It’s Still “Bye Bye, Crux!”

New label and new editor for an already existing publication. That's all.

New label and new editor for an already existing publication. That’s all.


News are now making the round that Cruz would have been “saved” from demise. 

Don’t be so fast. 

First of all, the “Globe” project is dead. Dead as a door nail. The secular newspaper’s project of setting up a sort of Catholic observatory from the perspective of secular Catholics has failed, miserably.

What remains? The name. The name was apparently left to Mr Allen for free (meaning: it isn’t worth much), so Mr Allen set himself to look for someone who might have some use for it, possibly because it has an outlet with an even less known name.

Enter the Knights of Columbus, with their own not-so-well-known organ, “The Catholic pulse”. A name which, in 5 and a half years of Catholic blogging, I do not remember having ever read, or having said anything notable.

What did, then, the Knights of Columbus buy? The editorial project? Nope. The anti-Catholic stance? The Knights of Columbus aren’t what they used to be, for sure, but the “Globe” they are not.

What they buy is a name, a logo, and 2 employees (yes, from what it has transpired up to now, this is all. “Crux” never had a massive head count anyway), to which they will entrust the shop

“trusting it to present news and commentary in a way that serves the good of the Church”.

(Read here: “recreation time has ended. Go back to your class now”). 

It appears to me that the Knights will, as is the case in any re-branding, use the better known name (in Latin, which is still mighty fine; and benefiting from the goodwill the Globe has thrown down the drain on it up to now) to carry on their own project, with a different and better known name, and an editor which will tow the line. Allen isn’t so bad that he cannot tow the line. And the line will obviously be, whilst not as orthodox as it would have been only a decade ago, certainly much different from the direction things had taken in the old, failed, secular project. 

Read the press release, because it says it all. I trust that you will be able – if you have some experience of such exercises; I have lived several of them – to clearly understand what’s going on here.

So let us recap. “Crux” has died. The remains have been left to Allen as part of his severance package. Allen has used the name to get a new job, with the same title but with clearly a different editorial policy; an editorial policy which he, like every editor, will have to follow. A win-win for all parties concerned, if it means Crux will now start writing about Catholicism in a Catholic way.

I trust Allen to do it. I always thought the profession of journalist an extremely, extremely old one.   

I am curious to see how this will pan out. I do not see in the Knights of Columbus the champions of Catholics orthodoxy; but compared to the “Globe”, boy, it’s an improvement. I am pretty sure Allen has learned his lesson. He might even enjoy being free to be more Catholic than the Globe would allow (see above: extremely old profession). But it’s not a matter of worry for us. If, which I think extremely improbable, the new Crux should be as bad as the old one, it will tank just as fast and at some point the Knights will be tired of paying for another loss-producing venture.

The old Crux is dead. The name will survive.

Why not. It’s a beautiful name after all.




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