A reader of a famous blog asks whether it is hypocrisy from a so-called “extraordinary minister of holy communion” (I insist in not wanting to memorise the term) to be active in such a function herself, but then always change the line in order for her to be able to receive from the priest. 

Yes. Of course she is. There can be no doubt about that. 

The woman has (I would say) instinctively recognised that something is off when she receives the Host from a layman. However, it appears the woman doe snot extend this inadequacy to herself. As if it were right to receive from a priest, or from herself, but not from anyone else. 

You would think that such a woman would add 2+2 and ask the priest to be exempted from the embarrassment. But she doesn’t.

Now, in the normal world out there there are alot of people who keeps doing something they were asked to do out of a feeling of niceness. Surely, though, this “acting out of niceness” can never extend to something the same person knows to be wrong.

It is wrong that a person receives Holy Communion  from the unconsecrated hands of a layman. There is no law saying the distribution of communion must be over in five, or seven, or ten minutes.

I invite once again my readers to always, always insist on receiving from consecrated hands.

Move lines. It’s good if you get noticed.

If you are one of those “extraordinary whatever it is”, stop now. Say to the priest what has to be said. Don’t be a V II nice guy (or nice girl). 

The hypocritical woman clearly sees in others what she does not want to see on herself, or else find excuses to avoid act in accordance with what she sees. We can’t condone that. 

No doctor ever ordered to be an “extraordinary whatever”. Let us not play with what is most sacred. 

Avoid the “extraordinary etc”. Don’t even look at them. Ignore them. They are just not there. They should not be there. 











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  1. During this Holy Year of Mercy, let us join Cardinal Burke in a spiritual crusade to storm Heaven http://www.catholicaction.org/take_heaven_by_storm

  2. I invite once again my readers to always, always insist on receiving from consecrated hands.

    And, in addition, if, like me, you go to Mass during the week at a novus ordo parish where everyone queues up with their hands outstretched, kneel down when it is your turn, and open your mouth to receive the Blessed Sacrament; and let the ageing nuns who have thrown away their habits (and their respect) take note.

  3. I once saw an emc refuse to give Holy Communion on the tongue to a young man. She extends the Host, he extends his tongue; she lowers the Host, he closes his mouth and looks at her; she looks at him; she raises the Host; he opens his mouth; she lowers the Host; they look at each other. It was like watching a kabuki performance. Finally, he raises his cupped hands and she places the Host in them. He leaves. She continues.

    Since witnessing that fiasco I have avoided emc’s like the plague. One time I couldn’t avoid it and the woman who gave me Communion had a scared expression on her face as she tried to sort of sling the Host into my mouth – she seemed freaked out at the idea that she might actually touch my tongue . You could tell she had no idea how to do it. You would think the lay “trainers” – the priests are too busy anymore to train anyone to do anything – would have the emc’s practice giving Communion on the tongue to each other until they became proficient at it. And yes, I have changed lanes to get to a priest. I just don’t care anymore what they think. Let *them* be embarrassed at creating such a situation for their parishioners.

  4. Do not forget that you can receive spiritual Holy Communion if you can mot get it from the priest. It is equally valid and especially useful in the sad cases when the priest leaves the job entierly to the EMCs.

    • Here in Europe I have never seen such cases (where the priest does not distribute Communion at all). If this were the case, there is no doubt in my mind I would refuse to receive, and I would hope I get asked why.

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