Planet Rubio Collides With Asteroid Donald. Predictable Outcome.


Planet Rubio is no more…


And it came to pass yours truly was woken up by a nasty case of cough; and as he was there getting breath he thought: “perhaps we have news about the impact?

I managed to get to the online version of Fox News as Little Marco, now blown in thousand little pieces, was giving a concession speech that did not want to be one. After a dozen references to his immigrant parents, and a handful of warning that he was told to wait (he will… have to wait instead) Rubio, who was saying this morning that the polls were embarrassingly wrong, insisted that he has the right message and is the right man, but conservatism is wrong because it does not get him; and the establishment is wrong because they supported him all the time.. oh no, wait…

The best part was when he implied that he could have won if he had run a campaign based on… Trump, but he lost because he is such a regular chap, who would not stoop so low that he makes jokes about Trump’s… hands. A fairly confused speech, with the words “I quit” (or the like) that seemed to never come. It was like seeing him making a painful contact with reality, live. 

Little Marco is very young, and we might see him again. But honestly, I found the man embarrassingly bad almost every time I saw it. He spent the entire campaign claiming third places as victories, and investing himself with some sort of divine right to the electors’ votes because papa was a barber. He criticised Trump for his inelegant style, and then became more vulgar than Trump ever was; and lost that battle, too. Chris Christie demolished him outright, and he realised the extend of the debacle when… he was told by his own collaborators. He pledged to go on even after losing in Florida, and was exposed as a big balloon full of hot air on that, too.

In (hopefully) eight years’ time we will have other actors, and I truly hope we will still have Cruz with us if Cruz does not make it this year (which I very much doubt he will, but you never know…).

I truly hope that the age of the phony, constructed, “this but also that”, “Gang of Eight-style” Republican candidates ends with Marco Rubio. We need true conservatives, not inexperienced men without spine, without real achievements, and without shame who want to become President merely because they are sons of immigrants. 

Rubio’s collapse is total. Not only in Florida, but also in Illinois (fourth with 10% as I write this), Missouri (fourth with 7%), North Carolina (fourth with 8%) and Ohio (fourth with… 3%). What a waste of money and – if you don’t like Trump – of time.  

Planet Rubio is atomised.

Well done, Republican primary voters. 





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    • Blog post already on 😉

    • Hi:

      I see it. 🙂

      Agree with your take.

      Wonder how Allen will fare this time around. He must come with a big price tag. 1m views per month as per Atlantic article (if it is real – and we see that it was not) is not a lot, in terms of advertisement muscle.

      What could work as a base business model is for him to use his Vatican/US Church contacts to “break news”. But unfortunately for Allen, the breaking news would tend to be anti Francis/neo-Modernist. And repel his advert target market.

      And I don’t think the KofC would let Allen go full Voris. I am thinking of the great work MV is doing presently in the NY Archdiocese. 🙂

      So all in all, future does not look bright. But we will see come Prim Aprilis.

    • 1m views per month is basically… nothing. If I “apply myself”, I can easily make 150,000 a month alone, and in my free time!

      I think the business model will be “be orthodox this time. The ads will come”.


    • If your hunch is correct, could also be another signal of the repulsion for the Francis pontificate. Would be something if Allen went “orthodox”.

      But we know that God does work in mysterious ways.

    • I think Allen can be both.
      Depending on the employer.
      As I wrote it’s a very, very old profession.

    • A modern day Jezebel?

      Ok, I will run with that. 🙂

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