Of Course The Mother Should Be Punished

Foto LaPresse 13 11 2011 politica Governo Monti, il totoministri nella foto Emma Bonino Foto di repertorio

Emma Bonino, the Nazi-like muderer of thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of babies in the womb. And possibly fully persuaded that she was helping “victims”.


I was shocked, shocked at reading the criticism of Trump (he deserves other criticism, but this is for another post) for suggesting a woman who aborts her baby should be punished. 


I do not remember one day of my life in which there was, in Italy, prohibition of abortion without a criminal sanction for the woman who murders her own baby. Yes, murders her own baby. Let’s say things as they are here. 

The murderer of the baby is, unquestionably, her own mother. The abortionist doctor is merely the executioner. He is like a hit man. He is, in fact, literally, a hit man in a white robe. He does not know the child or his mother. He does not have any emotional connection with either. He kills on behalf of another, in order to comply with another’s desire, to have which executed the other party is ready to pay him (or her).  

How there should be a planet, somewhere in the Milky Way, where the idea that murder should be punished is seen as cruel or against women is beyond me. Nor do I care that some US states apparently came, even before Roe vs Wade, to the strange conclusion that the mother is the victim, and the abortionist the only party culpable. This is pure insanity. It is like saying that Don Michael Corleone is innocent of the assassination of Fredo, and Al Neri is the only one who should be punished.

You want someone dead. You give another the task to have him killed. You, Sir (or Ma’am), are a murderer. 

Nor can arguments be used which, in one way or another, relate to the difficult situation of the mother (provided it is a difficult one: the mother could be wealthy and in excellent health, and even married, which some women still are when they make children). Difficult situations can morally only be considered as extenuating circumstances; they can diminish the culpability of the woman in front of both the Lord and her earthly judge. But never, never should they be used as an excuse to erase the very act of a criminal offence that the killing of one’s own baby must necessarily be!

If a mother asks her lover to kill her twelve days old son, should we say that she is not guilty of murder? How on earth there can be a window of opportunity in which the murder of one’s own son allows her to escape a criminal offence, whilst this window closes after the child is born? In what is the dignity of the unborn baby, and his reality as an immortal soul, less worthy of criminal protection?

Or let us make another comparison.

Many people are in favour of decriminalising the use of heavy drugs (see under: “oh so poor victim”), in order to only punish the drug dealer. The arguments in favour of the situation are often heard, but they very seldom lead to legislation in this sense. Why? Because of this simple reason: that it is repugnant to the average sound man to think that the gravity of the act of taking hard drugs should remain not only unpunished, but not considered a criminal offence in the first place. If this is true for the taking of drugs, how much more should it be so for the killing of babies!

It goes on:

Woman discovers that she is pregnant. The social structures around her encourage her to see herself as (don’t make me laugh) the victim. Why shouldn’t she try to do all she can to get rid of what causes her to be a victim? What would refrain her, the poor victim, from doing all she can to find the abortionist doctor? Why should she not complain if she cannot find an abortionist, and demand that another person be legally allowed to free her from a situation in which she is the victim? How can we, in fact, even think of asking that abortion be prohibited also in case of rape, if we are ready to think in the first place that the existence of a victim allows the victim to not be culpable if she has her own baby killed?

Really, it’s too absurd for words. Most of all, it undermines the very basic of pro-life thinking: that life is sacred, and no one has the right to think he/she is in any way, shape or form exempt from the moral (and, necessarily, criminal) crime of murder if he/she kills an innocent life. 

Let’s get back to the basics here. Life is a simple thing. Truth is a simple thing. There’s is no way you can “victim-ise” a mother away from her murder. 

Lastly, there are the “convenience” apostles: “oh, but we must do this, in order to try to get abortion banned from the window!” 

It does not work that way. 

