What Goes Around….

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And it came to pass an ISIS “decapitation instructor” had his stupid head cleaned off alright by an SAS bullet shot from more than 1 km away, just as he was, so to speak, teaching his pupils. 

The operative words are the following ones: 

‘One minute he was standing there and the next his head had exploded.

‘The commander remained standing upright for a couple of seconds before collapsing and that’s when panic set in.

I don’t know you, but I can vividly depict the scene. ISIS ass is there “explaining” when, suddenly, his head is no more. His body remains there, to all intents and purposes beheaded, as the not very big brains of the presents try to work out what is happening in the reaction time God has allotted them. As the body of the decapitated ass falls to the ground like a sack of potatoes, reality has finally made its way in the little brains of the beheading apprentices, and they realise not only that the man’s head has been wiped out clean by a sniper, but they are all in grave danger of the same treatment.

Panic follows, a strange behaviour for people who shouldn’t desire anything more ardently than to have their knuckleheads wiped off clean in the name of their so-called prophet. Decidedly, Jihadis aren’t what they used to be. 

I wouldn’t bet my pint on the survival of the ISIS as a territorial army in, say, 5 years’ time. When a coordinated military action comes – including, inevitably, Western boots on the ground – they will be wiped out all right, and the numbers of Arabs swearing to us how they always hated them will be immense. I do not know a single Arab army that wasn’t torn to piece, in the last 150 years or so, by the Western powers when they decided to act. Even the Afghans were invaded four times (three if you exclude the Russians); and boy, they are a tad tougher than the Syrians.

However, I very much fear that the loss of a territorial army will lead to the development of a different war: the asymmetrical warfare in Europe, courtesy of the stupidity of the European voters. I see many signals of this coming. I also see many signals that the stupidity of the Western masses will cause this to happen. 

What goes around comes around.

It goes for ISIS “beheading teachers”, and for PC Europeans.



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  1. Well, I do not share your optimism about “Western boots on the ground “, mainly because I remember the long wars against these horrible people by the Russians and then the Americans.

    Not looking for a quarrel, maybe show me where I went wrong ?


    • You must distinguish defeating them with remaining as an occupying force.
      The Brits punished the Afghans severely twice (the only ones to manage to do so), and then went away.

      Any Arab country can be easily defeated by our immense superiority in pretty much everything, but sitting there is another matter. Also, it is neither practicable not intelligent to think that military superiority implies that one should remain as occupying force forever.
      At some point, the natives will have to be able to organise themselves, or pay the price if they aren’t.

      I used to believe that even Muslims could be “re-educated” to democracy. They cannot. You will see in future the West will prefer to beat their ass and install a useful bastard to keep them quiet, as it was done in past decades, when Western Governments had less illusions about them. This is all they deserve, btw.


  2. Arabs are coward, they like to huff and puff but in the end nothing amounts. The only reason they spread like they did was because many of their armies were built of Christian vassals and levies, their navies oared by Christian slaves, but in the end, Arab themselves are largely an ignorant and cowardly race of men, who once they exhaust the sources of their wealth must find a new one and spread out for new conquest or return to barbarity

    • I agree.
      Violent as soon as they are allowed, they are the first to cave in when pressure mounts.
      This is why they get beaten by everyone else with serious intentions of doing so.

  3. Fine, I’ll go along with that, up to a point. So often, the opposing forces (the Allies) have gone into a country without a strategy for action after a win. It is almost impossible to dissociate military action from political policies. Please don’t ask me to solve that.

    So it’s win the war but lose the peace ? Look how the Russians won their part of WWII and did remain in occupation, controlling every single thing, in the most wicked way for how long – 50 years or so ? The western Allies didn’t know this was planned, but learnt to their cost when it was too late.

    As I mentioned or implied rather, these people are extremely hard to defeat comprehensively in their own countries, their influence over the indigenous occupants is often near total, hence the frequency of terror attacks, suicdie bombings and the like.

    It might be risky to write off “Arabs” as useless fighters. The Transjordan Arab Legion, under Glubb Pasha was an efficient force. The current Jordanian armed forces must be respected and they are quite different to most of the other forces in the area.

    And, democracy, or what passes for it, is a non-starter in the Middle East, Africa too.

    Again, don’t ask me for the answer.

