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Mother Angelica has died on Easter Day. I am sure I am not alone in thinking that, with extreme probability, she does not need our prayers now; but I am also sure my readers will pray for her anyway.   

I did not “live” (in a way) Mother Angelica’s years. There was no EWTN where I lived, and what I know of her is largely the youtube videos. What I have seen of her was impressive, and stayed with me, because it was… Catholic. Catholic as in “heaven and hell” Catholic, not Catholic in the way most of our clergy seem to understand the word today.

From this short tribute I understood the following: 

  1. The patriarchal Catholic Church is the first organisation which allowed one woman to create and run a television network for twenty years.
  2. Mother Angelica created her first television network in a garage. In those same years, or just up to a little before, it was very difficult to get a licence to broadcast in many European Countries, and private TV stations were unheard of pretty much everywhere when I was a child. We Europeans are so allowed to be nannied, in this  and in many other matters (for example: the “right to keep and bear arms”), that we do not even notice it; until we see what happens in other Countries, and we suddenly realise how we have allowed our elected representatives to become our, as they say in Italy, Swiss Governess. 
  3. The Evil Clown apparently spoke to the saintly woman a while before she died. No doubt, the satanical FrancisChurch will now try to take ownership of Mother Angelica’s work. Do not be deceived. The obvious mark of Mother Angelica’s work at EWTN is exactly the rejection of that faux Catholicism of which Francis is the most dangerous proponent. The likes of Francis are the reason EWTN grew so strong during Mother Angelica’s tenure: because they are liars, and she was truthful. 

Before anyone intervenes on the matter: I am not concerned with how much V II was in the woman. Whilst I got an impression of unwavering orthodoxy, I cannot exclude that here and there some of the wrong ingredients were mixed into her excellent cake. Alas, such are the times in which we live, and this is how much we must be on guard. But I will never die with such good cards in my hands as her. Kindly refrain from any criticism of Mother’s work in this hour. 

Mother Angelica’s work was so successful, because the treason of the clergy was so evident. Much in the same way we are now seeing with blogs and internet fora, Catholics listened to her because they heard those harsh truths their own clergy did not say to them anymore, or even tried to undermine. As success is not a merit for the Church hierarchy, but is rather its indictment. And the way this network was created and prospered is another example of how God providentially uses freedoms to make His work. 

Let us pray for Mother Angelica, even if we think that she does not need our prayers. Prayers never go to waste. 






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  1. Rest her soul O Lord. I do think she was pushed aside and now a lot of the ‘church of nice’ is run there. From what I hear (I have not watched in awhile) it isn’t the same since she left and then she had a stroke. Someone correct me if I am wrong. She was feisty and loved her God and Church. She was a rock.

  2. May God reward Mother Angellica and speedily receive her into His presence. I am sure If Mother Angelica had been in good health during this pontificate, she would be part of the loyal opposition to the present Holy Father, a holy Catherine of Sienna to a papacy in the bondage of Avignon

  3. I’m sure you don’t need “another two books” to put on your reading list, but I just want to report that two books about Mother Angelica, her autobiography and the one called “EWTN, A Network Gone Wrong” taken together, give a very thorough perspective on her life (and put some needed “grit” in me). I think she herself was true to the Catholic Faith but she was led along into the “freedom” and “newness” of the Vatican II thinkers. When she tried to pull back from the changes, she didn’t realize the power and malice of the modernists who act so friendly but lead so persuasively into the New Version of the Church, with disdain for traditional Catholic thinking. Her blunt and pithy comment after the release of the “third secret” (of Fatima) was right on point, but had little effect.
    She certainly deserves our compassion and admiration for her life here on earth – and her prayers “just in case” she needs them!

  4. I loved her very much she kept my faith alive in the 80s and beyond. Mahony despised her. She even stood up to O’Connor at one point.

    That the pope could actually point to Heaven and basically declare that she is there is the latest in never ending non-catholic actions by this man. I agree with Mundy, she probably is there, but we don’t KNOW that, and so we pray for the repose of her soul.

    • Plus,

      If we were to say that, it would be one of those things badly informed Catholics say, particularly in a time of grievance. If a Pope spouts such heretical nonsense, this is grave indeed.

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