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From The Altar Boy You Will See The Pope


This little effort has, from a very early time, insisted on one point: Bergoglio has no Catholicism in himself. He has chosen the ecclesiastical career in order to have financial security and (in those times) a social prestige his birth would otherwise have made very difficult for him to achieve. This is all his vocation. 

Bergoglio has no time for Catholicism. Never had. Never will have. But he can scrounge an existence from the Church  all right. The likes of him are not likely to have a problem with it. 

I have, also, written very often how Francis’ secularism is so pronounced, and his hate of Catholicism so obvious, that he keeps betraying it in his words and in his general demeanour, and seems unable to be even worried that good Catholics notice. Whether it’s the “breeding like rabbits” or the Blessed Virgin who might have been angry with God, whether it’s the God that can only slap you on the wrist or the building walls that isn’t “Christian”, you can have no doubts that this man understands absolutely nothing of Catholicism,  but his arrogance and stupidity is too big to allow him to even see the way he is damaging his own carefully built image of humbleness.

Also notable is that normally, Francis doesn’t need anyone shooting at him. He will shoot himself in the foot first, and in public. Then he will do it again. And again.  In the meantime (that is, all the time) the Pollyannas scratch their heads, and wonder what meaning can be given to the Pope’s words that does not make their little heads explode.

Now, Francis has done it again. Rorate Caeli has the text; coming, mind you, from the Evil Clown himself.


Do you understand, now, why this man puts beach balls and football shirts on the altar of Santa Maria Maggiore? Do you get why he forcibly separated the hands of the poor, devoted altar boy? Do you  realise why the man never genuflects in front of the Blessed sacrament, but says we should kneel in front of the poor? Do you understand why he thinks an atheist can save himself by following his atheist conscience, but the planet God made is too fragile to survive without the humble help of Francis himself? 

The man is secular through and through. He grew up mocking the Church. Mocking the Church is, to him, so natural, that he remembers the “fun” many decades later, when he is Pope and should really know better. But he is a boorish idiot, and therefore he doesn’t.

This man is a joke. But being the Pope, the joke really isn’t funny at all.

When will our Bishops awake to the almost daily scandal given buy this unspeakable man and take measures to have him silenced or tried for heresy? For how long will we have to endure the love child of Che Guevara and Elton John as Pope? Has he not caused enough damage?


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