The Joy Of Fluffing Around?

Bla. Blablablaboabla. Bblllllla. Blaaaaaaa. Blablablablablablablabla....

The Apostolic Excrementation is about to be inflicted on the Catholic world, and my impression is that the Evil Clown is about to behave like a child who, asked by the mistress in which year Julius Caesar was murdered, starts saying as many years as he can; hoping that the teacher will find there the answer she wants, and will leave him alone. This particular child has more than one teacher to satisfy (the CDF; the majority of his own bishops; a bunch of aggressive orthodox Theologians; but also the Jesuits, the homos, and the darn Kasperites), but the attitude is just the same.

There is no way Francis can escape reality. He may avoid to normatively sanction either communion for adulterers or other kind of abominations (like allowing them to be godfathers, and the like), but he will not be able to escape the consequences of allowing others to behave in that way.

Say, the pope proclaims, among 200 pages of obscene fluff: “God's mercy overcomes every obstacle”. Following that, Kasper & Co start to proclaim that this allows them to give communion to all kind of perverts. The words – or, say, the pretext – is at this point irrelevant. The Pope could have said “good day to all”, and this could have been taken just as much as excuse (“how can my day be good if I can't marry my neighbour/sister/dog/goat?” Kasper will heartily approve). In the end, the Pope is responsible for what happens under his watch. He can't get away with it merely because he gives a wink and a nod to abomination, but does not sanction them explicitly or officially.

Or put it this way: if a de facto schism starts in Germany and other parts of the West, the Pope is just as responsible for it if he shuts up and does not act to destroy the revolt. His actions say that he is enabler and accomplice. Whether there are 200 pages of fluff in the middle is fully irrelevant.

Catholics have to be Catholics. Catholic clergy have to be the more so. If a Pope allows them to stray, and more or less openly encourages them to do so, he can't hide behind the finger of not officially sanctioning what they do.

Let's make a parallel with the Mafia. In the Italian practice, it is fully irrelevant how a mafia boss orders a murder. He can give an explicit order; ask to make the victim an offer he can't refuse; express sadness at what a good picciotto the victim used to be; raise his eyebrows and emit a sigh; even do absolutely bloody nothing. If, in the context, his behaviour can be considered the sanctioning of the murder he is the one who has ordered it, full stop.

Francis may believe in the joy of fluffing around to satisfy both those who will want his scalp if he proclaims heresy and his darling perverts and adulterers. But he will soon discover that he can't avoid being held responsible. He is the Pope, therefore he is responsible.

This is very simple, but it requires some logic and moral integrity to grasp its logic.

Francis has none. Which is why he is about to release a document with (unless it is even worse) 200 pages of fluffing around in ambiguous, ultimately poisonous Francispeak.




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  1. St. Francis of Assisi Prophecy:
    “A Man, not Canonically Elected, will be raised to the Pontificate… In those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a Destroyer.”

    I think he is here already. As far as I am concerned the last TRUE Pope was Pope Saint Pius X. He was a defender of the Faith. As for his successors, I am not sure about. As for Francis, the sooner he is gone the better

    • You must be astonishingly Catholic to have such lofty standards.
      If Leo XIII, Pius XI and Pius XII are not above your doubts, I wonder…

  2. The confusion has already started with the release of a Vatican reading guide sent to all bishops ahead of the release of the document on family life

    We are treated to wonderful words that mean whatever one wants, like:

    “On the contrary: love for the truth is the basic point of encounter between the law and pastoral care. Truth is not abstract; it integrates itself into the human and Christian journey of each believer.”

    “Pastoral care is also not a merely contingent practical application of theology. We are not meant to fit pastoral care to doctrine, but to preserve the original, constitutive pastoral seal of doctrine.”

    “The language of mercy embodies the truth in life.”

    And these corkers:

    “The Pope’s concern is therefore to re-contextualize doctrine at the service of the pastoral mission of the Church,”

    “Doctrine should be interpreted in relation to the heart of the Christian kerygma and in the light of the pastoral context in which it will be applied.”

  3. Oh, look. Straight afterwards he’s going off to surround himself with Muslim migrants in Greece as a diversionary tactic.

  4. “This is very simple, but it requires some logic and moral integrity to grasp its logic. Francis has none. Which is why he is about to release a document with (unless it is even worse) 200 pages of fluffing around in ambiguous, ultimately poisonous Francispeak.”

    I’m almost sure it’l be what you wrote in brackets.

  5. One thing you can say for sure about this “Apostolic Exhortaton” which will be proclaimed from the Hotel Gay Argentina unto the world is that it will be in no way apostolic though quite possibly alcoholic which I plan also to be until the thing goes away and the media tires of it………..about a week I’d say.

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