“Wallgate”: Open Letter To Republican Primary Voters Of SC and NV

mura leonine

The un-Christian Leonine Walls, built by the un-Christian Pope Leo IV to protect himself from the Saracens, rather than building “bridges” to them. Says Francis, at least.


Dear Republican Primary Voters of South Carolina and Nevada: I address this open letter to you in great shame for the latest socialist, one-world-ist, possibly drunken words of Pope Francis, the most embarrassing idiot to ever unworthily occupy the Sea of Peter. In fact, possibly the most embarrassing idiot ever, full stop. 

I am as outraged as you are that a Pope living inside walls built by another Pope should say the senseless, drunken words this ass in white has pronounced on (just another) aeroplane. As a Catholic, allow me to tell you that this man’s incoherent, retarded, socialist rants do not represent the teaching of the Church in any way whatsoever. If you aren’t Catholic, please click around this blog a bit to see whether on this site Catholicism is taken seriously or not.  

Of course walls are built as a protection from an actual, or potential, enemy coming from outside. Of course this is what has always been done. Of course only an uneducated ass like Francis could mean anything different. Of course the very Leonine Walls were built exactly to protect the Roman population from the Muslim menace of the Saracens! Again, only an uneducated peasant like Francis can dare to open his mouth and spout his ignorance in everyone’s face.

Do not heed his senseless rants. Ignore the old cretin. Believe me: this man is an embarrassment to all us Catholics; and the more Catholic you are, the more the man is an embarrassment to you. You will, in fact, notice that those soi-disant “Catholics” who still support him tend to be either terminal Pollyannas, or senseless CINOs just like the man himself.

Dear Republican Primary Voters of South Carolina and Nevada: I am writing this open letter to implore you not to do what you might be thinking of doing: renounce to a Cruz vote and vote Trump instead, just to give Francis a well-deserved (symbolic) slap in the face. Please, please, stay cool about this and resist the temptation to cast an emotional vote in the ballot. At least, that is, if your vote would have otherwise gone to Cruz.

Dear Republican Primary Voter: this humble (if somewhat loud) Catholic blogger implores you to support Ted Cruz with your vote, for all the reasons you can easily imagine. He humbly asks you to – catholic or not – not let one single Cruz vote disappear just because of an emotional reaction to Francis’ words.

However, the very same Catholic blogger invites you to vote Trump in preference to Bush, Rubio, Carson, or Kasich if any one of them would have been your choice. In this way, you will not only winnow the chaff from the wheat (Kasich? Seriously?), but you will also obtain the very desirable side effect of telling Francis where to go with his one-world, anti-Western rhetoric.

Dear Republican Primary Voters of South Carolina and Nevada: I do not know whether you are Catholic or not. I do not even know whether you are moved, in your daily life, by anti-Catholic sentiments, or whether you are afraid of giving such a harsh message to the Pope. But I tell you this: that in so slapping (metaphorically, of course) the man in the face, you would promote the cause of Catholicism, because we Catholics have the pockets full of this joker going around making (stupid) politics instead of  doing what he is supposed to do: his job as Pope. 

Therefore, please, my dear Primary Voter: consider Ted Cruz as your best vote, and the best chance not only for America but for all the Western civilisation, always echoing what happens in your Country. But if for some reason Bush, Rubio, Carson or Kasich would have been your choice, please consider voting Trump instead, and show Francis what you think of his third world propaganda. 

Dear Primary Voter: this is what I felt I had to tell you. I hope you will give my suggestions some thoughts. I will leave you with a thought shared by many Conservatives the other side of the Pond: 

God bless America.

The Country chosen by God to save Europe’s backside from Nazism and Communism.

And the Country, alas, who now seems all too willing to bring destruction on itself.








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  1. Mundabor, here in Argentina the popularity of the silly clown has slump to its lowest level, we know this rascal very well, he’s one of the many scoundrels who entered the religious life in the 60’s and 70’s as an excuse to live without working and pander from there the ideologies of castrism, sandinism and thirdworldism so much in vogue in South America back then. He doesn’t give a damn about Catholicism, he only wants to spread a poisonus ideology built on resentment and envy of the West.

  2. Dear Mundabor, I agree with almost everything you say in your letter except for one thing: voting for Trump would be CATASTROPHIC for the US. The man has no principles (they change with the wind), an opportunist egotist, spouting whatever happens to cross his mind that he finds self-serving. He has no class and no emotional maturity to guide this great country. It would be akin to jumping from the fire (Obama) into the frying pan (Trump)! Cruz, as you rightly point out, seems the best choice we have. I hope and pray that Trump supporters will discover in time who he really is before it is too late. There are too many low-information voters out there, alas. . .