    • In my eyes, the strategy to fix is very simple:
      1) bomb their ass and reduce them to submission.
      2) Put there a bastard able and willing to do whatever it takes to keep the mob quiet.

      It worked beautifully on many occasions. Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Iraq itself are clear examples that a dictator willing and able to cruch the balls of every opposition is just what the natives need to stay quiet. Next time there is a Saddam to topple put another one in his place (just the same bastard, but one who knows what it needs to stay alive) and Bob’s your uncle.

      As we are now, we throw out of the window precious allies like Mubarak, then we complain that the region is destabilised.

  4. Just in case silence be taken as consent, I’ll record that simplistic solutions, as proposed above, will not solve intricate problems. It’s dodgy to keep old assumptions current and not many of us know what is going on behind doors or during protected telephone conversations.
    Mass slaughter is defo not my answer and, morality aside, logistically impossible.

    • Just in case my silence be taken as consent, I’ll record that most problems do have a simple solution. It is our tormented, insecure, effeminate time that makes us believe that everythign is so complicated.

      I live in England, where a sex-crazed bisexual named Boudicca (it is written in several ways) staged the most astonsihing, ISIS-Like (worse, actually) revolt the Roman Empire had ever witnessed.

      The Romans reacted with the simplest of solutions.

      You see, this is why they had a huge empire, whilst we discuss about how many would-be rapists and jihadists we should allow to infiltrate our civilisation.


    • This is getting really interesting. Thanks a stack for reminding me about the magnificent Boadicea, I had long forgotten about this immensely courageous woman. One of many great British women, she has long been venerated by the British for how she reacted after being scourged by Roman slaves and she always will be. She is so inspirational and is one of many women through the ages who are admired and esteemed by the British .

      According to Tacitus, the same bestial Romans publicly raped her daughters, the daughters of a queen, shades of ISIS. After this ignominy, she roused the many tribes into action and achieved some amazing victories over the much more experienced and better equipped invaders. It was said she had rotating knives attached to the wheels of her chariot which flailed the panicking Roman soldiers. I would panic too !

      It is utterly astonishing to hear her described as a “sex-crazed bisexual”, I’ll venture very few of the British would go along with that. Nero, the foul and dissolute Roman leader, the same one who nearly pulled his army out of (what became) Great Britain when he learnt of her successes, certainly did merit that description. In any case, it is difficult to understand the relevance of her sexuality.

      Her behaviour after winning battles was typical of the age, if repulsive to us civilised types. But I don’t think she killed babies, which the victorious and equally vicious Romans certainly did – even going so far as to kill pack animals of the defeated forces.

      A glorious statue of Queen Boadicea stands imperiously near the British parliament and is one of the great sights of London.

      To return to topic, I have never “discussed” the infiltration of rapists and jihadists. I would not be allowed to say what I think of them.

    • You hav ebeen misinformed.
      Boadicea was a sex-crazed, extremely violent woman whose tribe massacred (to the tunes of tens of thousands) all those they found, including children and old people. This i sfact, and you need to get your fats straight. They killed everyone, women and children, everyone.
      They killed all of them. ISIS on steroids.
      The feminist and communist historians have tried to justify this in various ways (the most stupid I have read were “she needed to intimidate the Romans” and “there wasn’t enough food to keep everyone alive”), but there can be no justification for this whatsoever. And there was nothing patriotic in her, those whom she massacred were natives like her. none of the inabitants of Londinium who refuse to follow the suggestion of the retired Roman soldiers and chose to remain survived. They believed the tales of unspeakable cruelty were Roman propaganda.
      The Romans reacted to this madness in a very simple, and very Roman way: they massacred all the people following her. if memory serves, it took one week.
      For the record, the Romans never did any of the things you mention, unless they had to deal with people like her. They were shocked at the level of violence. Being simple, but smart, people, they adopted the simple, but smart (admittedly: pre-Christian) solution.
      They massacred all the members of the tribe that had followed Boadicea in her campaign (all of them). Then they went to the other part (those who had not followed her) and dispersed them among all the other tribes, so that the culture of violence may be diluted among the peaceful tribes of the rest of the colony.

      It worked wonderfully.

      It is time for you to revise your support for Boadicea, and realise she represents the darkest page of the history of the British islands, bar none.


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