Siding With The Enemy


“Islam peaceful, Fundamentalism bad…”


The “religion of peace” has, it being so peaceful and all, claimed another 30+ victims. 

The Evil Clown has nothing better to do than to (and I quote) ask the Lord 

“to convert the hearts of those people taken in by cruel fundamentalism.”

In normal times this would be breathtakingly unChristian. But we don’t live in normal times, we live in the times of Francis. Therefore, I can’t say I am surprised. 

Francis manages to be an enemy of Christianity, and an accomplice in Muslim atrocities, twice with a single statement. 

Firstly, there is no word in Francis that may indicate even the desire of a conversion of the infidel. Islam isn’t really the problem here, is it now? 

Secondly, Francis does what he always loves to do: attack Christianity as he avoids to say a word about Islam. The carefully chosen, unqualified word “fundamentalism” is blatantly aimed at directing your attention towards the alleged faults of… Christians. The message here is clear: there are bad guys in every religion, and who am I to judge? 

You can make, as always, the Litmus test of the unChristian statement: what would an atheist politician need to change in these words to align it with his ideology? Nothing. What would he say to deflect attention on Islam and direct it against Christianity? The exactly same words. 

The time has passed when such statements could simply be interpreted away with an appeal to the obviously limited intelligence, and even more limited education, of this boor in white. 

We must accept the reality – and we must say it out loud – that as Muslims (notice the word here? The one beginning with “M”) try to plunge Europe into fear and chaos Francis does everything in his power to deflect the attention from the real problem as he attacks the Church he hates with every breath. 

On this Maundy Thursday, I hope my readers will renew their prayer to free Catholicism from the scourge – well deserved, but terrible nevertheless – of a Pope who hates his own religion.






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  1. There’s a report that on Maundy Thursday Francis will be washing the feet of refugees. None of them likely to be Catholic, naturally. Anyone rather than a Catholic.

  2. Appalling. If he weren’t pope I’d love to berate the hell out of him like apparently does to the curia every other day.

    My issue now is how do I pray “for the intentions of the Holy Father” when it’s someone so obviously anti-Catholic as this one?

    • You should berate the hell out of him exactly because he is the Pope.

      The “intentions of the Pope” are a generic way to say the intention of the Church. It is not about the Pope’s personal wishes.


  3. As usual, you are exactly right. Remaining silent is the same thing as aiding the enemy. If you don’t proclaim reality, and help others understand reality, you are part of the problem. I beat you to it:

  4. The religion of Peace is going to crucify a kidnapped priest on Good Friday.

    From a commenter on Today’s post by Fr. Gerald Murray on The Catholic Thing blog:

    The Franciscan Sisters of Siessen,
    through internet, just said that they were informed that Father Tom Uzhunnakil, who was kidnapped in Yemen in the attack on the retiring home, is being tortured and will be crucified on Good Friday.
    The sisters are asking Christians everywhere to pray 3 I believe for the conversion of people persecuting Christians, and 3 Hail Marys for Father Tom .

  5. The “new” evangelization does not extend to conversion of Islam? No, I didn’t think so.

  6. Francis always shows his true colors in a time of crisis. In his statement, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to malign traditional Catholics in an underhanded way. And when the Brussels attack occurred, our own president was in the “workers’ paradise” of Cuba, selling out American ideals and befriending murderous thugs. He can’t even make himself say the words “radical Islamic terrorists”.

    There are so many parallels between these two “leaders”. In my opinion, our Commander-in-Chief can’t stand a certain race (not his own), and the “heretic-in-chief” can’t stand a certain religion (his own). They are fellow travelers who share the same Communist/Marxist ideology. I try to ignore them both now and view them as occupiers of their offices until Almighty God allows us to have true replacements. And I thank God for the American First Amendment which gives me the right to even write the above. Thanks, Mundabor, for what you do, and for providing me and all the readers with a space to vent our opinions.

  7. Mundabor, the Catholic Church has been limp-wristed on Islam ever since Vatican II:

  8. Fortunately there are still priests not afraid of saying what should be said. Recently in a parish that I wouldn’t describe as particularly traditional, during the “prayer of the faithful” I heard “that the adherents of islam convert and embrace Our Lord as the true Messiah”, or something like that. Yes, he really used “islam” and “convert” in the same sentence.

  9. It would have been better if, as Obama, he went on with his trivial life and ignored this horrible attack. But no; he needed to use the opportunity for his (by now) usual attack on his sheep and his Church. We have so much to pray for during these three holy days. Kyrie Eleison.

  10. “Pope Francis has used powerful words and gestures to denounce terrorism and war, while at the same time expressing faith in the power of interreligious dialogue to stop violence and heal divisions.”

    The pope washed the feet of eight men and four women, including Eritrean Coptic Christians, Nigerian Catholics, a Hindu man from India and three Muslims from Pakistan, Mali and Syria. “We are children of the same God, who want to live in peace,” he said.

    “interreligious dialogue”? Nope. Our Lord, Jesus the Christ has the real solution to these problems:

    Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Matthew 28:19

    But. it takes a Catholic to understand these things. An indiferentist porteño who promotes religious promiscuity and dislikes proselytism is a recipe for more bloodshed and the eternal damnation of innumerable souls.

  11. Through his act of washing feet people outside Catholic and women, we can recognize his top priority is to bring the Catholic Church in to One World Church, no more Roman Catholic and paves the way for woman ordination. Again and again he attacks Jesus’ teachings and destroy His sacraments of priesthood and no one raise voices against him. O Lord, please save us from this evil, send your Archangel Michael to cleanse the Church.

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