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Francis: Salvation Through Evil Works

Pope Francis has praised Emma Bonino as a “great Italian” and has, once more, showed what a died-in-the-wool godless, secular minded person he is. Astonishingly (if we did not know him), he praised her not for any kind of, say, repentance and reform, but for her deeds.

You couldn’t make it up.

In Italy you don’t need to be “right wing” in any particular way to deeply despise the woman. A rabid feminist, who has procured countless abortions and has boasted of it, the woman was also famous for other kinds of stunts, like smoking weed in the face of policemen in order to be arrested, with the press obviously in attendance. Short of being lesbian, there is no way you could find a higher degree of aggressive bitchiness than the one that made Emma Bonino a famous character in Italy. And I ain’t sure she hasn’t tried that, too.

As she became old, the witch became more “institutional”, and a tad less insufferable. This allowed her to climb the ladders or power, to the point of becoming, inter alia, Foreign Affairs Minister. But there is no sign she has become any wiser, apart from the occasional whining about not having become a mother. In this regard I must add that the hypothetical father would have been the subject of wild speculation, then this one here is one of those feminist, “free lurv” bitches whose bitchiness did not prevent, by her own admission, a ready and very public extra marital opening of legs, even in times when such things were considered extremely shameful by your average citizen. But it’s all for the cause, you know. No doubt this queen of sluts is now the darling of a slutty generation.

Bitchy, witchy, with countless lives on her conscience, promoting the use of drugs and all sort of sexual license; and a notorious slut to boot. Is it a surprise Francis likes her so much?

No, it isn’t. Francis likes her because the two are carved out of the same wood. Francis sides, and has always sided, with the Emma Boninos of this world. He has merely chosen a more convenient way to do so as he has scrounged an entire existence out of the very institution he has always hated.

Francis is being, as so often, heretical, because it is Catholicism 101 that works without faith do not save. But Francis is also being, so to speak, heretical twice, because no sane person would associate Emma Bonino with anything else (even if now with more salon-like manners) than refusal of Catholic values and way of life.

What is all boils down to, then, is that this Royal Ass suggests to the world that evil works save. Satanic. Or, I should say, Bergoglian.


Time to depose the man.

He can’t be allowed to go on like this without creating more damage for the Church he so obviously hates.



Servus Servorum Dei



Virgo Virginum

The Pope is referred to as, inter alia, servus servorum Dei. Literally, this means “the servant of the servants of God”. However, it would be wrong to translate this expression literally.

The expression means, in Latin, “the first of God’s servants”, or “the most eminent of God’s servants”. The Pope is the most exalted figure among those who serve Christ.

This typical Latin usage is known to Christians also from other expressions. For example, the Blessed Virgin is called Virgo Virginum (“Virgin of Virgins”) to express her absolute preeminence among all virgins.

Another example that comes to my mind now is the way Latin described the chamber of the Temple of Jerusalem where the Ark was located: Sancta Sanctorum, “the most sacred (plural) of the sacred” places, again to express the idea that that chamber was the very embodiment of the “sacred spaces”. Some Catholic churches also have the most important chapel called in that way, and in Italian this Latin expression is of common use among the better educated to express this idea of “holy of holies”.

The Pope is, therefore, not our servant. He is not in a more humble position than we are. He is the most preeminent figure among even the successors of the Apostles.

Why do I say this? Because I find it wrong, if perhaps well-intentioned, to try to downplay Francis’ heresies by downplaying the entire institution of the Papacy. The contrary should be the case: the more you consider the Papacy important, the more you will be irate at this Pope’s antics. The more you love the Papacy, the most you will hate the way Francis is raping it. If you love the Church, you cannot but loathe this evil clown.

I think this should be said, and I think you should explain this in your circle of friends. When you criticise Francis – and you should do it very harshly, with the Gatling gun – your interlocutor must leave you with a higher estimation of the Papacy, and with a better understanding of the Pope’s unique, Divinely ordained role. This, in turn, will make it easier for him to understand where your criticism is coming from, and why the love for the office demands that you utterly demolish the man who is, let us say it once again, raping it.

Servus servorum Dei. Think of the honour. Think of the responsibility.

Think of the way Francis is making a pig’s breakfast of the prestige of the Papacy, besides everything else Catholic.




Papal Aeroplanes


francis aeroplane

Sadly, once again no one had locked Francis in the toilet… 

The Pope is the Successor of Peter, the Sovereign of a State, and at least to Catholics the most important person on Earth. Therefore, a Pope should travel in his own plane (owned, leased, or chartered). This is the only option compatible with the highest and most sacred office on Earth. Unless we want to play the demagogue, and demand that the Pope travels business before going out of the plane, frantically embracing as many wheelchairs as he can to show his proximity to Aunt Rosie.

When Catholicism was Italy’s State Religion, ir was a no-brainer. The state-owned Alitalia would put a machine at the disposal of the Holy Father, and that was that.

In 1983, with the complicity of the wussified V II hierarchy, Italy ceased to have a State Religion. Therefore, the question arose why the Vatican shouldn’t pay for the transport themselves. A fair question, and a well-deserved one once you have just finished to demand that Catholicism has the only proper standing in a properly Catholic Country.

The solution was, then, fairly obvious. The Vatican would charter a machine at a more or less friendly price from Alitalia, and the expenses would be covered, totally or in part, by selling “tickets” to journalists. The journalists had a great interest (logistical, and image-related) in staying near the Pope. No serious newspaper would have preferred to have its correspondent travel with a separate machine for the sake of the money saved. The Pope also popped in among the journalists to say “good afternoon”, have a small chat, probably give a benediction, and then go back to his section of the aeroplane. It worked, and it served dignity, PR interests, and security at the same time.

There was no expectation of interviews, much less impromptu Q & A sessions. As always, a Pope was guarded in what he said. If anything meant for public ears was said on the plane it would, therefore, be as carefully worded and prepared as the rest of a pope’s public utterings.

There is no need to have the Pope travel in Business Class. Actually, this would positively damage the image of the Pope as Successor of Peter, and have him confused with far less important people like, say, sovereigns of other States or clowns pretending to be Archbishops of Canterbury.

But there is, certainly, the need to recover sanity in and outside of papal planes.

If the next Pope marks the return to sanity, I truly hope he will not give in to temptations of populism. I do not care if he buys a Gulfstream for himself and his own entourage, or charters a bigger machine and allows (proper) journalists to fly with him.

But that he travels in a way fitting to his role, and without making an ass of himself, should go without saying.

Incidentally, I notice that the wheelchair Pope, who is so friendly with his cobbler and such a great buddy of the newspaper agent; the Ford Focus-chauffeured, black-shoes-shod, let-me-pay-my-hotel-room “man of the people”, seems to like travelling in his own aeroplane all right.

I wouldn’t dislike living such a modest life as his.




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