St Augustine On Communion For Scandalous Sinners

To some it seems right to admit all men, without distinction, to the laver of regeneration in Christ Jesus our Lord, even though they refuse to change their evil and shameful life,noteworthy by wickedness and evidently dishonorable actions, and even declare openly that they wish to persevere in these. If someone, for instance, is linked to a harlot, he should not be first ordered to leave her and only then permitted to approach baptism, but he should be admitted and baptized even, as he professes publicly, he continues to be with her and means to so continue; that he be not hindered in becoming a member of Christ, even though he persist in being a member of the harlot (1Cor 6). Only afterwards should he be taught how great this evil, and, already baptized, he be instructed on the way to change his customs for the better. For they think it a strange and contrary to good order, that the Christian should live and then be baptized: in their opinion the Sacrament of Baptism should precede, so that the teaching on good conduct may follow. And if the baptizedbe willing to accept this and to observe it, it will be for his interest; but if he be unwilling, as long as still retaining the Christian Faith, without which he would perish forever, in no matter what sin or impurity he may continue, he will be saved equally, as if through fire, in the same way as one who, upon the foundation which is Christ, had built not with gold, silver and precious stones, but wood, hay and straw; that is, not with righteous and pure ways of life, but unrighteous and opposed to shame. (Saint Augustine. On Faith and Works, no. 1)

From Denzinger-Bergoglio 


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  1. Perhaps this priest should also be a writer for Denzinger-Bergoglio. He may be “silenced” by his higher ups. …

    Here is an excerpt from an open letter (which was once closed), by Fr. Conrad Saldhana, Archdiocese of Bombay, India, regarding the Washing of the Feet on Holy Thursday. Given this letter, he may not be there for long, and may be sent “packing”…he is now included in my daily prayers. Please, pray for him.

    Note: Full link to his post is below the excerpt:

    “Do you know what I have done to you? You call me Teacher and Lord; and you are right, for so I am. If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.” John 13:12-14

    The Pope as head of the Church has every right to change the rubric of the Church. Thus the head of the Congregation for liturgy could be a sitting duck or a mere onlooker if the Pope seeks to over throw every genuine tradition handed down to us through the liturgy.

    But in the washing of the feet ritual on Maundy Thursday no man born of a woman has the right to change what Christ has decreed to his holy apostles, in a Canonical Scripture text, not even a self-styled super Pope; even if made super by playing to the galleries under a full media glare.

    It is not mere rubrics, which has been changed, as some tend to argue, but a Canonical scripture whose interpretation is now up for grabs, more so in our times when it needs to be upheld, especially by every man in the red skull cap and the white one, who are supposed to Lord and Teach in a humble spirit. The ones in the red are even called to martyrdom in upholding the faith of Christ, as proved by the many who received the mandate before them.

    The Pope, on the other hand, seems to be scoring a brownie point with the aid of the media, communicating an indiscriminate idea of service to the world. The secular world has lapped it all up.

    Let’s understand the mind of Jesus concerning this noble service:”

    Read the rest here, with the title Heresy and Apostasy

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