Why Trump’s Message Works, And What We Learn From It.

Be a Catholic GAU-8/A "Avenger".

Be a Catholic GAU-8/A “Avenger”.


Trump has won in South Carolina, too; and he has won big. So big, in fact, that he has swept the entirety of the northern counties voting for Huckabee in 2008, and which I for once would have considered legitimate Cruz-land in 2016. 

Trump is now more than a media phenomenon: it is, as he says, a true revolution. If you ask me, this revolution is working because of the following ingredients.

  1. Great political incorrectness. Refusal to play the game of apologies and assorted niceties. Where others think a floret works, Trump uses the Gatling gun. Turns out the Gatling gun works better than the floret.
  2. Refusal to think in term of Washington politicking. Say: it is possible to build a wall. The Romans did it. The Chinese did it. The Israelis did it in a matter of few weeks. It is most certainly feasible, and feasible at a reasonable cost. But what is reasonable and sensible isn’t contemplated anymore among mainstream politicians, if it sounds unkind. Trump is done with the fear of being unkind. Hats off.
  3. Concern for the fears of those without a college degree; those who lose their jobs because of Mexican or Chinese competition; those most professional politicians in Washington would be afraid of even mentioning among their voters; those most professional politicians consider so much below their intellectual level, as they see their very concrete fears as irrelevant. 
  4. Ability to throw back all the balls thrown at him, and with interests. Completely unknown behaviour in the last 30 years.  
  5. Ability to be a cunning bastard, hit below the belt line, and get away with it with sheer chuzpa. Not saying that I approve. Just saying that I am seeing it work.
  6. Manliness. The man is manly. How refreshing. You look at Jeb Bush and think he has just come out of a finishing school for girls (when he doesn’t call Trump a “jerk”, of course; but then he sounds whiny, not manly). You see Trump, you wonder if in the morning he eats bread and spreadable testosterone.   

Last night I stayed up following the SC results. Jeb Bush announces his withdrawal (and good riddance) and does not congratulate the big winner of the evening, Trump. Everyone says how noble he is. Trump goes on the podium for his own speech and does not mention Jeb Bush. Everyone says what a boor Trump is. Jeb Bush goes on TV saying “Trump is a jerk”, and this is very fine. Unless Trump uses the same (or such like) expressions, then the world is about to end. Methinks, someone must readjust his perception of reality. The fact is, Jeb was a failure even at being a Trump.      

Why do I tell you this? To make one point: mass brutal communication works very well, and in order to work very well mass communication must be brutal. 

Look at how competently Trump raises an issue to national attention. He does not say that he will “dedicate himself with great energy to the tackling of the grave phenomenon of illegal immigration”. No. He gives you a physical thing, a fact to which anyone can relate, and at the same time a political bomb: a huge wall. Shocking. Solid. True. This, my friends, is how you do it.

In the art of communication, Ted Cruz (in my eyes head and shoulder superior to any other candidate as far as the content is concerned) could learn a lot from Trump. We Catholic bloggers (and readers) should learn a lot from Trump, too. Most blogs I read are of the Jeb Bush sort: polite disagreement with Francis, veiled disapprobation, at the most you find light sarcasm. To use a now famous expression: “low energy” defence of Truth. It is just a handful of blogs and Catholic sites who shoot with the Gatling gun, either using strong verbal expressions or even calling for the Pope’s resignation openly and publicly.

The Gatling gun works. Jeb Bush doesn’t.

When you are confronted with a serious issue like, say, immigration, the strong imagery and even stronger defence of that strong imagery used by Trump will always work better than the subtles distinguos of the people who are afraid others might see them as not sufficiently polite, or not sufficiently educated.

When you are confronted with the infinitely more important issue of a wayward Pope making the work of the devil every day, the use of the Gatling gun is one thousand times more justified, and one thousand times more imperative.  

You know it works. You know Francis deserves it. It’s just that you don’t want to be seen as the one who uses it.

I invite everyone of you who cares for Truth more than politeness to embrace the Gatling gun, and to make good use of it in his own private life. “What do you think of Pope Francis?” must be answered in the proper, truthful way: “he’s an idiot; he’s an heretic; he is a clown; he makes the work of the devil; he is an unspeakable ass”, and the like. Everyone who knows you as sincere Catholic will immediately stop and register this; and if you double down, “Trump style”, when he perhaps tries to counter that you are being unkind to a Pope, your decided, renewed, doubly as determined defence of Truth will be immediately, and forever, etched in his consciousness. Never again will the man hear of Francis without thinking of you. The aura is gone. Francis’ ability to influence him will be greatly reduced. “This” – will the chap think – “is the man deeply despised by his own devout Catholics”.