Laws follow from moral systems of rules, and it is exactly this underlying morality that keeps the laws alive, or enforced, or both. If we want to change the legislation, we must change the morality of the voters. People must be said – and must in time believe – that abortion is murder, and the only logical consequence of this is that the woman who aborts is the murderer of her own baby. That’s it. The murderer of her own baby, in her own womb. One of the most atrocious behaviours conceivable to man when I was a child has now become… being a victim?

Let us  go on:

Let us imagine that such a law is passed: the mother is the victim, the abortionist paid by her is the bogeyman. How can this even work? Is here the abortionist doctor, or  is he not, trying to help a victim in the way she asks him to help her? How could a judge even say: “dear doctor, I am fully sympathetic of the plight of your client; I really see the drama in front of her; but you, who have done what the victim asked you to do to help her, will have to spend the next fifteen years in jail”?. The doctors would be seen not as evil, but as helpers. Such a law would not live long. It is absurd. 

We must recover the very consciousness of the atrociousness of every abortion. We cannot do this is we begin to pussyfoot around the brutal reality of the murder, instigated by the mother of the victim, which takes place. You can’t whitewash a murderer more than you could whitewash Michael Corleone. Things must be said, and they must be said in all the horrible reality of what can be, morally, nothing but the murder of a child out of the will of her own mother. 

(And please don’t call the man in the equation, now. The decision is the mother’s alone. The mother can’t call herself out. I wish a woman could be forced to have a baby because the father wants so, and give him 20 years if he does not want so. Can’t even imagine the screaming of the feminazis).

The victim is the baby. The mother is his murderer. If she did not want the child, she should have been able to keep her legs shut. Children aren’t brought by the stork.  

And please let us stop, as we are there, with this idea that a pregnancy be such a devastating thing for a woman. Women are made to be, one day, pregnant. They are meant to be, one day, pregnant. Every little girl knows that. Every little girl will tell you how many babies she will have. Before she knows how children are made, she knows she will have them. She perfectly well knows that this is a logical part of her life plan. Obviously, not all women will have babies. But this does not change the brutal truth of the fact: that every woman knows, from a very tender age, that having babies is a very important part of what defines her as a female. 

The girl who is terrified at the idea of having a baby is not terrified of the pregnancy. She has been thinking about that since she was five. She is terrified of the pregnancy at a moment not of her choosing!

Though luck, say I. Your baby will not die because you think “the time is not right”. See above, under “legs shut”.  

The past generations knew all this. Most little girl know, in a girlish way, all this. 

Why moderns adults forget these simple facts of life is truly beyond me.   


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  1. He was asked a hypothetical question. He answered correctly based on a legal premise:
    If someone breaks the law, he/she should be punished. End of story.

  2. I agree. Unfortunately the pro-life movement in the US are filled with pansies who are afraid if that advocate for rightful punishment of the aborting mothers, then abortion has no chance to be prohibited in this country again. Obviously, their “compassionate” attitudes haven’t made any abortions illegal here, so I don’t understand why they don’t just advocate punishment for all involved in the abortion.


  3. How any so called civilised society in the 21 st century can justify the mass slaughter of the unborn is incomprehensible. http://www.lifenews.com/2016/03/28/baby-who-screamed-for-an-hour-while-left-to-die-after-botched-abortion-causes-global-outrage/

  4. I recall reading somewhere that if it’s ok for a woman to abort her child then it should be ok to let a man off who shoots his wife and kids after a difficult divorce. Both killers are emotionally despondent, don’t want what has happened and are fiscally and bodily responsible for their victims.

    And yes, the idea of “woman” at least the feminazi type, is a goddess religion in this country. But then again, we also have a giant statue in New York harbor i.e. the goddess of liberty given to us by the godless revolutionary French, so it’s no surprise really.

    Thanks for the rational, logical, reasonable and true recap on abortion, Mundy:+)

    God bless~

  5. As someone who has suffered several miscarriages, it makes me sick to think about all these so called, poor women, killers, murderers, everyone of them. The minute you know you are pregnant, you Know, it is a baby, a human life. Mercy is for those who humble themselves and admit their sins, not for those who refuse to acknowledge their guilt. Jail time would be a true act of charity towards these women.

