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Losers’ Loser



Mitt Romney is now, all but officially, campaigning for Kasich in Ohio. 

I am mildly amused at the news. Romney, a clear loser against one of the easiest adversaries imaginable, has spent some time in the last days savagely attacking Trump and officially/unofficially letting it know that his candidate is Rubio (no, he didn’t say that. But he recorded a robocall for him, so there…). 

Rubio’s chances kept sinking faster than the Titanic. In the last days it has become clear that Florida is more likely to be a humiliation for the two of them than anything else.

Well done, Mitt. 

Not happy, Romney now looks for another candidate to whom he may give the kiss of death. This time, he is campaigning in Ohio together with , or on the side of, but not officially endorsing Kasich. You can begin to see the style here, and understand even more why one like him would lose even against Obama.

If I were Kasich, I would be terrified. For every establishment RINO who might decide to vote Kasich because of Romney’s endorsement you might well have two or three others who decide to cut it short and just vote Trump, to get rid of these clowns once and for all.

You would think Romney understand he is helping Trump. He doesn’t. The man really thinks he is important, and an asset to his dying bunch of losers.

Months of humiliations, and they still don’t get it.

Go on, Romney. Endorse (without saying it) Kasich after Rubio, and Hillary after Kasich. It can’t be bad for us.  

You are the losers’ loser. 




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Adulterer can never receive 

Bye Bye, Crux



Crux Magazine, an enterprise of the Boston Globe, will soon kick the bucket. 


I am sure all those who have participated in this obscene venture will find new occupations at some point. Not saying they deserve it, though. 

Crux had a huge problem from the start. It was the attempt to create a Catholic publication made by people who don’t believe in Catholicism.  It’s not that easy.

My impression is that, with the usual stupidity of the liberal, those responsible for this waste of money thoughts something along the lines of: “most Catholics do not believe in what the Catholic Church believes. Let’s make a magazine aimed at them“.   

It does not work that way. people who do not believe what the Church believes may tell you they are “Catholic” whenever it suits them, buy them will not really care. They will not buy a magazine helping them to believe what is wrong, because they never needed any help to do it in the first place. In a world in which vast part of what they see on TV, hear on the radio, and read in printed publications helps them to go to hell, they do not need to spend extra time on just another outlet doing just the same. 

I also found the explanation given by the money-wasting idiots for the closure to be just as funny. They never got access to the big Catholic advertisers, they say. You don’t say? A publication promoting dissent at all times does not find big ticket Catholic advertisers? I can barely believe that…

Crux is the perfect example of what happens when people who do not understand jack of Catholicism decide they want to write about it: a flop born of the purest arrogance.

In the meantime the vastly heterogeneous, by highly motivated troop of Catholic bloggers (the real ones) gets more and more traction; is read by those who care; is mentioned by Cardinals in Synods; and – last but not least – is putting a bad papacy to shame. 

The foundation of anything Catholic must always be Catholic Truth. If a publication is not based on this foundation, at some point it will crumble. Lapsed and dissenting Catholics are not interested in Catholicism. They are not even interested in publications helping them to remain lapsed Catholics; which is why these publications only reach a tiny fractions of their potentially immense audience.  

Ditch Crux. Choose Cruz… 

Bye bye, Crux. 

You will not be missed. 



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