers) past or current of the stupidity of his ungodly utopian vision will stop him to think.
    He can’t even control a well-fed crowd of devotees, yet he wants to hand over the rule over humanity to ungodly eugenicists itching to forcefully abort unwanted polluters and to tax the breath of those still permitted to coexist with other species. How will the crowds of “global citizens” dialogue and share, when hunger strikes?

  3. can you imagine him behind the scenes?? that was extreme temper.

    • He appears to have had a BIG tantrum after the twelve Cardinals’ letter.
      Seen how he reacts in front of a camera, I can only imagine what that must have been.

  4. I cannot read lips, and do not speak Spanish. What was the pope saying?

    • The chap was being “selfish”. Whatever that means.
      I think it meant “you want to have me all for you, but you do not think of all others who also want to pull me by the sleeve a bit”.
      In fact, he was peeved because the man almost made him fall over the poor boy.

  5. I read somewhere that he was saying, “No seas egoista! Que te pasa? No seas egoista” (sorry about the lack of diacritical marks). Translated literally: Don’t be egoistic! What happened to you? Don’t be egoistic!

    It seemed to me that he was handing someone a rosary in a little bag, and whoever grabbed and pulled at him may have snatched the rosary out of his hand … it’s a little hard to tell.

    On the one hand, the person holding him didn’t let go easily, and frankly, the whole episode was rude. However, that’s what Francis exposes himself to, with his insistence on jumping into crowds. Remember that he did the same just a few days after becoming Pope? He plunged into the center of a crowd and gave security a conniption.

    I was unwillingly watching the thing on my mom’s TV, and a few moments before, there was another incident. As Francis leaned over another kid in a wheelchair, someone from the crowd put his hand on the back of Francis’s head and kind of pushed down. Francis wriggled out from under the hand and straightened up, looking amazed/annoyed. Then a few minutes later, this incident took place. If you have access to a video of the Pope’s walk near the crowds, watch it, and keep watching after he climbs into the car that takes him to the helicopter. You’ll notice he’s speaking rather forcefully to the bishop who’s in the car with him, and at one point, Francis waves a folded-up paper at him before putting it into his pocket. I watched that and wondered what the heck was going on — whatever it was,Francis was mighty put out!

    • From what I have seen, someone (probably a man, seeing Francis’weight) pulled Francis to himself by the sleeves. Francis is seen inclining to the front, dangerously close to falling, and staying only because his body is “pinned” against the body in front of him. if the boy had not been there, Francis would have bounced on his belly all right.

  6. The video caption describes his ridiculous temper tantrum as “extraordinary” and “rare.” Somehow I doubt it.

  7. I am not aware of anyone saying how ill the Pope looks in that video. He seems to have lost weight and his face looks drawn to me.

  8. Now he’s bashing Donald Trump, saying it isn’t “Christian” to build walls. The guy has officially jumped the shark for me. Asinine. I’m writing Trump personally to tell him that as a Roman Catholic I am enormously embarrassed at this secular politician occupying the office of the papacy. Hey Francis, what’s that huge thing around the Vatican? Oh a wall you say? 13 feet wide and 900 years old??? Why haven’t you torn it down by now????

  9. I read a great story on here explaining how the leftist press was somewhat twisting or misrepresenting some of this pope’s statements shortly after he became pope. The article had someone translate his comments which were different that reported by Western sources like AP. I wonder if possible this could be done with this story:

    I’m having trouble believing AP’s interpretation. Thanks for your consideration.

    • Francis’ words have been reported verbatim. If you build wall, you aren’t Christian.
      Says the man living inside the Leonine Walls.
      This is an obvious intervention against Trump, and there is no way anyone can persuade himself of the contrary.

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