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Zikagate: More Reflections


“Peste Nera”, The Great Plague, 1348-1353.


The recent discussions about the fact that the danger of being raped would justify a nun in taking contraceptives forces me to state a couple of things which, though certainly already shared by my readers, one does not read often. 

I do not know in which planet Francis lives. But for a Catholic, the child conceived by the rape of a 45 years old Mother Superior perpetrated by three dozen of angry Muslims is still exactly as worthy, and exactly as worthy of protection as any other child. 

This is a self-evident truth. The Unborn does not admit of conditioned support. You support the unborn life, or you don’t. Every child who has been conceived is God’s gift to the world. It is an immense grace. The grace is there, and the gift is there, no matter how bad the circumstances that gave rise to it. The child born of rape does not make the rape acceptable, but this does not mean that the child is less acceptable. The same goes, obviously, for children who are retarded, or malformed, or have whatever other problem.

It chills one’s blood that one has to write these things. Only two generations ago, only a handful of fanatical madmen would have thought otherwise. Nowadays, a journalist poses the question to the Pope whether  “As regards avoiding pregnancy, on this issue, can the Church take into consideration the concept of “the lesser of two evils?”, thus assuming that it might be expedient to try to avoid a pregnancy,  and the Pope clearly shows that he shares the view of the journalist.

The value of human life has been already fundamentally misunderstood, has been already confused with the birth of a pure breed dog or horse, when the worth of this human life is measured according to the circumstances of his birth, or of the physical characteristics of the newborn. The very idea that it be allowed, yet even charitable, to abort a baby that would be born with malformations or diseases of any sort is deeply, profoundly Nazi. But then again, the concept that the nun should contracept, lest she should be made pregnant via rape is exactly this: the admission that there are lives that on no account, on no account must be allowed to be born. From these examples one understands how abortion flows from contraception: if the idea is that the birth has to be avoided, at some point avoided will it be. The thinking that justifies the legitimacy of contraception in certain circumstances will perforce lead to the justifying of abortion in other limited circumstances; at this point, the floodgates are long open.    

Thus, the idea of the “contraceptive nuns” is bonkers in itself. However, the idea is bonkers even from a practical point of view.

Every woman is, theoretically, at risk to be made pregnant by rape. If the principle were accepted that the nuns in the dangerous zone can contracept, where would it end? How long before our enlightened CINOs tell us that the girls in the “inner cities” run the same risk, perhaps mentioning all kind of doctored statistics based on “regret rape”? And if those girls should be helped “like the nuns”, why not any other woman in a poor neighbourhood? Or any woman? 

Catholicism is logical. It’s a coherent edifice. When one starts to remove bricks from the wall, the entire wall will end up crumbling down.

Pope Francis has no idea of the edifice. He only sees bricks, and he only sees those bricks his profoundly secular mind trains him to see. This is why he opens his mouth and says things that contradict the very basis of his own (supposed) religion.

Plus, the man has no fear of the Lord at all, and is unable to think in Christian terms. This is why he thinks that an epidemic (heavens, how many much more terrible epidemics has Christianity witnessed? Does the year 1348 says anything to the man?) can lead a Pope to change what the Church has always done, and this is also why he thinks that God makes the earth and his creatures can destroy it in a matter of decades, unless Francis intervenes. The man is secular through and through, and his ignorance and absence of any historical knowledge and perspective will become the stuff of legends.  

Zikagate is possibly the worst demonstration of utter ignorance of Catholicism this Pope has given in his already utterly disgraceful career.  


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