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Loading The Gun

1911 for 2016

The “Apostolic Excrementation” is upon us, and I dread what might happen in the next weeks.

At the same time, I cannot avoid reflecting that the widespread comments about the October final Relatio opening the way to heresy did exactly what they wanted to avoid: they made it easier for the Evil Clown to attempt just that.

This little effort has always proposed a different reading of the document: starting from its weakly formulated, but clear refusal of heresy the document should have been read, and proposed, and proclaimed everywhere as shutting the door on any papal attempt to introduce novelty in our religious laws and practice.

I must say that my voice has remained rather in the minority. More spread was the other reading, “Francis will use the weak formulations to introduce heresy”. The reading facilitated just that, and in these horrible days we are living the consequences of this climate of heretical expectations the very enemies of heresy have – in perfect good faith, no doubt – contributed to create.

How different would the climate be today, if in October and November the only possible interpretation of the document – then every document must be read in accordance with what the Church teaches first, instead of anticipating and announcing a heretical interpretation of it – had been vigorously defended. “The door to heretical practice is shut. Shut up you too, Francis, and forget every heretical undertaking if you have your job dear”. This narrative would have put a formidable obstacle on Francis’ plans, particularly considering how fast the man always retreats when the opposition gets vocal. Instead, the cries of impending heresy have paved the way for at least the possibility of an officially heretical papal document.

I am worried. Cardinal Kasper has already trumpeted a great victory for his heresy; but the man was already once exposed as an obvious, and rather stupid, liar, and he has all the interest to read every shut door as open. Kasper would now, even faced with defeat, have to claim victory anyway, like a MiniMe Goebbels claiming victories on the field as the Wehrmacht retreats. 200 pages of waffle should give him a corner or three for that, even if the document is orthodox (see below: CDF). Therefore, Kasper’s statements must be taken, for now, with three pinches of salt.

I have read around that the first draft of the document came back from the CDF with some 30 or 40 pages of observations, which means that at least the first draft – and most certainly the entire thinking behind the document – was shockingly heretical. Have things been amended? What happened when the CDF basically asked for the document to be rewritten? How can 40 pages of observations on a 200 pages document be seen as anything else than “this here is 100% toilet paper”?

We shall know in the next days. We must pray that this also passes without earthquakes, and the mountain gives birth – like in October 2014, and in October 2015 – to another mouse. But we must be ready to call very vocally for the deposition of this Pope if he dared to do what Kasper says he did.

We cannot depose the Pope ourselves. But we can destroy his papacy, and cause the man to lose face in front of every Catholic who has his salvation dear. How many of those are still around is ultimately irrelevant. Truth does not go by numbers.

A battle without precedent since the Arian crisis might be staring us in the face. We must be ready to fight this battle in every way given to us: within our families, with our friends, with our colleagues; accepting mockery, isolation, and the enmity that might result, but also helping God’s work in those whom His Providence has decreed that they be helped by our effort.

Pray, hope, and load your gun.

You might soon have need for it.



The Twilight of Christian Civilisation

Twilight, then dusk, and then darkness...

Twilight, then dusk, and then darkness…


A group of bigoted animal rights activists has invaded St Patrick’s Cathedral, desecrating the Mass with their obscene ideology.  

Will any of them go to jail? I doubt. They will probably only get a fine, if any. I wonder even whether any charges will be pressed. We are in the age of effeminacy, you know. 

Were there bigoted fanatics around 50 years ago? You bet. Did they invade churches? Not quite. The sanctions would have been much harsher. Charges would have been pressed. The public condemnation would have been stronger. There was no cause you could benefit by insulting God. Madmen have always been around, but public desecration required a higher degree of madness rather than a cynical calculation about costs and benefits.

We have seen this happening with increasing frequency:  in France, in Russia, in the United States, some of the most symbolic places of worship are attacked by evil cretins. Only in Russia the reaction has been (somewhat) proportionate to the offence. Everywhere else to invade a church is fair game, and a good way to obtain publicity.

Yes, it’s the fault of the perpetrators first of all. But it is also the fault of an effeminate culture of non-assertiveness, which demands that Christians never show any gut whatsoever.

Muslims bomb us, and our bishops ask us to welcome more of them. Media keep attacking the Church because of faults common in every section of society (in the UK, Anglicans priests are statistically as likely to be indicted for pedophilia as Catholic priests; teachers are more likely; the BBC covers TV stars for decades; the authorities look the other side as a huge ring of prevalently Muslim criminals rape prevalently white children. No movies about any of that), and our clergy is only able to whine and add their condemnation to the world’s. The gutlessness and effeminacy of our own clergy is inviting deprecation, desecration, and persecution.

I see signs of decay everywhere around us. It is happening on a massive scale. Countless in the Country I live in do not even know what Easter is, and I am not talking of the Mohammedans. They have no idea of what Christianity is, and they are not helped by inane clergy who seems more interested in letting them know how important it is to switch the light off when you leave the room.

This is why our Cathedrals are invaded. We do not care for our religion ourselves, we do not respect our liturgy ourselves. Our clergy is embarrassed by what our religion says. Our Pope boasts that he used to make fun of the liturgy as a child, and he makes fun of the liturgy even as a Pope, raping it to promote his own secular agenda. There is no sense of sacredness, as most NO masses will show you in a shocking way (for you; not for most of those attending them).

We are in the twilight of Christianity. Our Cathedrals are still there, and you can still enter them without fear, but a clear trend is now showing. In one generation, perhaps faster than that, invasions and desecrations may become widespread. In two, the cathedral might be closed. In three, there might not even be groups of underground Catholics in Europe or North America.      

Yes, I blame the fanatics first. But I blame our emasculated clergy second. They are the enablers of the coming persecution, and are even helping the enemies of our religion to come to us and bury it for good. 






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