Planet Rubio And Asteroid Donald

In a galaxy far, far away….


In a Galaxy Far, Far Away there is a very, very small planet scientists have called Planet Rubio. 

On Planet Rubio logic does not count. Defeats are victories. Every delusion makes you excited about the great time to come. The more you lose, the more excited you become.

On Planet Rubio winning does not count. Winning is for losers. What count is that you lose for long enough that every other planet decide that it is Planet Rubio, which loses so well, which must lead the Galaxy Far Far Away to luminous destinies. Why is that? Because the inhabitants of Planet Rubio say so. We are the best. Look at how well we always lose!

On Planet Rubio, common sense is an insult. Those who carry the masses will never win general elections, and they will lead everyone to unavoidable defeat. Those who always lose are the best guarantors of final victory. Don’t ask. This is Planet Rubio. 

Planet Rubio has a problem. A huge asteroids is said to be on collision course with the small planet. Strangely enough, the Asteroid is many, many times bigger than the small planet. And it is angry, too. But the inhabitants of Planet Rubio, for whom logic is something that must be despised and facts are just hindrances to be set aside, refuse to see the asteroid rapidly approaching. The huge Asteroid is called Donald, and there is a widespread feeling that the impact will completely destroy the small planet inhabited by deluded dreamers with too much time and too much money to waste. The TV says the impact will happen on the 15th. Yep, that would be Tuesday. 

On Planet Rubio no one is fazed. “The Asteroid is clearly already disintegrating”, they say with an almost admirable effort of reality avoidance. “And even if the asteroid were to impact”, they go on, “our small planet will surely destroy the much bigger asteroid”. Thus, the inhabitants of Planet Rubio go on living their logic-free lives and do not care about the impact; or, at least, this is what they say.

The voice of logic would demand that the small planet Rubio should, very simply, give way to the Asteroid and avoid an impact that will destroy many of his inhabitants. This would, so the reasonable people think, also avoid the utter humiliation of the local ruler, whom they call (though they never say so officially, because he would get angry) Little Marco.

If Little Marco had some logic in himself he would see the wisdom of that. He would also realise that, in this way, his little planet might keep some influence within the Galaxy, rather than being simply pulverised and remembered for the ashes scattered all over the ether. But Little Marco does not “do” logic. On his planet you just don’t do such things. Which is why Little Marco steers his little planet straight against Asteroid Donald.

Good luck to you, little unthinking planet. Good luck to you, Little Marco. Only some extremely rare concatenation of events may now prevent the impact, unless you decide to steer your little planet away from the Asteroid at the very last minute. But you will not do it.

You will lead your little, unthinking planet against the Asteroid with a smile, and proclaim victory until the very moment of the terrifying impact. 

On Planet Rubio everyone appears so relaxed. Everywhere else the comment is always the same: 

Boy, this will hurt!



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  1. Rubio’s decision to stay in the race is not just a whim. People who have been involved in US politics for decades see Cruz as the likely US Supreme Court nominee if Republicans win the election. The media manipulation in favor of Trump is enormous to the point that the polls are a self-fulfilling prophecy , not to mention the Liberal infiltration to the conservative Republican Party which Trump has grossly swelled, even as he continues to buy and/or emote the support of of the same masses who were so easily swayed to vote for Obama.

    • I don’t believe much in this kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.
      Jeb Bush was touted as the invincible one at the beginning, and he flopped big time.
      Marco Rubio has been pampered by the media for months, and never emerged from embarrassing mediocrity.
      The media focus on Trump because they sense a revolution happening that is the real news.

  2. You could replace Planet Rubio with Planet NewChurch and little Jorge. With respect to the latter, it will be either Asteroid Time or Asteroid College of Cardinals who will wipe it off the face of the galaxy. Pray it’s the latter.

  3. Yes, Planet Rubio will collide with Asteroid Donald on March 15. All inhabitants of the planet are clearly delusional, especially their leader, and need to have their medications adjusted.

    Seriously, Marco Rubio blew it all by himself. He was a frontrunner until he froze up in his debate exchange with Chris Christie, and from there it all went downhill for him. He took bad advice from his campaign managers to make personal attacks on Donald Trump in debates 10 and 11 and at his rallies. He went from looking presidential to looking like a smart aleck kindergartner at recess, by making crude remarks against Trump. That strategy backfired on Rubio and diminished the gravitas he had spent so much effort developing, and the voters responded likewise.

    He is an intelligent guy with a sound understanding of the issues; it’s unfortunate that he thought he had to descend into the gutter. Trump responded in kind but in his own defense. I have to give “the Donald” some credit. In most of the debates, he was being tag teamed by two guys on either side of him, who are 25 years younger, yet he remained calm. This is the craziest election process I have ever seen. It’s hard to tell if I’m watching the real thing or an SNL parody.

    • I’d say he shot himself a first time in the foot when he was exposed by Chris Christie as a walking robocall. Then he shot a second time when he styarted those very stupid, sixth grade attacks on Trump’s hands. But he also made a bad impression on me all the time with his arrogance of calling himself a big winner all the time.

      I researched his past, looking for accomplishments. I found none of real note. I actually found an attempted betrayal of Republican core values with the “Gang of Eight” fiasco. There is nothing in this man that does not scream: “I will betray you at the first possible occasion, if it profits me”.

      I simply can’t understand why the man should be seen as a valid candidate.


  4. Back in 1968, students protesting at the Democratic Convention in Chicago were saying “no more” to being sent to Vietnam to die in a conflict that the politicians had decided not to win. On this past Friday, Democratic’ supporters violently protested what they feel are Donald Trump’s microagressions against them that apparently result in them having their feelings hurt. Most appallingly, instead of unambiguously condemning the violence, Rubio and Cruz and Kasich all place the blame on Trump’s words, giving the thugs all the permission they need to violently interrupt Trump’s political rallies. Better to have the mob shut down free speech, our most precious political right without which none of our other rights would exist, than to condemn the anarchists who are shredding our Constitution. It’s the defining reason why neither Rubio, Cruz, nor Kasich are worthy of the office of the President of the United States.

    • I must say, you do have a point here.

      Cruz has made a big mistake.

      Big, big mistake.

      It’s not that I will stop supporting him for one blunder, but this gives one to think.

      This is to do with basic principles. Cruz cannot play with them just in order to get points against Trump.


  5. Rubio is smart to realize he won’t be able to win the nomination so he continues fighting to build up his popularity for next election.

    • I wonder he builds anything other than a reputation for being delusional. Besides, his donors will not really want to be smart in that way. In my eyes, what you say applies far more to Cruz, who will learn from his mistake and candidate again in 2024 with the background of a very strong show.

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