  6. Mundabor, did you see Schindler’s list?

  7. If the woman is a “victim”, then so are the thousands of young inner city men who commit murder. They have, by any comparative analysis, every bit as much right to kill the object of their act as the woman does hers; inconvenience, obstacle to personal advancement, peer pressure, threat of injury by peers if they don’t, etc.

    Oh…I forgot…many ARE now described as victims.

    We need a Revolution of Righteousness.

  8. Suicide should be illegal and a crime. However, should we put a person in jail and punish the individual when he attempts suicide even if past life choices led this individual to this point of despair? No, when one attempts suicide the response should be help and healing. This response does not “water down” the grave sin that was committed. However, if an individual is suicidal and another helps the individual to end his life, that person should face punishment.

    This is the case with abortion. Even when illegal, mothers that underwent abortions did not face punishment, but those individuals that helped the mother to abort her baby did face punishment and should face punishment. The mother who has aborted should be helped and given healing. This does not undermine the grave offense that has occurred.

    • This is too easy.
      Grave offences are measured exactly by the punishment.
      Attempted suicide is not a crime in many legislations because by attempted crimes other rules may be applied (only for a minority of criminal offences the attempt is also a criminal offence).

  9. Abortion is based on the obviously unfactual legal fiction that an unborn human is not a person.

    Legal fictions are used to prevent laws coming into conflict with one another, such as the law concerning murder and the law concerning abortion.

    “Legal Fiction
    an assertion that is accepted as true for legal purposes, even though it may be untrue or unproven.”

    Abortion’s lay adherents outside the legal trade confuse the legal fiction with an empirical truth, and because it is obviously not so their attempts to defend it as empirical truth makes them appear as fools.

  10. “And please don’t call the man in the equation, now. The decision is the mother’s alone.”

    I cannot agree wtih this. If we agree that the woman, alone, has the choice, we already undermine the core of this argument. Even if identifying the man in question may be difficult, the fact remains that both man and woman made a choice. We’re seeking a change in law, not merely to pacify the other side. Law may not currently recognize the man’s rights and responsibilities with regard to bearing and raising children, but such does not mean that a man cannot act at all to dissuade a woman from procuring an abortion.
    If we intend to punish anyone, we should be doing so with a thought toward preventing further sins. Knowning that, we should also seek to punish the man, if possible. Doing so might also serve warning to men about their behavior, which would be a good thing.

    • You are making a different argument.
      When abortion is forbidden, the encouragement etc. can be certainly construed as aiding and abetting. But this can be said of – and would apply to – the mother, the sister etc.

      As long as the mother is the only one who can decide, the crime is principally on her head. Aiding and abetting can take place for a lot of crimes.


  11. When I was a kid, my friends and I were fascinated with World War 2. Our Dads all served of course and naturally we had an interest for that reason alone. Frequently the discussion would hover around “How could the Germans have done such things?” I always asserted that ANY culture could have committed any set of acts such as the policies of extermination put forth by the NAZI government. Some disagreed.

    What none of us was thinking about was Roe v Wade had just occurred. Indeed, WE were in process of committing a genocide that was to make the Shoah look like a mere opening act.

    And while words flew about as to how evil men can be in ordering the murders of millions, it was women who were committing the most debased and hideous acts of all, the murder of their very own children. Indeed, “we” have now murdered over TEN TIMES the number of Jews that were murdered and about ten million more than were killed in the entire war by all belligerents combined.

    There is no difference in potential evil either between nationalities or between the genders.

    ALL need the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

    And in order to find that grace, ALL need a strong and orthodox Church to point the way.

    • … And all of them can commit the most heinous crimes, under the pretext of humanitarian help or patriotism, when they forget God…

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