Doctrine Can Never Change



With great sadness I read around comments – from extremely orthodox commenters, too – pointing out that the Pope is “changing doctrine”, or promoting a “shift in doctrine”, etc. 

Doctrine is synonymous with catechesis, it is the “the act of teaching” and “the knowledge imparted by teaching”. In this case, obviously, the teaching referred to is Divine Truth. 

Therefore, there can be no change of doctrine more than there could be a change of truth. Doctrine never changes. If any heretic (like Francis) starts promoting error he is  not changing doctrine, he is promoting a false and heretical teaching. This must be said, lest the less soundly educated think that a wayward Pope can, in fact, change doctrine. 

As far as this little effort can reach, I encourage everyone to pay attention to their words when speaking of Francis’ willed, heretical, blasphemous deception of the faithful.


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  1. Thanks Mundabor for good clarification . Pope Francis has not changed doctrine. But he is changing the interpretation and application of doctrine and consequently engaging in what might be called ‘pastoral heresy’.

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