Evil Francis Enables Muslim Butchers, Wants More Of Them In Europe





It is all here, from the very voice of Vatican Radio. 

The nuns have not been brutally murdered (together with many others) by Muslim fanatics, but by very generic “attackers”. Who might have killed the nuns, one would think, because… who knows? 

Then the old man came out with the following pearl of wisdom: 

Expressing his closeness to the religious Order, he said the nuns “gave their blood for the Church”’ and that they were not only victims of the attackers but also of “this indifference of globalization.”

Words fail. 

The man was very possibly drunk. I can well imagine that one like him, after having drunk too much, would improvise in an incoherent way and, not entirely mindful of his own words, would stutter that “the indifference of globalisation” (we use British spelling here, just so you know…) might have had something to do with the brutal murder of 16 people by the hand of Muslim butchers. Which, mind, would still be less bad than to know that the man is, in fact, evil enough to exploit this tragedy to promote his own (drunken) agenda as he covers just another Muslim atrocity.

Not happy with having deflected from the real problem, the good man wants to give us… more of it. He praised the arrival of 

“one hundred refugees who have already arrived in Italy and amongst whom there are minors, sick people, disabled people, war widows with children and elderly people”.

How moving. And how many of those are Christians? How many are neither minors, nor sick, nor disabled, nor widows? Why need even the minors etc absolutely need to be in Italy? is Turkey (paid by Italian money, even. I feel generous and full of solidarity) not good enough, or not safe enough?

With the same intervention, Francis has managed to cover Muslim atrocities as he wants to upload more of theproblem on us.  

The man hates Christian Europe. 

But then again, on this occasion he might have been simply drunk. 


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  1. Help me out here. What exactly does “the indifference of globalisation” even mean? I’m stumped.

    • Trying to give sense to the nonsense here.

      We are all bad, bad Capitalists insensitive to the pain of the “peripheries”. Our insensitiveness creates poverty. Poverty creates violence. Violence kills nuns.

      Or else he was simply drunk.


  2. I guess that I am almost out of words. The horror that I could not have imagined even five years ago is thrown at us daily. I am not sure there is anything one can do other than the praying/fasting/penance most of us are trying to do, at this horrible time in history. I suppose many are waiting for some sort of cataclysm. I think, even worse, is that this may continue indefinitely. Now…….there is a penance not many of us are up for. Somehow, we cannot let it get to us.

    • Yeah.
      The Daily Horror Show.
      Unbelievable, how many after three years of misery still go around saying they “do not understand” Pope Francis, or they are “baffled” by his statements.
      It’s all perfectly clear.

  3. The Catholic Church has ceased to be concerned with the victims of evil, unless they’re unborn children, illegal immigrants or “the poor,” because those parties serve the Church’s geopolitical agenda. This isn’t solely Francis’ doing. It’s been going on at least since JPII arbitrarily revised teaching on capital punishment for murder — rejecting centuries of teaching from Scripture and Tradition — toward his abolitionist agenda. The bishops, good careerists to a man, walked in lockstep with JPII on this issue. As a result, the Church basically equates the perpetrators of evil with its victims. This not only is morally absurd. It’s an offense to a holy, righteous God Who has made His will known through Scripture.

  4. Link to Vatican Radio appears broken. Or it’s down.

  5. He reminds me of that king in Lord of the Rings whose eyes are glazed over and under the evil trance of Grima Wormtongue. He speaks but says nothing. I can’t remember the last time I heard him utter the word Jesus in public. Draw your own conclusions…

    • That would be King Theoden, I think.
      Theoden awoke, and went on to die a hero’s death.
      Alas, I have no such hopes for Francis.

  6. Perhaps there’s a theological definition of Francis’ comments and world view:

    The Hermeneutic of Crap….

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