I dare to think this is the impression this little effort makes on many readers. If not, it’s not for want of trying. If Francis confuses you and you visit this blog, you will be cured very fast, and there will be no apologies for strong words that have to be said. 

This, I think, is the way. Brutal truth, brutally told. Nothing less will cause the scale to fall from the eyes of too many people, and a polite message will not impress itself in the reader’s consciousness nearly as efficiently as the strong one. 

Learn from Trump. 

Say hello to the Gatling gun. 






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  1. Beings a Trumper is the way to go. Here is a comment I made about Ross Douthat’s column, ‘Clash of the Populists’ in yesterday’s New York Times comparing Pope Francis with Trump.

    Great comparison Ross. Only problem is Francis is now the Pope and actually demonstrating how dangerous he is by being a combination of Bernie Sanders and Martin Luther. What could be a more lethal combination for the Catholic faith and our economic system than that?

    Donald Trump on the other hand is helping us sort out the kind of person we wish to vote for and we can consider what is happening now as great theater. Not so with Pope Francis who day after day confuses and dismays faithful Catholics. Ah, if we could only vote for the Pope? Maybe we would get what we deserve or, come to think about it, maybe we already have.

    • Trump is, by far, not my best candidate (though I am sure he is by far the second best one).

      But boy, how better off would we be if he were, now, the Pope.


  2. Several months back a lady who was visiting my parish asked me what I thought about Pope Francis. I told her that I thought that he is an utter disaster. She looked at me and then said “I think that you’re right but I have been hesitant about saying it”.

  3. I’ll embrace the Gatling Gun! I never want to “Feel the Bern!” or Go to hell with Hellary!

  4. dear sir, extremely well said!

  5. Nice to see a “Catholic” blogger going for the jugular.

    Bergie doesn’t understand or play “nice” and we’ll never rid ourselves of this heretical shoe shine boy with the “softly, softly” Texas two-step.

    It’s time to put our game face on and blitz his lard ass back to Argentina. If our Cardinals and Bishops won’t speak up for the Church, then it’s our duty to get the job done.

    He’s a putz.

    • Agree.
      The man does not practice in the least the tolerance he continuously preaches.
      One does not see why he should be entitled to any just for that reason.

  6. Amen!! Yes, I am the Gatling gun Catholic. My friends have come to expect it from me, and thus tend to avoid controversial topics around me. Not sure if that’s good or bad…but I have won a few over to the truth, so it’s worth it.

    • I have lost some, and I have won some. Those I have lost, I do not regret. Those I have won (or kept) are the more worthy of being called friends.


  7. I don’t know if I’d want to imitate Trump on any level besides breathing…

  8. Yup.

    The Catholic Church has for too long been run by spiritually diplomatic fags. We hear of how misogynist the Catholic Church is. What? How could it be when it seems to be run by 12 year-old girls and drag queens?

    We need men. It might even need to come to fisticuffs at the Synod. In St Nicholas, we have that tradition.

    Sometimes tradition is worth repeating.

  9. You know, Trump does his thing in public, under his own name. Perhaps, since you’re advocating following suit, you should do the same.

    I know that writing without a pseudonym makes me accountable. I’m much more likely to exercise appropriate restraint, while still not shying away from saying what needs to be said.

    You should try it.

    • You feel unjustly attacked if you think that I was accusing you of being “low energy”. I read many blogs, and yes, I understand writing under one’s own name creates a different constellation. One reason more to write anonymously (you may know of “Pasquino”, very famous in my Country).

      No, I shouldn’t write under my own name, and in this I am following not only a long tradition of smart people, but influential writer even today, like Don Pio Pace on Rorate. I also live in a much different Country from yours.


  10. Thank you so much for this post. It’s exactly what I needed to hear right now.

    I was one of those people who kept making excuses for the pope, even as he made me more and more uneasy with every passing month. But no more. When Lombardi came out Friday and CONFIRMED that yes, the Pope really did mean what we feared he meant (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-vatican-affirms-pope-was-speaking-about-contraceptives-for-zika), I had to acknowledge that — although I had always thought it was impossible for a pope to be a heretic — the pope indeed really is a heretic. How can this be? I don’t know, but it IS. It feels like the world has been turned upside down. I walked around in shock for a couple of days — then gradually realized: You never thought it could happen, BUT IT HAS. The pope is a heretic. This is the new reality. Best to face it squarely, clear-eyed and with no delusions. No more denial, no more desperate rationalizations.

