Daily Archives: April 5, 2016

Smelling A Rat

Bishop Fellay has met the Evil Clown himself. This is if not historic, certainly important. Methinks, one of the two might be happening.

1) Francis, who is afraid of the damage serious Catholics like the SSPX can do to him, is preparing a reconciliation, which might well look like a simple unconditional surrender: “keep doing your own thing in your own way. You're in full communion. Nothing else changes”. Not very likely, but possible. Upside for Francis: he keeps his most dangerous opponents if not quiet, at least on better terms. Upside for the Society: no compromises and, obviously, no delivering themselves to their executioner. Francis isn't a theoretical man, and he doesn't care for principles of any sort. If there's a pope who can say “who cares, it's expedient, let's do it” it's him.

2) A huge bomb is about to explode on the 8 Aprl. Francis is preparing the defence with 360 degrees “mercy” credentials. “Why do you complain for adulterers receiving communion? I also allow the SSPX priests to validly hear confessions! You see? The “peripheries” are sooo important to me!”.

We will have to wait some more days.

As it is, I smell a big rat. But then again to me hearing from Francis and smelling a rat go together like the well-known horse and carriage.



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