I Will Not Keep Calm


Keep calm, darling… I am so irrelevant after all…


We are encouraged, from more than our corner, to keep calm. 

Don’t get excited. This is just a very, very evil Pope. Nothing to see here. And please let us not say that this one is a very, very evil man. We must always be nice to Daddy, you see… 

No. I won’t keep calm. 

The Pope is the principal figure in all Christianity. Even Protestants (most of them, at least) easily recognise that. Besides the relevance to us Catholics as the Pope, the Pontiff has relevance to the rest of the planet (people we want to see converted; and converted to Catholicism, not to Islam) as the figurehead of Christianity.

If, therefore, the Pope betrays elementary principles of his Catholic religion – and does it not once and by mistake, but dozens and soon hundreds of times; insistingly, deliberately so – this is not a minor inconvenience; this is the biggest threat to Christianity in our times.

It can be said – as those who insisted in telling us how good Pope Francis was supposed to be now tell us with shocking frequency – that Popes have always been, at times, bad or very bad, or heretics, or skirt-chasers, or perhaps even fags. The difference lies, we are told,  merely in this: that once upon a time only two dozen people heard the blasphemy, and nowadays everyone’s on Twitter.

But you see, this is exactly what makes the problem bigger. This is one evil Pope whose evil is propagated all over the world in a matter of hours, every time! Which generation before ours has been exposed to such diabolic confusion? 

And I am supposed to keep calm?

Do you love your mother? Could you see her insulted all the time without reacting? Could you see her ravaged and think that this is all, more or less, without importance? Could you see her trampled at least once a week, and keep calm? Thought not… 

Do you love the Church?

Since when an old, lewd man; one who goes around even writing in children’s books how he mocked the Traditional Mass as an altar boy; one who separates the hands of young, devout boys joint in prayer; one who puts beach balls and footballs jerseys on altars; one who insults the Blessed Virgin wondering if she was angry at God at the foot of the Cross; one who did so many other things I would write until tomorrow if I were to report them all; since when is such a man owed any respect?

Respect is due to the office. Respect is, to an extent, due to a man because he has a certain office. But the man who betrays the office has no right to respect. The man who insults the Church must be stopped with every (Christian) means. The man who sabotages the Church must cause your very righteous, and very vocal indignation, if you love the Church.

Do you love the Church?

What is more important to you: that you are not seen as being “unkind”, and perhaps considered unworthy of the polite society of those who are burying Christianity under our very eyes; or that you may, one day, go to your judgment knowing that, when the Pope became the Enemy, you did not hesitate in treating him (pretty much) like you would any other enemy?

This, my dear reader, is exactly what is happening. As I write this the Pope is, without the shadow of a doubt, the biggest enemy of Christianity alive. He is more dangerous than Stalin, or Pol Pot, or Castro; because neither of those ever became Pope.

No. I will not keep calm.

Do you care for the salvation of souls? Are you so indifferent to all those so tragically confused by Francis, that to you the keeping up of polite appearances is more important than sounding the clarion call for the utter demolition of this utterly evil papacy? I know what it is to be a hearsay Catholic, because I was one for decades. I know what it is to be confused and easily led astray, because the devil had such an easy game with me. By God’s grace, not anymore. And by God’s grace, I will never forget those years of blindness and confusion – and poor catechesis, and stupid priests, and no solid guidance – and will do whatever it is in this wretched sinner to wake other people up, big time. People who are asleep in such a way don’t wake up because of gentle whispers. They wake up when the alarm clocks makes them jump from the bed. Well, make them jump from the bed!

Other people say that we should limit ourselves to our station in life; that we should, as it were, counter the immense scale of evil we see in front of us every day by being, I don’t know… good friends, good postmen, good cooks, and good neighbours.

Really? Really?? If the clergy is silent, how can the laity not shout?

God knows I would prefer not to have a blog, and spend my time with other interests, safe in the knowledge that my pastors fight the battles for us. But this is simply not the case. This blog, like countless others, exists because the clergy is silent. And if the clergy is silent, the laity will have to shout.

No. I will not keep calm.

I am completely anonymous. No one, absolutely no one alive, knows that I am writing this. Not even the closest friends or relatives. No one. Do you think I, and countless like me, spend our time at the keyboard for fun, or boredom? No. We do it because we love the Church. Why do you think we get so angry? Do you think I would get angry concerning the fate of some species of termites? And why is that? Because I don’t care a straw for termites, you see… Very easy to keep calm! 

I, and many others, have long realised what more and more people discover every day: this man is pure poison, it’s walking evil, it’s the greatest spiritual threat on the earth today.

His Pontificate must not be criticised. It must be incinerated. It is the love for God’s Church that demands so. God cannot demand us to make compromises with evil merely because the evil is masquerading as virtue. The moment you see the evil is the moment you have lost the right to compromise. We love the Church in preference to every mask, and we defend Her against any attack. The attacks from inside are always the most dangerous. This attack to the Church comes from Her very top, and strikes at Her very core.  So let me ask again:   

Do you love the Church? 




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  1. Two things come to mind, Mundy: 1) the definition of respect is to esteem excellence and Pope Francis is faaaaaar from excellence 2) I too get the impression that we aren’t allowed to call people “evil”, yet that is exactly what Our Lord told the people in Matthew 7:11

    “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”

    Thank you for continuing to sound the charge while the clergy are running for the hills. For the salvation of souls and Holy Mother Church, this Pope needs to be deposed asap.

    God bless~

  2. I appreciate you! I will keep you in my prayers, prayers which are far too few for the times. I will pray that we both will not forget how lucky we are to be aware of the truth of traditional Catholicism.

  3. Yes I love Holy Mother the Church!


    Is applauded
    All the rage.
    Mother’s rape
    Has weakened
    Her gauge.
    But somewhere
    There are
    Fields of clover,
    Hearth fires
    In red ~
    And cliffs
    Where souls
    Climb over and over
    Still reach
    The hill
    Where Mother’s Son bled.

    It is as bad as you say.

  5. I just googled Catholics keep calm for my own info. Curious, my bishop said the same thing recently in the diocesan paper. Maybe they have a collective mind like the fallen angels. Or the Borg. Thanks Mundabor.

  6. So very well said.

  7. The Holy Spirit is truly filtering out the cult of papal personality. He is telling us in clear terms that the Chair of Peter does NOT protect the inevitable heretics who pollute it from righteous and harsh criticism from the faithful laity. The broken man in the office is not the completeness of the office itself nor is he even deserving of the respect the office affords. When he soils his rank – we no long salute the man OR his rank. Why? Because we DO respect the rank of the Chair enough to admonish those who will see it as their personal right to abuse and to lead souls to Hell through it. We are currently at Antioch and ALL the faithful are St Paul. We love the Chair of Peter enough to shout out to the Heavens that a worm of Satan is defecating upon it.

    He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are an obstacle to me. You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do.” ~ Matthew 16:23

  8. “Zeal for your house consumes me.” Are we not called to imitate the man who said that? Thank you!

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