    God bless!

    • I truly hope Cruz will make it.
      Failing that, I much prefer Trump to any other of the four who has realistic chances (I’d say this restricts things to Rubio and Bush). Like millions others I am fed up with slow destruction brought to you by an incompetent party apparatus full of weaklings and compromisers, and with nothing republican (much less conservative) in them.
      Trump may be a loose tongue, but this is also part of the calculated strategy of a certainly very intelligent man. I’d rather see him at the White House, with all the risks this may involve, than another one who is three quarters of Obama and one quarter of absolutely nothing.

  3. Thank you, Mr. Mundabor. I just did not know which way to look after the obnoxious eruptions from Francis yesterday. He is so beyond the pale at this point that I am asking God hourly for guidance through this papacy. I never thought I would be struggling spiritually in this particular way, especially at this time of life.

    Your comments were truly bracing and even made me laugh a couple of times at your vividly apt observations of this man. I see evidence mounting that your posts have been noted widely. More and more people are waking up to the nasty reality of this papacy.

    • Thanks, FJ.
      Your faith does not need to struggle in the least, as this ass is not the faith.
      I read his rubbish pretty much every day (I know at times get “mini holidays” on weekends) and my faith is as strong as ever.
      Truth does not change. Truth would never change even if Francis were to dance in a tutu in the middle of St Peter’s square.
      Truth is just not his to change.

  4. This pope’s a living proof of the faith in that any organization that could survive such a crackpot in its highest office must be under some sort of divine protection. Any merely human institution would quickly sink in a sea of oblivion if afflicted with a Bergoglio at the helm. He is now forever teamed with abortion queen Hillary who he declines to criticize as he jumps insanely into American politics on the anti-Catholic side.

  5. Pope Francis has already demolished completely the strongly erected spiritual walls over the centuries to safe Guard the Catholic Faith. Nothing is left on that account for him to demolish . Therefore, if he is being criticised bitterly,he may not even hesitate to demolish the walls guarding the Vatican, next.
    Let us hope that this is the very last interview given by him during the flights and he will refuse the media to interview him henceforth. He may take a good resolution during the Lenten Season ,repent and get converted. We need to pray intensely to Our Blessed Mother to give him the Grace to control himself. He knows pretty well the last FOUR THINGS, he knows that his death is nearing him.

    • Can’t imagine the man will stop blabbering, inside and outside of aeroplanes. But no, the Catholic Faith can certainly not be demolished by him or anyone else.
      He is more like a child scratching at a huge block of granite with a fork, and complaining because he doesn’t get anywhere.

  6. I really do hope your appeal to the voters gets some wide publicity in South Carolina and Nevada; better still, over all the United States and beyond.
    The Holy Father desrves the greatest respect, but the Church has taught that Error has no rights, and deserves this (metaphorical) slap in the face.
    I pray that the Cardinal electors who voted for this man be brought to sincere and bitter repentance for the evil they have loosed on the Church, and that God prevent them repeating this crime before they go to their judgment.
    May God bless you with clear insight to the end of your days on earth.

    • The office of the papacy deserves the greatest respect.
      Francis deserves the greatest, and most public contempt.
      Thanks for your kind words. In the end, the saving of my own backside is my main motivator for all the time I spend here.

  7. Thank you for claryfing this. I was actually feeling guilty for disliking my very own pope. I always found Francis confusing and wishy-washy so I just ignored him, but his comments this week made my blood boil.

    Trump 2016 !

    • Thanks to you.
      It is good that your blood boils. It means you have righteous indignation in you, born of sincere Catholic feeling. if you love Truth, you can’t see it abused and betrayed like Francis does without a reaction.
      I still hope in Cruz btw; though I must admit the breakthrough might not happen.

  8. Mundabor, I would not mind Cruz either. However, sometimes the best person for the job is not Mr. Nice, but the ass-hole who fought many battles and knows how to get things done. I love how Trump stands up to the media and makes social justice warriors cry. And we can be pretty sure that he knows how to balance a budget, unlike the monkey currently in office.

    By the way, I have been reading some of your articles on pope Francis. If what he is doing is intentional and not the result of stupidity and ignorance, then it is indeed very sad. Let’s pray that the next pope may have a true Catholic spirit.

    • As to Trump: part of me resonates with you.
      Another part of me reflects that in the end, I would still prefer to have the better man, provided I am satisfied he is not a nincompoop or a weak or naive man.
      Another part of me has reservations as to the sincerity of the man’s rather newly found conservatism.
      However, the man is smart, and only the retarded have not understood yet that he is highly intelligent.
      If Cruz does not make it, I’ll happily settle for him.

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