    You can only move forward if you deal with reality. Denial is not only foolish but irresponsible.

    I am being forced to learn more about Church history (yes, there have been heretical popes) and how church governance works (http://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/1284-can-the-church-depose-an-heretical-pope), and am coming to see that, even though the pope is SUPPOSED to be a “visible sign of unity” for the Church, he may not be. And if he is wicked, or just misguided, we no longer owe him any allegiance other than to pray for him. Our allegiance, rather, is to the 2,000-year-old teachings of the Church itself. Any pope merits our allegiance only if he preserves that deposit of faith.

    At least, that is the way I am coming to see it. If I am wrong, I would appreciate correction.

    Thank you so much for this blog.

    • Many thanks.
      The link you have posted is on my blog, together with the other, on the page (upper side) “Heretical Popes”.
      It pleases me to see that, in time, more an dmor epeople realize the extent of the trouble without embracing absurd positions like Sedevacantism.

    • I agree that terrible times like these cause {should cause} us to dig into the Holy Scriptures and the Magisterium even more deeply, but I take issue with one thing you said.

      It is true we adhere to the 2000 year Tradition but we owe our full allegiance to Jesus Christ and Him crucified. It is those teachings about that and about Him that we strive to follow, but it is He Himself we worship.

      I am betting that’s what you meant, so I’m not taking real issue with you. Actually it is just an opportunity to reinforce much of what you said and to affirm our Lord and Savior.

    • Frankly it is not clear to me how you could have any doubt. One refers to (as I am sure you do) both the Bridegroom and the Bride to express the same concept.

  11. I know many have had a hard time deciphering Mr. Trump’s motives for running for President. This may help in understanding his motives and what’s at risk for our country and why so many Americans are supporting him. [edit]

  12. “The man is manly. How refreshing. You look at Jeb Bush and think he has just come out of a finishing school for girls”

    I have never seen a girl out of finishing school that looked like Jeb Bush… but then I did not grow up in Italy… 🙂

    Otherwise you are spot on, though. Trump’s style of communication is the adaptation to the political sphere of the famous Mundabor Method. Trump is a leader of men, his opponents are mere back-biting office drones who are afraid of someone in the media publicly criticizing them. When Francis made the mistake to launch his petty, imbecilic attack on Trump, I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. But then the Man Behind The Leonine Wall really deserved to get Trumped.

    With all due respect to Christian politicians like Ted Cruz, but they really need to “grow a pair” and get over their obsession with niceness. Fighting evil is messy. And while they are at it, they could even learn from certain aspects of Trump’s policy proposals, at least on immigration and foreign policy. America needs to stop mass immigration, whether legal or illegal, because it does not really matter whether the transformation of America into another Third World Nation proceeds with or without the blessing of legal documents. Also, if America is to remain a Christian nation, she should ally with the other great Christian power, Russia, instead of trying to provoke another Cold War (and forcing Russia into an alliance with China!). Let’s forge a great Northern Alliance: America, Europe and Russia. Destroying ISIS together, as Trump says to condemnation by his Russia-hating opponents, would be a great place to start.

    Perhaps Presidents Trump and Putin should one day meet in Constantinople. Let’s make Christendom great again 😉

    • I have observed Cruz in many videos, and I begin to see why Trump attracts so many fans.

      Whilst there is nothing wrong with Cruz as a traditional politician, he does not have the warmth and easiness of communication of, say, Reagan or George W. Bush. Many people certainly esteem him, but how many like him?

      And then, as you say, he is very “traditional”, and even if for you and me he cannot be considered a part of the Washington Establishment, **for many Trump supporters he probably is**.

      Trump is the freshness of revolution amidst a country fed up with the GOP ancien regime. When the revolution starts, it swamps many who did not deserve to be lumped with the old system.

      I am not sure that this revolution will start, but it seems to me that the rehearsal are at an advanced stage.


    • Regarding the odds of a Trump “revolution”, I expect Rubio to be nominated and lose a close election to Clinton in November. Cruz will probably drop out after losing Texas to Trump, with Rubio a close third. Rubio will then go on to consolidate the anti-Trump vote which should still come out to more than half of most states’ electorates.

