On “Dodging Bullets”



Firstly, let me say this: that a Pope of whom people are afraid that he may shoot at them must be condemned in the sharpest terms available to anyone.

Granted, not anyone might be able to condemn him in the same way (if all good priests start to openly call Francis a heretic we will soon only have evil priests among us; the way I see it, the duty to call a Pope heretic sits in the first place on the shepherds, the bishops), but already the fact that we are talking of what bullet this Pope will shoot against us tells you all you need to know about the times we live in.    

Secondly, allow me to disagree with the idea that, with Amoris Laetitia, we have dodged a bullet. No, we haven’t. 

Pope Francis has dared to take his satanical/atheist pistol and shoot at the very heart of the Church. If the Church has not died it is only because She is indefectible, but no reasonable person can have any doubt on the desire to kill both Communion and Marriage, and the Church we know and love with them.

 I have started an examination of this openly heretical document, paragraph by paragraph. I will continue as adrenaline allows. In time, all the most blatantly heretical paragraphs will be examined. My aim is to show, in clear detail, that this document is not “ambiguous” at all. It is very open in his negation of elementary truths of the Church, and in its intention to create a new religion in the place of Catholicism.

Thirdly, I am trying to read Amoris Laetitia through Benedict. Someway, I find the exercise difficult. I wonder if anyone will manage the feat. 


Will it get worse? If the bishops allow it, it certainly will.

Remember this: Francis will always do whatever he thinks he can get away with. He now introduces heresy in a mixture of fluff and some catholic concepts. If no massive backfire comes, he will become bolder and bolder.

No, we haven’t dodged anything at all. A pistol has been shot at the very heart of the Church. If there is no reaction, prepare yourselves for the howitzer. 

God, please rid us of this evil man. 



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  1. Thanks Mundabor. I’m sure you are not holding your breath for the outcry against ‘ Amoris Laetitia’ by Bishops and priests especially since 90+% of the Catholic laity will no doubt support it. It is up to you and others like you and their supporters to take this one. Only outsiders can challenge the corrupt system. This will have to be a Catholic Populous Movement and mostly unpleasant or worse.

    • Oh, if 10% of the bishops would denounce AL as heretical I would be in seventh heaven!
      I am ready to subscribe for three or four of the most orthodox Bishops’ Conferences (Poland and two or three from Africa).
      Not many good shepherds around these days. But the faithful will always resist, because the Lord will always provide enough of them with a solid faith and the will to fight to their last breath, no matter what.

  2. When will the “conservatives” in the episcopate finally wake up? When will they start to defend Church teaching instead of going along with “ambiguity”, morphing more and more into open heresy? Probably never, because most of them seem quite content with their appointed role as enablers of heresy and apostasy as they have shown ever since VII, but especially in the utter lack of serious, sustained resistance against any of Bergoglio’s increasingly obvious heresies.

    Of course it will get worse. I hope Bishop Fellay and the SSPX hold firm and do not allow themselves to be incorporated into the New Age Church of Bergoglio in any way, shape or form, whatever canonical device may be used to tempt, trick and trap them.

    Catholics will need an intact SSPX as a refuge soon enough, unless they want to attend Mass at the local Church of Adultery. And that includes former “conservatives” who finally decide to face the reality of the current Church hierarchy, which is a mixture of a few timid, but sincerely Catholic men who dare not speak out in public, a lot of careerists who acquired their reputations as faithful Catholics before 2013, and a majority of utter heretics.

    • I am very sure about the SSPX.

      I expect a huge mess from the Polish and the Africans.

      Will I be disappointed?

      The next weeks will tell.


  3. I’ve noticed a prominent blogging priest solicits funds from his readership to buy clerical accoutrements, such as birettas, for traditionally inclined men in formation. What’s next, Kevlar vests in liturgically correct colours? Should they be worn over or under the alb?

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