Sensus Diabolicus: The Confession That Never Was



You can listen to the latest heresy (in a broad sense) of our extremely disgraceful Pontiff here

Truly, this man has to go. This nonsense is every bit as savage as the attack to Communion already attempted by the man. A Sacrament fully devoided of… everything is not a Sacrament anymore. Besides being absurd in itself, the consequences would be devastating in the practice: from public concubines (who today cannot even approach the confessional) just making a stop on the Sunday mass on their way to Communion, to atheists, unrepentant perverts, even satanists just “playing sacrament” for the fun of it, in front of everyone, quietly smiling as they remain silent in the confessional.

It is ayt this point too generous even to say that Francis has no sensus catholicus.

Francis has an obvious, very real, and continuously exhibited sensus diabolicus.

The Remnant has recently repeated the invitation to Pope Francis to change his tune or go, and excellent step. However, I personally agree with Barnhardt, that at this point the man should be made to go.

Seriously, this cannot go on unchallenged, and at this point the only way to challenge the man is to say urbi et orbi that he an evil clown, and has to pack.

And at this point is seems futile to me to discuss whether we are in the presence of formal or material heresy. We are in front of a walking heresy, and I would say it’s enough.

Honorius was condemned for far less than Francis has dared to state, very publicly, for all the world to see. If a letter is enough to get you condemned for heresy, all Francis has publicly done should be enough to have him pulverised. 



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  1. Unbelievably evil. Where is even one bishop to call out this deceit that can only come from from the Father of Lies with the pope as his tool?

  2. I am unable to find anything to validate that report from Gloria.TV. I went to the Zenit News site, which according to Gloria.TV was the only news agency to report this story, and found the text of the speech the Pope gave to the clergy. I could find nothing like what was reported by Gloria.TV, especially the quote they used. The closest thing I could find was this quote:

    “It is not easy to put oneself before another man, although knowing that he represents God, and to confess one’s sin. One feels shame, be it for what one has done, be it for having to confess it to another. Shame is an intimate sentiment that cuts into one’s personal life and it requires on the part of the confessor an attitude of respect and encouragement. Often shame makes one mute and … The gesture, the language of the gesture. ”


    • is very reliable. Therefore, no validation is required. They are your validation.

      The phrase you mention, taken in isolation, means all and nothing. Of course confession causes shame. it does not follow silence is enough to give absolution.

      But seriously, you knew this when you were six years old. So there is not much room for thoughts here.


  3. Mundabor, as this is my first comment on your blog may I take the opportunity to thank you for your continuing defence of all things Catholic. As to Pope Francis do you think there is any chance of him being deposed due to the fact that he was elected by a majority. The cardinals who voted for him must have had a good knowledge of what he stands for. I presume he must still have support amongst the cardinals and if this is the case then matters are indeed very serious.

    • Thanks Rod!
      Any deposition would come from an extraordinary council (more or less imperfect), that is: bishops. The chances are very slim, but I do not see it as impossible. For God all is possible, and you never know at which point the Holy Ghost “decides” we have been punished for long enough.

  4. “And at this point is seems futile to me to discuss whether we are in the presence of formal or material heresy. We are in front of a walking heresy, and I would say it’s enough.”


  5. So sick of everything this cretin says and does and does not do, I don’t even know what to say anymore. Detestable!

  6. Please pray for the ‘Holy’ Father, not for his intentions for we know not what they are….


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