      Without knowing what will happen in Nevada tonight, I would give Rubio a 75% chance of winning the nomination (with Trump at 10%, Cruz at 5%, Kasich at 1% and the rest for a brokered convention with unknown results). This is assuming Trump wins Nevada by a big margin with Rubio and Cruz coming in second and third respectively. Cruz urgently needs to break out of the “evangelical lane” which, by itself, is not enough for the nomination.

      If he were to lose, Cruz would make an excellent replacement for Justice Scalia, though, which is almost as important as winning the presidency and arguably a better fit for his considerable talents.

    • I got up this morning and Trump won so big he appears to have more than Rubio and Cruz combined. However, as long as Carson remains in the race it appears Cruz is being increasingly confined within the boundaries of those with strong Christian values, with more “mainstream” voters converging prevalently on Rubio as the field thins.
      I hope Cruz takes Texas – and perhaps another state or two, Arkansas perhaps? – and remains in the race for as long as money allows. And I truly hope he will NOT endorse Rubio when he retires from the race. Alas, it seems clear to me that Rubio will last longer than Cruz, as it appears to me that he is emerging as the more credible alternative to Trump outside of the South.
      However, I read yesterday Trump appears to lead even in Arkansas and Georgia. He clearly fires the imagination of even very devout people there. He appears (do not know how accurate the poll was) to tower in secular Massachusetts with an incredible 50 points lead.
      Trump is a train on full steam now. Not easy to stop him. he is literally capturing the heart and minds of that part of the nation that either does not vote, or is fed with being disappointed with the people they vote.

    • He could win Texas. It’s the only state he is currently leading in the polls. But more and more Cruz supporters will be thinking about voting their second choice after Cruz finished third in heavily evangelical SC and heavily libertarian/Tea Party Nevada (the state that nominated Sharron Angle for Senate in 2010!) – which were the two voting blocs Cruz was supposed to ride to the nomination.

      If he comes out of Super Tuesday having won at most his home state and finished third everywhere else after Iowa, Cruz will not necessarily drop out immediately (he has to consider his leverage in case of a brokered convention, after all, and he will be picking up some delegates throughout the process), but he would have lost the nomination.

      Cruz now at the very least needs a solid win in Texas (double digits, I’d say) – especially far ahead of Rubio – and second place finishes throughout the south behind only Trump in order to remain a credible contender. Cruz and Rubio are fighting about who gets to challenge Trump.

      All conservatives, even those who prefer the “Trump revolution” should now consider tactically voting Cruz on Super Tuesday to push out Rubio. Cruz really should stop his silly feud with Trump, because he is giving Rubio the time he needs to consolidate, while destroying his own favorability ratings in the process. He needs to attack Rubio hard on amnesty and being a phony and finish him off on Super Tuesday, before turning to Trump. That’s my strategy advice for Cruz. Carson really needs to drop out and endorse Cruz if he is serious about his Christian values, however. He is only playing spoiler at this point.

    • Carson is not helping anyone. I have the impression he is only helping his own vanity.
      I agree on Cruz. Unless he brings home two or three of the eleven states, the aims of his campaign will have to be reassessed. This, assuming Rubio takes more votes than Cruz on Supertuesday, but does not carry any state (which would mean, for him, 15 states without one victory).

      I agree on your thoughts about Cruz, but Trump should now be smart enough to understand that his real enemy is Rubio (who is more likely to try to gather a mass consensus of anti-Trump republicans from 15 March, particularly if Kasich gets out) rather than Cruz (who seems not really able to expand his support beyond the strongly Christian basis).

      Trump is on record with saying that Cruz would make an excellent VP in his ticket. I suspect the quarrels of these days will not leave a permanent mark. A Trump/Cruz ticket would, in my eyes, be an atomic device against the Evil Republic of Clintonia.

      I never really believes in Cruz as the one winning the nomination, though I allowed myself some sweet dreaming after Iowa. I see Cruz as wonderful Presidential material in 2024, or 2032. Like Reagan, Cruz will need time to allow the Country to get accustomed to his message, and with the time what is considered “fringe” today may be more “mainstream” tomorrow. But I also think the man should work on his perception, and endeavour to present a more likeable, less rigid persona.



  13. Oh, and:

    Whatever happens, we have got
    The Maxim gun and they have not.
    — Hilaire Belloc

  14. In good Holy Office times, Blasphemoglio would have been given the “Kim Jong-un treatment”:


    After all, he is a fellow communist!

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