Mother Angelica


A long, long rant from Mother Angelica, courtesy of reader Olga Abounader, has certainly deserved a place here. 

You notice that what she says is undoubtedly Catholic (she also says “you have the right to etc.”. I assume she is peaking from the merely legal point of view). You also notice that she has lost her patience.

Mother Angelica speaks about liberal clergy (particularly nuns) and she is clearly sick of them. “Your religious orders are going down. You don’t have vocations. And you don’t even care. Your whole purpose is to destroy”.

Mother is really angry, and rightly so. She has every right to be angry. Her anger is a righteous one. Her anger is also – and openly so – politically incorrect, and openly non-inclusive. She laments – interestingly – that they (even good Catholics) have been “obedient to a destructive force”. She makes a statement, and does not care whether we like it or not. Beautiful. 

Yes, I know, there is a whiff of V II here. But one could still rely on a JP II much more strongly than he can rely on a Francis, a man who has all the shortcomings, bar none, that Mother laments. To call JP II “wondrous” is certainly more than a tad overrated; but in those times, and with all his mistakes, the Pope was still Catholic. 

“We have swallowed this now for thirty years”, says the saintly nun. One wonders. It is sad that she, like many others, did not see that the problem lies in V II itself, rather than in something running, in a way, parallel to it. Even saintly nuns make mistakes. 

It is interesting that you can listen again to all the rebukes she addressed to the liberal church and notice that all of them, bar none, obviously apply to Francis.










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  1. Think of what she might say in to-day’s climate!

  2. She had all the right stuff, and she suffered.

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